17 Neighbors Whose Message Can NOT Be Left Unnoticed

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We all know that relationships between neighbors can sometimes be really intense. Having a good neighbor is a blessing but not everyone gets to enjoy such happiness! In fact, we believe that in the majority of cases, people experience things similar to those listed below. There is no need for conversation when your neighbor wants to send you a clear message! The ways that such a thing can be achieved are numerous, and people can get really creative when doing so! The list below is definitely an example and we guess many can relate to these experiences. The photo above shows one example. The people on the left mowed their lawn after the ones on the right, and they left a patch that obviously belonged to the right property instead of just mowing it. It would have taken them just a minute, but some neighbors are not the helpful kind.

1. The noisy upstairs neighbor

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This is one really cool way of exposing your upstairs neighbor as noisy! In fact, we believe that things might really be unbearable for this person to actually print out that photo and pin in on the building entrance! Sadly, most of us living in apartment building could relate to this, as people really love to step hard on the floor or move furniture in the middle of the night, for example! We guess this is something we need to put up with. At least this person did something about it!

2. The debt

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Now this is something you don’t see every day, do you? This wheelbarrow is full of small change, and it is actually how one man paid his debt to his neighbor after a feud between their dogs ended up in the vet’s office. The person whose dog caused problems had to pay nearly $300 for the medical bills and you can see how he did it! The nerve of some people! It was worth taking a photo of the situation, though, and we are glad this person shared the story!

3. The barrier

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Here is how a neighbor had their revenge in the best possible way! In certain countries, having your trash bins exposed is against the law, and you need to either put them behind something or put them in the back of the house where they are still accessible. This person was reported to the authorities for not having a barrier in front of their trash bins by a neighbor, and the revenge they had was really sweet! As you can see, the trash bins are technically behind a barrier, but the decoration is what makes the difference!

4. The dare

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Now this is what we call a bold move! As you can see, this homeowner was pissed off because some of their neighbors reported their lawn to the police for some reason. It would have been easier to just talk to them but some people prefer the hard way. Instead of hiding, the reported homeowner did something ridiculously funny, and these flamingos surely were something that puzzled and even annoyed the one neighbor who reported the lawn in the first place!

5. The wind turbine

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Sometimes people act like they could not care less about community problems that are within their power. This happens all the time, but sometimes people take matter into their own hands! As you can see, someone was fed up with that turbine making a horrible noise and did the best thing we have seen in ages! The owner of this house probably got the message immediately and fixed the squeaky wind turbine!

6. The dandelions

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Here is one really cool way to use sarcasm. In this case, a neighbor was irritated by this person’s dandelion-covered lawn. We failed to see what the problem is, but we guess there are people who do not like dandelions. After the owner of the lawn received the message, he decided to reply with a message of their own, and we definitely like this kind of problem solving!

7. The hammer

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This is something a little more different. The person who took this photo was apparently used to finding toys and other objects that the kids next door love throwing in their yard occasionally. One morning, however, the object that was thrown was not your ordinary toy! We guess that it was the last thing this person would expect to see.

8. The dog

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Here is one super cute photo of a doggo that was used as a proof about the canine’s love for snow and cold weather. The owner of the dog took the photo you see and sent it to their neighbors who complained that the dog was constantly outside. They were worried that it was too cold for a dog to be there but they are obviously not familiar with the breed.

9. The new neighbors

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It appears that some people like to send a message as soon as they move in. It is easy to see that the people who moved in here the other day were not taking any chances and wanted to leave a clear message for everyone to see. They succeeded at it, and we believe that this floor mat needs to be taken seriously!

10. The clear message

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We believe that some people like to leave no doubt about the message they need to deliver. Instead of using hints, all they do is simply write it down. However, this person did not use a pen or a printer. They decided to leave the biggest message possible, and it probably worked. It is not a pretty sight to see, though, but as long as it works, we guess it is okay.

11. The password

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This is the funniest thing we have seen all week! As you can see, one of the neighbors chose a rather curious name for their Wi-Fi password. However, it is not exactly correct, and one of the other neighbors was obviously outraged, so they set up a similar password that is nothing but a message to the above mentioned person. We guess all the other neighbors had a few laughs after seeing this!

12. The tree

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The tree you see here was not decorated for Christmas. There is a reason for all these balls to be stuck in it! Apparently, the neighbor whose property the tree is in was fed up with kids sending balls there, and he began putting them up so nobody could retrieve them!

13. The decoration

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You may have heard about this, but we have never seen it in person! Some neighbors love to show off by putting up a massive Christmas decoration. The surrounding houses simply do not stand a chance to shine, and the neighbor of this person decided to put only one piece of decoration – an arrow pointing towards the heavily decorated home!

14. The message

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We believe that some things are too confusing to be said out loud, and not everyone is brave enough to stand up straight and say it. A married couple found this note stuck on their door. As you can see, the neighbors probably discussed this issue for some time and they could not keep it to themselves anymore. Instead of talking to them, they thought that this would be more than enough for the problem to be fixed. We think it is a super funny situation, and a bit confusing, too.

15. The door mats

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People are different, and we only notice that when two completely different individuals stand next to each other. In this case, we have no way of seeing these people, but there are two things that are more than sure here. First, they live next to each other. Second, they have a totally different attitude towards people who come knocking on the door. We actually prefer the welcoming kind, but the other person probably has a good reason for choosing such a door mat. There is a good chance it was put there just for laughs, too.

16. The parking

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Well, this is something that we fully support! Many people are still not aware that their parking skills are too poor for them to be able to park like they should! We guess that this was not the first time this person parked their car like that, and one of the neighbors living nearby was probably fed up with it! As you can see, a piece of chalk was more than enough to put the bad driver to shame. We guess they stopped parking like that after seeing this message.

17. The fence

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

This is one image that really puzzled us! The neighbor on the right decided to clear their fence, but they did it in a strict manner so they would not allow for a single inch of the other side of the fence to be cleaned. This clearly says that they do not like the neighbor on the left!

Written by Sven Miller

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