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These 17 Pics Of Weird Weather Will Definitely Make You Go ‘Whut’

Image Source: Reddit

Weather can inspire us or scare us! There are many reasons for that. It all depends on the way we see things. Some people could not care less about the weather outside, while others could spend an hour each day watching the sunset! Certain individuals love bad weather and storms while other are terrified. However, we probably all like to see different weather conditions that we haven’t seen before! A certain weather phenomenon that you stumble across may actually turn out to be a rare sight, and we are glad that people often take photos! We were able to compile a list of some of them for you to enjoy!

1. This photo looks unreal

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that summer storms can happen in a blink of an eye! One minute you see a clear sky with some fluffy clouds here and there, and then suddenly a huge storm comes out of nowhere! We have all seen this happen before, but the example in the photo appears to be extreme. The sky in the rearview mirror is completely black!

2. This light is something you have probably never seen before

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one really intriguing phenomenon that messes with our brains. The perception of light we all have struggles to accept this sight, but it is a completely real thing! As you can see, a lot of light are reflected in a way called ‘light pillars’. This effect requires the perfect weather conditions in order to be seen.

3. This is what it’s like to live in Arizona

Image Source: Reddit

A lot of places on Earth are related to a certain weather phenomenon. The example given here is actually pretty good! As you can see, a huge dust storm is slowly making its way towards the city! These storms are very dangerous and can be extremely harmful for people’s health, not to mention that they completely paralyze any activity in the area.

4. These clouds are mesmerizing

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes things are not what they seem! This is especially valid for nature. As you can see, these beautiful clouds are hypnotizing to see, because they look like a painting. However, there is a lot more behind their beauty than meets the eye! They were likely a part of a huge storm that we would never want to see from a close distance.

5. Here is one scary lightning strike

Image Source: Reddit

Thunderstorms are some people’s favorite nature phenomenon! We are also intrigued by them, but we would never try to go and explore one like the Storm Chasers do. There is always a chance that a lightning strike may hit you, which is the last thing you would like to happen to you! Close to 90% of people who were struck survived, but it was hardly a pleasant experience.

6. The weather in Michigan is unstable, apparently

Image Source: Reddit

Sudden weather changes are something that nobody could predict with a lot of accuracy. Sometimes nature just has a different opinion about how certain things should happen. This obviously includes changing the weather conditions frequently. As you can see, in just three days the conditions in Michigan completely changed every 24 hours!

7. Here is one eerie sight

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes the surrounding conditions may be quite unusual! When different elements are combined in a certain way, the end result may be something that we haven’t seen before. This person definitely witnesses something unique! The fog and the sunlight created this scenery which would probably be hard to replicate! It looks like the set of a horror movie.

8. This seems impossible

Image Source: Reddit

We have experienced cold weather before, but this here seems to be more than extreme! Imagine how cold it must have been in order for paint to start chipping off the parking lot! We guess that it was warm before the temperature dropped suddenly. This means that the asphalt’s surface was a bit melted and it had no chance to cool down slowly, but froze instead.

9. This road is literally in the middle of nowhere

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Image Source: Reddit

As you can probably imagine, building a road through a desert is a challenge! However, it turns out that maintaining the road would be even harder! One of the reasons for that is more than obvious! Strong winds are capable of creating enormous dunes, and this one happens to be blocking the road. We have no idea how will they be able to clear the road, but it would require a lot of time and effort, not to mention that the next sandstorm could easily block the road again.

10. Here is another shot that looks like a movie scene

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably noticed how in different movies storm clouds are pictured in a swirl motion. However, we never see such cloud formations in real life! But someone apparently did, and we are glad that they shared their experience. The clouds look frightening and perhaps this is how tornados are born! We would avoid such storms every time we encounter one, but it is still a mesmerizing phenomenon to witness.

11. Tropical locations can surprise you

Image Source: Reddit

We have all heard stories about rapid weather change. If are enjoying your holiday and someone warns you about this, you should definitely take notes. Sometimes even the locals are surprised by the weather! As you can see, a perfectly good day could turn into a natural disaster! This is no joke and similar scenarios have been the cause of casualties and damage. This is why you should follow weather forecasts.

12. Here is a mild example of sudden weather change

Image Source: Instagram

We simply loved this photo’s caption. The person who posted this photo seems to be a bit fed up with the ways of the weather there, but we guess people can get used to anything. However, it seems a bit extreme even for us! These photos were taken only five minutes apart, but in reality it seems more like a whole day! We guess that it was a hot day and the rain water evaporated as fast as it fell down. It seems that a lot of areas around the world experience similar things.

13. Now this is what we call a disaster

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this photo made us cringe! Can you imagine how cold it must have been in order for everything to freeze like that? We guess that heavy rain and wind settle in, and the temperatures suddenly dropped. This is one of the worst possible combinations, and you can see the end result. The street appears to be completely paralyzed, and the only chance for the ice grip to loosen up is a potential rise in temperatures. We have seen severe winter before, but this is a completely different tory! A relatively mild weather with lots of snow and no wind describes the perfect winter conditions, but the case here is obviously different.

14. Sudden drops in temperatures can create art

Image Source: Reddit

There are not many good things about sudden weather changes, especially when it comes to freezing temperatures. However, we need to try and find a positive side to everything live can throw at us, and we might as well do the same when cold temperatures settle in. As you can see, someone found this amazing ice sculpture which was formed over a leaf. It looks like a glass piece of art! If cold weather suddenly hits your area, you might as well suit up and look for such beautiful objects.

15. Here is a cool way to do your eyelashes

Image Source: Reddit

If you love eyelash extensions and you are also a thrill seeker, then you would love this photo! Imagine the weather conditions this person went through in order to get that frosted snow finish! The whole appearance of this person looks magical, as if she came straight out of a fairytale! We guess that it must have been extremely cold, and not many people would go on a hike willingly in such low temperatures.

16. This is not CGI

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we get to see a photo that looks so unbelievable that we automatically reject the possibility for it to be real. However, even if the photo is as mind-blowing as this one, it may actually turn out to be real. This is the case with the photo you see here! The incredible display of the power of nature captured in the image is mesmerizingly beautiful and frightening at the same time. We would like to thank whoever took the photo for sharing it.

17. This weird photo has a perfectly good explanation

Image Source: Reddit

As we mentioned before, the worst possible combination in weather changes is mixing heavy rain with sudden drop in temperatures. This would always result in a disaster and you can see the consequences here. Apparently heavy floods devastated the area. It seems that just as the water was about to retreat, cold temperatures settled in, turning the water into ice. The end result can be seen in the photo. This little Fiat will not move from its place for quite some time.

Written by Nick Martin

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