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17 Images Showing How Easy Is To Mess Everything Up

Image Source: Imgur

Even the most confident people among us are just as prone to failing as the rest of us! You see, having an attitude does not mean that you will get things right every time, as a lot of factors are constantly beyond our control! Bottom line is, there is no need for anyone to be afraid of failing at something because it could actually be a good thing, because not succeeding at something may either teach you a lesson or prevent you from an even bigger disaster! The good part about failing is that it could be super funny to see from aside in certain cases, and this is what the following list is all about.

1. The epic fail

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that images like these could easily serve as a visualization of what ‘epic fail’ stands for! As you can see, the message left by the Burger King staff suggests that you are not able to buy the product you came there for in the first place! We mean, if you can’t sell burgers at the moment due to a technical difficulty, then it would be better for them to close the whole place down until it is fully operational again! After all, you could buy a soda from the nearest shop, and nobody goes to Burger King for the desserts, right?

2. The guilty pug

Image Source: Imgur

Well, sometimes you can fail and be able to get out of the situation alone, so you seek help to get over whatever happened. In this case, Bailey the pug tried to steal some stuff from this purse which belonged to his owner’s daughter. It backfired massively, and Bailey was not able to get out of the situation on his own, so he went to his owner to ask for assistance while the purse was still attached to his neck. His look says it all, really – ‘guilt’ is written all over his face.

3. The ruined cake

Image Source: Imgur

It is actually kind of painful just looking at this photo, so you could imagine how the people involved in the accident felt! We find it hard to determine whose fault this might be – the box appears to be a bit too low for the case, so either the person who put it there or the delivery person should take the blame here. What’s more important is that whatever celebration the cake was intended to was probably not the same without it, which is a shame.

4. The chair

Image Source: Imgur

When it comes down to attending an even, it is all about good positioning. You need to choose the best spot, regardless if we are talking about a concert or a sports game. In this case, one of the chairs in this conference hall was placed directly against the wall, and we believe that using it would gain zero benefits to any guest! Nobody could be able to see or hardly hear anything while sitting on that oddly positioned chair.

5. The woman who got his head stuck

Image Source: Imgur

We only have two questions about this image: how and why did this happen? The picture was taken at a railway station, and you can clearly see some firefighters trying to figure out how to get this young woman’s head out. We have no clue how the incident occurred, but maybe she was trying to prove a point or win a bet, who knows. However, it resulted in a massive fail and we bet it was guite embarrassing for her.

6. The bar game

Image Source: Imgur

Chances are you tried this game at least one until now! If you haven’t done this yet, here is how it goes. The four men you see tried to drink beer simultaneously from the glasses still attached to the large holder but it did not work out because the men were not the same height, meaning that one of them had no chance of reaching his beer glass! The result is clearly visible and it is definitely a fail!

7. The parking lot crash

Image Source: Imgur

Now here is a picture showing something you can’t see every day! Someone was driving through a parking lot and noticed this situation which is equally funny and weird! The parking lot is obviously empty, but this woman still managed to crash her vehicle into a pole! Maybe she got distracted or tried to pull off a stunt of some sort, but we can all see the result! The good thing is that nobody got hurt here!

8. The microwave fail

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one more thing that you probably don’t see every day as well! At least we hope you don’t! s you can see, one person failed at preparing a simple meal, and there seems to be a huge flaw in the preparation process here but we are not sure what that is. As you can see, the meal almost destroyed the microwave! The mess was caused by a simple bowl of ramen noodles with a raw egg added to it. Maybe the combination was the reason why things ended up in a disaster.

9. The car wash

test ad
Image Source: Imgur

We have all seen how a car gets treated in a car wash. There are certain steps that need to be followed and there are also things that should never be done! We guess that what we see here is definitely a huge no-no! Just imagine the damage to all the electrics in the interior that the water probably caused! Maybe there was a reason for such a hardcore decision but we can think of more elegant ways to clean a car inside out.

10. The detergent measurement fail

Image Source: Imgur

Here is something that you have probably seen only in comedy movies or cartoons! Seeing this happen in real life is simply just too funny, despite the fact it is an epic fail! Someone obviously failed to measure the right amount of detergent needed, or they probably put the wrong one in the washing machine. Whatever the case, the end result is a disaster! Maybe the person who allowed this to happen was also the one who had to clean the mess, and that is a real bummer!

11. The socks

Image Source: Pikabu

Some people are born to do what they do, while others are not able to achieve a certain thing even if they try their whole life! This is something that you either accept or it would keep bothering you. After all, if you can’t ice skate, why step on the ice wearing skates? In this case, a wife decided to knit socks for her husband. Despite the good intention, the pair of socks did not turn out as epected.

12. The posing cat

Image Source: Pikabu

Well, the cat is not actually posing. It seems that way, but when you look closely, the feline is actually tangled! The funny part is that there are no ropes! The cat’s own refusal to let go is what keeps the poor creature sitting like that! This kitty should learn how to let go in order to avoid such fails.

13. The strong wind

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that failing at securing your garden items could easily end up like this! Some regions experience really strong winds, so such situations are not out of the ordinary! It seems that it would be a really hard task for that trampoline to be retrieved! Looking at this image made us want to find a yard big enough for everything we would like to put in, starting with a trampoline, of course!

14. The parking fail

Image Source: Pikabu

Now this is something that we appreciate a lot! Well, not the parking skills of the driver of the red car, but their neighbors’ attitude! As you can see, one of the neighbors was obviously pissed off and had enough. The revenge was sweet and probably brought to shame the driver who failed at parking. The neighbor actually painted some guide lines around the car and labeled it as a VIP parking spot.

15. The charging fail

Image Source: Imgur

This photo suggests why it is not a good idea to keep your charger and earphones tangled. Of course, most people do this, including us, but it could obviously lead to a fail! The owner of this phone thought she was charging the device, but she failed to notice that she plugged the earphones jack instead of the charger!

16. The social media post

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one odd reason why you should be careful what you post online, otherwise you might become a laughingstock. In this person’s case, the reason was quite unusual! We are glad that they were told about the allergy they were unaware of.

17. The ad

Image Source: Reddit

When posting an ad, there are a few key steps you need to follow! It seems that most people fail at them! You need to know your product’s worth, after which you need proper photos and an honest description. This man, however, was anything but honest, and his ad turned about to be a huge fail!

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