17 Moments When People Realized They Are ‘Old’ Now

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Many people fail to realize that they became adults, us included! Sometimes it is kind of hard to have a clear understanding of how life goes and how fast time flies. One minute you are a 10-year-old kid full of energy and next thing you know, you start accepting everything differently and things like buying a new vacuum cleaner excite you! The following list contains different situations in which kids referred to those born in the 80s and 90s as ‘old’. These are the kinds of reasons and suggestions that you may find relatable. If you comply with some of them, well, congratulations! You are officially old according to today’s kids, and we know exactly how that feels because we can relate to some of the tweets on the list.

1. The VHS tapes owner

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Well, there you have it! Something as simple as owning VHS tapes or regular cassettes is likely to send you into the ‘old people’ corner! This person was probably not too happy to be referred to as an old person, but it is all a matter of perspective, really. Think about it: a 15-year-old kid, for example, probably never held a VHS tape in their hands, and seeing one would probably seem as an ancient artefact to them. Come to think of it, we haven’t seen one of these in a while!

2. The MySpace account

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Now this was a huge thing back in the day! Today’s kids wouldn’t know it, but having a MySpace account was something that was in the ‘must-have’ list! A freshman today would find it hard to understand, but this is only normal as quite a few years passed since the social platform was at its peak. We remember these times well and you can bet that whoever had an account and used it daily feels nostalgic when someone mentions the social network.

3. The voicemail

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Here is another thing that today’s kids consider obsolete, and they have a point, too! However, modern phones have voicemail, just as the old stationary lines did, but having something and actually using it are two completely different things! People nowadays just text you instead of calling you, and leaving someone voicemail feels like it is a thing of the past.

4. The CD holder

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It seems that some people are not willing to give up on using CDs on a daily basis! There are so many easier ways for music to be played today that bothering to burn or buy CDs appear to be a burden, but we guess that it is the habit that keeps certain individuals stuck on using CDs. And those huge holders that resembled someone’s family photo album are something we cannot forget about! You had to have a huge glovebox in order to fit one of these things inside!

5. The Spy Kids fans

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This is actually something we can relate to and admit that we are old because of it! But you know what? It is totally worth it, because Spy Kids was one of the best movies ever of our time! We actually remember the thrill of going to the theater and seeing the film! There is a plethora of good movies worth going to the cinema, and this one was definitely among them. Admitting that you actually went and saw Spy Kids is something you should not be worried about at all!

6. The portable CD player user

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Here is another CD-related thing that could mean that you are old by today’s standards! Those of you who are 30+ probably enjoyed having a personal CD player back in the day! These portable devices were the predecessors of the iPod and all the similar devices that were introduces in the years after that. It was actually a cool way to listen to music, but modern kids probably don’t even know how to use one because they look like an antique compared to the latest tech gadgets!

7. The iPod

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Since mentioned the iPod, we need to specify that this is another thing that could mean you are already old if you used to have one. These nifty little things were the best thing you could own when they were released! The groundbreaking technology became a massive success and the iPod deserved its status and popularity! We wonder if someone actually uses these today?

8. The Kobe fan

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Now wait just a minute here! Being able to see Kobe Bryant play live was a privilege and we could not care less if this makes us old or not! As you can see, this person felt a bit awkward after being called ‘old’ because of shouting ‘Kobe’ when throwing something in the trash bin. We have seen people our age who do the same, and we consider this an honor for one of the greatest basketball player! Yes, quite a few years have passed since then and it is true that people who did so are now in their mid-30s.

9. The earphones user

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Wow, it seems that we really are living in the future! This tweet tells the story of a person whose nine-year-old cousin was puzzled about the person’s earphones. It is a perfectly normal thing for them to have cords but the kid apparently got used to the wireless ones, so they called their cousin ‘old’. Well, it might be like that, but wireless earphones have been around for just a few years, and we all used the cord ones, so nothing unusual here.

10. The person who was born in the 90s

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Now here is one reason to be referred to as ‘old’ that is borderline insulting! We mean, people born in the 90s are anything but old. But, as we already mentioned, everything in life is a matter of perspective, and asking a kid would about who the old people art would result in surprising answers.

11. The person who was only 22

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There you have it! You can be as young as 22 years old and still be considered old by some people. And by some people we mean kids, of course! In this case, a girl was referred to as old for literally the most hilarious reason possible!

12. The person who listened to Lil’ Bow Wow

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Oh, this tweet would definitely bring back a lot of memories to many people! It wasn’t that long ago when we listened to Lil’ Romeo and Lil’ Bow Wow. They are a classic now, and the boys are in their 30s today, so they are as old as we are now!

13. The dubstep fan

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Here is yet another tweet that really puzzled us! How come listening to dubstep makes you old? Many people listen to dubstep, us included, and you can be a fan of that music genre regardless of your age! For all we know, ten-year-olds today could listen to it! Sure enough, it is not the trendiest music, but listening to dubstep does not make you old. Period.

14. The Queen fan

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Oh, boy, here we go again! Here is yet another example of a person who was referred to as ‘old’ just because of their music preferences. We think that Queen is one of the best bands in the history of music and every true music fan needs to know at least one of their songs!

15. The person who used YouTube without all the ads bothering them

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Well, here is one that we could actually agree with. We remember using YouTube without having to put up with all the ads, too. And let us tell you, it really feels like it was way too long ago. We actually would be super glad to wake up one day and browse some videos on YouTube without seeing a single ad! We guess it is impossible at this point, but it would be nice.

16. The person who played outside

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Now here is one tweet that might make you sad and laugh at the same time! It seems that today’s kids have a different concept of playing and hanging out with the others. As you can see, some modern kid found it funny that an older person used to play outside, and this is one of the best things about our childhood! What could be better than hanging out with your buddies and spend some quality time together. Having some lame multiplayer game replace this experience is definitely a sad thing and we wish more kids would just go out and play like we did in the good old days.

17. The Twilight fan

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Here is yet another thing that could make you feel old, too. If you are able to remember the exact date when Twilight aired, then you might feel like a grandma or a grandpa, but it is just a feeling, of course. Anyone who watched Twilight from the beginning is now still young, despite what some kids today might think.

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