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17 People Who Showed They Are Exceptional And We Had A Good Laugh About It

Image Source: Twitter

Not all heroes wear capes! And not all heroes need to save people’s lives in order to receive such a status! It is enough for a person to save someone from a sticky situation and the person will become that someone’s hero! This is what the following list is all about! You are able to see how people managed to help others in the best possible way. All of the images are wholesome in their own way and they are also amusing!

1. Only a true friend would do this

Image Source: Twitter

People are always willing to help their best friends no matter what it takes them. In some cases it takes a bit of a sacrifice to do it. The situation shown here is a nice example because it shows how someone prepared a note to cheat on some kind of a test, but that someone cannot use it! The only person that is able to benefit from it is their friend in the back! It is nice to see this kind of support because it shows true dedication and friendship.

2. This is just too funny but also touching in a certain way

Image Source: Instagram

One of the most thoughtful things a person can make in order to show that they really care for a person is to protect them from something or to stop them from doing something that is just not a good idea. We guess that whoever wrote this had exactly the same idea in mind. While the note itself is weird and the reason for the whole thing is gross, we still appreciate the person’s honesty and willingness to protect others from touching that spot.

3. These food selfies are getting out of hand

Image Source: Reddit

While we never intended to make a sarcastic pun out of this image, it just happened. The trend with food selfies is picking up speed and it seems to be getting out of hand. However, this woman got all the hands she needed. Her colleagues were kind enough to assist her with their phones in order to create perfect lighting for her selfie. We guess that they later took food selfies themselves, too, because why wouldn’t they?

4. Here is a smart way to get out of a situation

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is something we can really call a quick mind in action. Some people tend to panic when they allow a mistake to happen and realize that mistake immediately after making it. However, there are some individuals who concentrate on the new problem and try to find the best solution. This person made a huge mistake by sending that link, but he quickly realized how he could overcome the situation and pulled it off!

5. This can only be done by your closest friends

Image Source: Twitter

Well, we need to warn you that this just might bring tears of joy to your eyes! Our eyes became watery after we saw this wholesome thing! This person’s friends realized that she had a tough time lately so they decided to surprise her with something they made to make her feel better about herself and to lift her spirits! They hand-made this jar full of sticks with different messages on them! It looks like a really fun gift and we love it!

6. Here is the kind of supports that was probably too much in this case

Image Source: Twitter

Good friends are always there for you, but we believe that there are times when people should do their own thing alone and later seek support or an opinion from their friends. In this case, one person probably made a mistake when he added his friend to a chat with his crush, explaining that the friend was there for moral support. We guess that he could have given him all the support he needed offline while he admitted he had a crush on this girl.

7. These people found the best and cheapest way to transport this lumber

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that every problem has a solution and all it takes is just some careful planning and considering all the options you have. When these people needed to transport a big stack of long wooden planks, they also needed a way to balance them in the back of the truck. This is when one of their friends realized he would do just fine and as you can see, the plan worked like a charm!

8. This is what IT support looks like

Image Source: Reddit

We have always dreamed of IT support which is so good that it actually works in advance of the request we would have! Of course, it would require some kind of telekinetic abilities and that is only science fiction for the moment. But there is a way it could be done in certain cases. This one is probably the best way to illustrate that. After someone got tired of their grandma calling for the same thing over and over again, the person simply renamed the Wi-Fi network in the best possible way.

9. Bill Murray is the man

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

We have always liked Bull Murray for a large number of reasons! We also believe that many other people like them for those reasons as well! We mean, what’s not to like about him? If you need an example, the image above and the caption above it are more than enough to make you like him, too. He attended a concert and he bought all the tickets. But instead of having the show to himself, he gave out all the tickets to the people waiting in line!

10. Someone found the perfect way to spend the time at an Apple store

Image Source: Reddit

Having the right attitude is always a thing that we admire in a person. This attitude can be shown in a number of ways and we believe the image suggests such a way. Someone waiting at an Apple store decided to check out these two devices, but added a little extra something to both of them! We like the end result a lot, actually, and we hope the staff decided to leave the desktop wallpapers as they are.

11. This is what unexpected help looks like

Image Source: Instagram

Having someone who can lend a helping hand is one of the best feelings in the world. We have experienced that multiple times but we have also been there for our buddies when they needed us. This person was having a hard time during a quiz and someone offered him a pencil. It was not just a pencil, of course, because it had a note attached to it. The note had all the quiz answers!

12. This is the kind of support people need often

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how real friendship looks like. Assisting your friend in something like that means that you are probably willing to help them in absolutely everything they need to face. We only hope that the kid on the top aimed really good, otherwise his friend would have a bad memory from this situation. Sometimes helping your buddy comes with a price and there are risks involved!

13. Here is a wholesome thing to see

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes helping a poor soul is the moment you become friends and this is what a person did after hearing the story of a stranded dog in the Colorado Mountains. The man actually climbed up with the sole intention of finding the dog and rescuing it! As you can see, his mission was a success and you can be sure that the canine became this man’s best friend for life.

14. Girlfriends know a few tricks

Image Source: Twitter

The relationship between two girls can be more than friendship goals in some cases because the girls can be closer than sisters. We guess these two girls have the same type of relationship because they were able to agree upon the idea of pulling off a funny prank. One of the girls dressed as a dude and the other pretended to be taking a casual selfie, after which she sent it to her boyfriend. He probably had his eyes wide open in disbelief!

15. This person definitely did something extra

Image Source: Twitter

This image really got us thinking and we feel divided in our opinion. First of all, the idea about such a thing is really fresh but there are a few things that really concern us. The thought behind the idea is showing the love this man had for his boo, but there are some perks he probably did not thing about before having the shoes made. After they get filthy and stained, his girl would no longer look the way she does now when the shoes are still sparkling clean.

16. Here is what creativity and love are capable of

Image Source: Reddit

These are probably the coolest shorts we have ever seen! One grandma made her son this pair out of the textile bottle pockets in which the Crown Royal whisky comes in! It actually turned out that it was a pretty neat idea and the shorts appear to be nicely done! We are sure that this grandma really made her son’s day when she gave him the pair!

17. This is not a typical story about a stranger helping with the grocery bill

Image Source; Pinterest

Well, we need to admit we felt a bit weird after reading this story and we don’t know how we feel about it. We thought we knew how it was about to end but we were wrong. Sure enough, what the person did was help, but in a different way that we imagined. It was probably not something he should have bragged about.

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