17 People Who Asked For A Rate on Their Dog and Got The Best Result

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People love dogs, and there is nothing to wonder about that. Dogs are not only man’s best friend; they are one of the best things about being alive and sharing the joy of it! Since the dawn of the internet, people have been sharing stories about dogs and mostly images of them. if a user sees a picture of a sweet or a goofy doggo, they never hesitate to share it. However, some dogs might actually be cuter than others. The only way to decide on such competition would be using the services of a professional. Fortunately, WeRateDogs is here to help with that! Everyone is welcome to send photos of their dogs and hope for the best estimate. WeRateDogs’ Twitter account has close to nine million fans and all the people behind the idea are probably enjoying the thousands of images their fans send them.

These are some of the entries that have already been evaluated by WeRateDogs. You can clearly see that the stories about the canines are just as important as the images their owners send. Of course, this is not about the rating, but about the wholesome experience owners receive by sharing their sweet dogs with the rest of the people on the internet.

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1. Zeus

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one of those stories that we could never get enough of! After Zeus was stolen, months passed before he was found again. Unfortunately, he was too far away, but tens of volunteers gathered and made sure Zeus will make it home safe!

2. Frida

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes heroes walk among us, and they don’t use a couple of legs, but a set of four paws instead! Frida was the heroic dog that helped more than 50 escape their grim fate. No wonder she became Mexico’s favorite dog!

3. Charlie and Maverick

Image Source: Twitter

Stories could hardly get more wholesome than this one. Charlie had glaucoma, and he eventually lost both his eyes, but luckily for him, Maverick showed up and helped his new big brother.

4. Jake

Image Source: Twitter

Meet the cutest firefighter you will ever see! Jake was just a puppy when he was rescued, and the fireman who happened to save his life was the one who gave him a home, too. Now Jake is doing a great job and making everyone proud!

5. Jessie

Image Source: Twitter

Jessie is a sweet dog with a really important job. The girl works in a hospital, and her duty is to show patients that they should not be afraid of the procedures they need to undergo. We bet that Jessie makes a huge difference with her presence there.

6. Paddington

Image Source: Twitter

The gentle giant you see on the picture is Paddington. He was just lying on the grass, minding his own business, when a small doggo came next to him and curled up on his tail. Paddington made sure he didn’t wag his tail, so the small dog could sleep. How awesome is this?

7. Tula

Image Source: Twitter

Tula has been protecting the penguins in Middle Island, Victoria for a long time, and she was so good at her job that the number of penguins grew from 10 to more than 100! She eventually retired, but not before she trained her successors.

8. Narwhal

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Image Source: Twitter

Here is something that you don’t see every day! This is one truly extraordinary puppy, and the reason why is obvious. The doggo has a small tail on his forehead, and that is what makes Narwhal unique.

9. Panda Dog

Image Source: Twitter

We are not sure what is going on here, but one thing is for sure: this is not a real panda! It is definitely a dog, but we are not certain if these colors were not added via some sort of dye or not. Despite this, the doggo is as cute as it can be.

10. Ruby and Max

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the cutest dog pairs we have ever seen! Ruby and Max are making sure that they leave the planet just a bit cleaner with each walk they have. They usually pick up a piece of trash and carry it together.

11. Duke

Image Source: Twitter

Duke is no longer among us: he passed away at the age of 13, but he left a big mark in many people’s hearts. Duke was the mayor of a village named Cormorant, and the community loved him so much that every single one of them voted for the dog.

12. Maggie

Image Source: Twitter

These images show the first time Maggie had a chance to see the sea. She stood by the shore when a wave crashed and splashed her, but the brave dog simply waved back and remained calm.

13. Woods

Image Source: Twitter

Woods is the cutest little helper a person could possibly have. The images show the cute doggo when he decided to help with the dishes. As you can imagine, his way of washing a plate involves licking.

14. Asher

Image Source: Twitter

This cute little boy shows love, and those eyes are full of that warm feeling. The reason why he stares at his human is simple: he just got adopted, and he is on his way to his first forever home.

15. The mustache

Image Source: Twitter

We really thought that this was nothing but an altered image, but it turned out it is the real deal. The sweet pup really has a mustache, and it is the cutest thing ever. Looking at the pup’s face without smiling is impossible.

16. Boris and Doug

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one super fresh example of true friendship. Boris and Doug are not biological brothers, but they are just as close! Playtime is probably the best part of the day for these two.

17. Ralph

Image Source: Twitter

If Ralph looks like he is scared, we should confirm that. He heard a firework, and you can see the result. He knew exactly where to seek shelter, and he was more than welcome in the bathtub.

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