17 People Who Were So Annoying That Totally Need To Be Caught By Karma

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People are different from each other and while that is a good thing, it could also mean that they are sometimes far from the typical members of society they should be. Annoying and obnoxious people are everywhere and they think that never do something wrong. This is the actual reason why they consider their behavior to be appropriate while it is definitely not like that! The images below suggest some things that certain individuals do, but they shouldn’t, really! Maybe you will find some of the images to be highly relatable and chances are that you know more than one person who behaves in similar ways!

1. Graffiti is everywhere around us

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Do not get us wrong here, we love graffiti art. However, in most cases when there are graffiti around, they are far from what you can call a work of art. They most often look like the example shown here. We have always wondered why kids do things like this one in the first place.

2. This is just unacceptable

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We are not sure if this is some kind of a prank, but it is definitely not an acceptable thing to do! Taping a razor blade to a shopping card push handle is a huge no-no. Someone could fail to notice it, and it could lead to awful results. If this is a prank, it is definitely not a good one!

3. The nerve some people have is unbelievable 

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It seems that some people think they could do whatever they want in public places, and this photo serves as a good example of that. You can see that this man chose to make a huge mess despite he could have easily avoided it if he wanted to. This is definitely not a valuable member of society and he needs to literally clean up his act.

4. Nobody should have a piece of brownie like this 

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Regardless if you are a perfectionist or not, this image would definitely irritate you to the point you will want to find this person and exchange a few words with them! Food needs to be respected, and there are certain unwritten rules that need to be followed strictly. Part of this protocol is the proper way to cut cake or pie, and this is definitely not he correct way to do it, but people still do it!

5. Some people need to learn to behave like they should

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Maybe most of you have seen such things before. Every flight is marked buy at least one outrageous thing, and this image is probably the perfect way to describe the type of events that sometimes we witness. This person obviously wanted to relax but they showed complete disregard for the comfort of other passengers. They even took their shoes off!

6. Some delivery drivers fail to do the right thing

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We get that delivery drivers have a really tough job but still they decided on their own to do it instead of being forced. This means that they should do what they are paid for, and this means providing the best kind of service! As you can see, this delivery driver left the package in the rain, despite the fact there was a dry spot only a meter away!

7. This is the kind of people we see daily at grocery stores

Image Source: Reddit

We often wonder about some people’s inability to evaluate a situation, and we always get to the conclusion that they could do it, but they simply choose not to. This woman surely knew that it was not a proper place for her to sit and rest, but she chose not to think about it and to do whatever she intended to instead! This is a totally inappropriate thing to do!

8. This is what it means to have zero respect for people’s hard work

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Sometimes the result of a lot of effort and hard work could be ruined in a matter of seconds by someone who is equally reckless disrespectful. He was definitely well aware of the fact that the concrete was still wet, but he drove straight through it. He also knew that he would ruin it but he kept on going. These people need to be taught a lesson.

9. You might want to take a closer look at this one

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Image Source: Reddit

This photo shows just one of the reasons why we never get in the pool if we go to a place where there is one available. You see, people often do things that are nothing but gross, and this lady shows how this is done! She has no shame at all for doing what she did. Shaving your legs in a pool fool of people is something ridiculous to do and nobody should do it!

10. Some people are not good at what they do but they still do it

Image Source: Reddit

There are thousands of different job positions and categories, but on thing that is valid for all of them is that you need to have the proper qualification and knowledge if you want to be good at what you do. You also need to have motivation and skills, too. The person who cleaned this floor with a power washer definitely lacks all of the above mentioned things!

11. Some manufacturers play tricks on their customers

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this really made us furious, and we we guess that whoever bought this jar felt even more bitter than we did. The huge jar appeared to be full of lollies, but this was nothing but a fraud! And the worst part is that similar things happen all the time and there is almost no control, thus prevention is impossible.

12. There are many people who do this and they should just stop it

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You have probably seen this a million times before. People use different kinds of gadgets and electronics as if they were food trays! This is just wrong and the reasons for that are many! For starters, electronics could be easily damaged by food and drinks if they are spilled. Second, those surfaces are never clean, so there are a lot of germs on them!

13. Some people gas the others on purpose

Image Source: Reddit

This is another thing we have seen multiple times before – people in huge diesel trucks pumping on the gas and enjoying the black smoke clouds!

14. Many parents leave their kids unattended

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We believe that this is a huge no-no because kids make all kinds of messes that are actually the parents’ responsibility!

15. Some individuals never obey the rules

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This is just one example of that! As you can see, someone neglected the guardrails only for the sake of having their photo taken! This is something people should just stop doing.

16. Parking on the handicap spot is a vile thing to do

Image Source: Sohu

Such parking means that these individuals have zero respect and tolerance for the disabled, and we will never be okay with that kind of behavior.

17. Seeing how people make a huge mess in the movies always makes us sad

Image Source: Reddit
All the employees at cinemas everywhere are forced to put up with such huge messes and people should just try to avoid making them in the first place!

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