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17 People Who Regretted Getting Out Of Bed Today

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We all have our good days and bad days. The trouble is that when we have the time of our lives, it feels as if it is too short, but when the day happens to be full of challenges and downs, it seems that it lasts forever! We all know how that’s like! But we need to remind ourselves that all bad things come and go and they are quickly forgotten, so when something negative comes your way, let it through and make room for the positive vibes!

1. Here is one strange way to damage your phone

Image Source: Reddit

Smartphones are fragile and that is no secret. Most of us learned that lesson the hard way, unfortunately! A simple drop on the floor is enough for most devices do shatter into bits. Well, it is enough for the touchscreen to crack, actually – this makes it useless! The person holding this phone probably wondered how was it possible for the screen to still work after it was separated from the phone like that.

2. We feel confused when we are looking at this image

Image Source: Reddit

Strange images are overflowing from all directions when you browse through internet but some of them have that creepy vibe that just makes you puzzled. This one makes no exception and you can easily feel that vibe, we guess. As you focus on the kid that one of the people is holding, you immediately realize that you feel more or less the same! It was surely not the greatest day of that boy’s life!

3. This tire is about to burst

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen tire lumps before but this thing definitely takes things on another level! Seeing the size of it really made our jaws drop to the floor, because it is a defect that we have never seen before! It appears that this tire would take just a tiny bit of additional pressure before bursting into tiny pieces of rubber! The person who experienced this probably avoided even worse consequences!

4. Here is one failed attempt to make a person jealous

Image Source: Instagram

It might seem like an easy task to make someone jealous on purpose, but it requires a lot of planning! These girls probably thought that they could handle it but they were wrong! You see, dressing like a boy and getting the proper make up would simply not do! This is especially true if the guy you were trying to make jealous knows the person who wanted to play the other man’s role in the images. A whole day of preparations was wasted here.

5. Someone is definitely in trouble

Image Source: Instagram

It doesn’t take much to realize that something in particular is happening in a certain situation. It is not always easy, but in some cases it is obvious! And we are pretty sure that this situation is one of the most obvious ones that ever happened! The man is trying to explain something and his wife is definitely not buying whatever it is, judging by her facial expression!

6. This looks like a weird art installation

Image Source: Reddit

Well, unfortunately for that cyclist, it was not something related to art. It was just a freshly-cemented walkway without a sign in front of it. You cannot blame the person for riding his bike straight into it, because there was surely no way of knowing that the cement was still wet. What puzzled us is that the cyclist decided to walk on the cement after getting stuck instead of jumping to one side.

7. There goes the drink

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is one situation that gave us the chills. There are many ‘what if’ questions involved here. What if the spider was further down the straw? Surely the lid would have been in the way of seeing the insect. What if the spider got all the way down and drowned. The person would have swallowed it while taking a sip. One thing is for sure – we will definitely check our drinks before drinking from a straw from now on.

8. We guess the groomer who did this is not a professional

Image Source: Me.Me

Dog grooming became a booming business and it is definitely helping many pet owners! Giving your dog a haircut would probably result in a poor result and a big mess, which can all be easily avoided by simply taking the pooch to a professional salon! However, there is no guarantee that you will like what they did to your dog and we believe that this pup’s owner was probably furious after seeing what a sloppy end result they managed to achieve!

9. The owner of this car had a story to tell after the incident

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Image Source: Lolwot

Well, not many people could actually say that a huge vintage safe crushed their vehicle while it was parked in a busy street! The story would be unbelievable but there were pictures to prove it! As you can see, the small Ford was literally squashed like a pancake by the huge safe! The reason why it happened and the mechanism behind the whole thing remain unknown to us, but it is definitely something curious!

10. Here is one confused doggo

Image Source: Instagram

This hunting dog’s owner probably had no idea that such a thing would happen but it definitely ruined their day for sure. After all, if you have a hunting dog, you probably intend to use the specific skills of the breed during a hunting round. It is easy to see that this particular dog probably needs some kind of additional training because it failed to sense the huge deer lurking just a few feet behind it!

11. This is too cute, but there is more to it than it meets the eye

Image Source: Instagram

Don’t get us wrong, we see nothing here that is inappropriate or something like that. Quite the contrary, actually – we believe that these moments are worth sharing by everyone. This way the magic and power of the moment can be spread for everyone to see. It is the best kind of inspiration! There is just only one tiny detail in the image that makes it really curious. This man was not the only one who decided to propose! You can see the other one on the right side of the image. Since the first one took the best spot, the second one had to choose a different spot, but it still definitely counts as a cool way to do it!

12. Here is one of the worst ways to kick off the day

Image Source: Instagram

Now this is a disaster that would probably frustrate most people, including us. Taking your time to prepare yourself a delicious meal and then tripping over and throwing everything on the ground is one thing, but doing it over the shoes you were supposed to wear later takes the mess to a whole different level! With just one wrong move this unfortunate person was able to destroy their lunch and also to ruin that pair of shoes.

13. This is not the kind of job you would wish to be involved in

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that certain tasks have the power to make you lose the will to live by simply looking at them. This huge pile of trash is definitely one of those tasks and we are more than certain that the people who had to clean everything were probably not thrilled to do it! It seems like a painstaking task to get all that junk inside the dump truck, but it appears that garbage men need to put up with such situations sometimes.

14. Here is a sign to stop cooking and relax instead

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then a situation comes your way that should be accepted as a sign! We guess that breaking a knife handle while trying to slice a butter package in two is definitely such a sign. It is not a pleasant thing to experience because you would probably need to scrap the knife, but it probably saved from an even bigger disaster. If we were there to give an advice, we would simply tell the person to call it a day and leave cooking for tomorrow.

15. This person just got owned by a smart kid

Image Source: Instagram

Just when you think that you have it all together and you look really nice and sharp, something happens to make you put that long face again. A simple situation is often more than enough to have that effect and this person learned that the hard way. Some kid literally owned him by pointing out an flaw in his appearance.

16. Here is why you should remain friends with your ex

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that the best relationship advice anyone could give is to remain friends with your ex if that is possible, of course. If you actually break up as enemies, chances are that there will be consequences! It is clear to see that someone’s ex was feeling more than petty and the type of revenge shown in the image was probably something the owner of the car expected.

17. Someone had a special stay at this hotel

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that this person’s mom was really sorry for mistaking her age but she probably found the whole thing to be really funny, too! As you can see, the hotel staff responded to the request and put a bad suitable for a 9-year-old! A 19-year-old girl would not be comfortable at all with such a setup!

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