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17 Photos That Will Make You LOL Or Just Wonder

Image Source: Reddit

Browsing for interesting stuff online can result in finding some pictures that can cause a wave of mixed feelings inside of you! A single image can make you laugh and annoy you at the same time, not to mention that you could find it to be strange as well. If you are not sure what we mean, all you need to do is check out the images below. Enjoy the list!

1. Pulling up to the gas station is not an easy task for some people

Image Source: The Chive

We are sure that you have seen similar things before, but we need to share it every time it happens. It is the best reminder to always check if the nozzle is removed before you drive off. As you can see, this person forgot to do it, and the result is a disaster. It may look funny, but it is visible that the person is not laughing. Such an incident can be really dangerous so you need to be careful.

2. Here is a soda flavor that we don’t want to try

Image Source: The Chive

There probably isn’t a single person out there who doesn’t like soda. There are so many different kinds and flavors that chances are you have at least one favorite. Even if you do not like fizzy drinks, one of the flavors on the market would surely tempt you. One thing is for sure, though – it will not be this particular flavor! We have no idea who launched it on the market, but it is both hilarious and ridiculous.

3. You need to be careful when posting online

Image Source: Sizzle

In today’s world the social media platforms have become a powerful thing. We believe that everyone needs to know that it can be dangerous. The internet can be a scary place and a lot of bad things could happen. This is why social media platforms are monitored in order to prevent such things. This person did not realize that his post sounded a bit controversial, so he got a visit by the police forces.

4. Here is what you call rebellious behavior

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Most moms have strict house rules that everyone must follow, or else! In the majority of cases these rules include very simple things such as not making a mess while eating or flushing the toilet each and every time you use it These are basic things, but some people still think they are too much, As you can see, someone decided to make some sort of a protest by acting smart. We guess that it is not going to end well for that person.

5. You need to be careful with the beach games

Image Source: The Chive

Spending some time at the beach is great, but we still think that there are some downsides. What seems to be fun can turn into something not so pleasant. As you can see in the photo, this man would definitely agree! It turns out that letting someone bury you in the sand is not such a good idea! The seagulls are probably one of the many reasons why you should not do it.

6. Human relationships are tough sometimes

Image Source: Sizzle

Most couples probably need a bit of compromise every now and then in order to be together. This is not something to be worried about. However, one crucial element of a healthy relationship is talking and sharing everything that might be considered a problem. However, most girls seem to hide the way they feel about something, and these feelings keep piling up until it becomes unbearable.

7. Asking someone to be your prom date with roaches is not a good idea

Image Source: Me Me

Prom night is a very special time in people’s lives because it marks the end of a huge chapter for everyone. Most people like to spend a lot of time planning and preparing for prom, because they want to make it a night to remember. An important part of the experience is your date, of course! If you want to ask someone to be your date for the prom, do not do it this way, because you would probably be rejected.

8. This is what means to be ungrateful

Image Source: eBaum’s World

Everyone likes presents, and the bigger they are, the better we would feel! Of course, receiving a gift is all about the certain expectations you might have. If you really want something particular and you do not receive it, chances are that you would be rather disappointed. However, receiving a Lamborghini in the wrong color is probably not a good enough reason to complain, is it?

9. This setup gives us the chills

test ad
Image Source: The Chive

Being brave is one thing, but being reckless is a completely different story! As you can see, this man is beyond reckless! Doing what he did cannot even be considered a stunt! With every move he makes, he gets one step closer to a disaster. At least there was a pool underneath him, and we hope that it was deep enough in case that wood plank was not strong enough. Some people seem to forget how valuable their lives are!

10. Here is a toilet that you have never before

Image Source: Reddit

We were really puzzled when we saw this toilet! There must be a reasonable explanation for all that ice, and we guess that it is located in place with severe weather conditions. It will surely take some bravery to sit on it, and we know we would never do it! Judging by the wooden floor, it must be an outside toilet in some sort of a cabin, which would explain all the ice.

11. Some people are really disrespectful of their privileges

Image Source: eBaum’s World

We are happy to see when people get what they want or what they deserve. Working hard for something eventually pays off and you get to enjoy the benefits! However, there are people who get to enjoy certain things without actually working for them. This is okay as long as they have appreciation for how lucky they are. This is not the case with the owner of this vehicle, and you can see why.

12. Food disappointment is the worst thing ever

Image Source: Fun Cage

Food is something sacred and we all need to respect it. The feeling of disappointment related to food is a really nasty one, especially when it comes to a deceiving act! As you can see, this person bought a slice of pizza in a box, hoping that it would be enough to satisfy his cravings. However, he was in for an unpleasant surprise when he opened the box! This is simply not right and we can categorize this thing as a fraud.

13. All Capri Sun lovers know this struggle

Image Source: Reddit

When you are on the go and you feel thirsty, one of the best ways to quench the thirst is drinking a Capri Sun juice. However, not everything about it is as easy as it looks. The worst part of the whole experience is actually getting the straw inside the container. In most cases you puncture it the wrong way, or tear up the container. The straws can also break and bend all the time, which makes it a rather annoying experience.

14. Here is something that happened to everyone at least once

Image Source: Reddit

Buying a large pack of candy is always a good idea! However, you need to be careful when you need to satisfy your sugar cravings, because things might take an unexpected turn. Similar to the Capri Sun experience we mentioned above, opening a bag of Nerds candy may be a bit of a struggle. Even if you open it successfully, you are advised to hold it tight; otherwise you might end up in a situation similar to the one in the photo above.

15. Some people have no idea how to apologize

Image Source: Instagram

People are capable of doing a lot of wrong things, and infidelity is definitely on the top positions of that list! Cheating on someone you love has no excuse whatsoever! It takes courage to admit such a mistake and to face the consequences. However, sometimes it is better to just let things be instead of trying to apologize in a sloppy way. As you can see, this here is probably one of the worst ways to pay for your sin! It probably made things even worse!

16. Sometimes the reality does not match the expectations

Image Source: Reddit

We all want to look our best, and the different fashion and style trends may not offer a suitable solution for us. If a certain outfit or haircut is a good idea for some people, it is not necessarily going to work for you as well. This person realized this the hard way. As you can see by his reaction, his new haircut is not what he had in mind.

17. Some parties are just too wild

Image Source: Reddit

When you have your party mood on and you are out to have fun, all you expect is to enjoy everything! However, when you visit a huge party with a lot of alcohol involved, you should expect the unexpected! This person was obviously not ready for what happened to her, and the photographer captured the best possible moment! It was a lucky shot, but we are glad he took it and shared it later.

Written by Nick Martin

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