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17 Rarely Seen Images Of Things For People Who Thought They’ve Seen It All

Image Source: Reddit

Have you ever thought to yourself: ‘well, that’s all, now I have seen everything’? We live in a world so big that nobody could say that they saw it all, that’s for sure! As you can imagine, a lifetime is not enough for a person to see everything this world has to offer, and this is actually a wonderful thing! There are probably hundreds of thousands of new things for every person to see, but it is impossible. However, there should be a starting point, right? This list is one way to do that, as it contains things that most people have never seen before!

1. The Australian echidna

Image Source: FB

Now this is one really curious way to start a list like this! Sure enough, nature always has a trick up its sleeve, and sometimes this trick is borderline hilarious! In this case, the Australian echidna proves that something as intimidating as a forest fire is not able to impress some animals. The curious-looking animal simply goes deep underground and falls asleep! It is not as safe as it sounds, and it is visible that this particular specimen got a little burnt, but it is still impressive to see such a way of handling a forest fire.

2. The masked car

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people are faced with certain tasks that require curious solutions. Of course, coming up with them is no easy task, as it takes a lot of creativity for one to pull of something that is hard to be achieved in the first place. In this case, the people who developed a new vehicle to be launched in 2020 needed to perform series of road tests without unveiling the design, and they pulled it off! As you can see, there is not a single detail visible!

3. The outfit

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is not exactly an outfit, because it creates the illusion the person wearing it is naked from the waist up! We have no idea why this even exists, but it obviously serves a purpose! Maybe it is supposed to make someone seem like they work out regularly, because it would be impossible to guess it is a prop when there is a T-shirt over it! We have no idea if this is a one-off or if it is mass-produced, but we have never seen such a prop before.

4. The coin

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one coin that you can definitely call a ‘quarter’! All jokes aside, we were really impressed to see a coin that is not round. It appears that some countries have a different concept for coins! This cent is from Surinam, and it is not exactly squared, but it is obviously far from the typical coin, too! We are curious to know if there are other coins around the world that are not round, too! Coin collectors would be glad to own such a cent.

5. The mushroom

Image Source: Pikabu

Ah, we love mushrooms! There are literally hundreds of delicious recipes we could use to make a meal worth remembering! However, as the mushroom lovers we are, we have never seen one this big in person! The huge specimen looks incredible and we guess whoever found it was definitely proud! Such luck needs to be shared, and we are glad that someone posted this image online for us to see.

6. The kitchen appliance

Image Source: Reddit

This is a real treat for all of the people obsessed with having the perfect kitchen. Sometimes kitchen appliances are unique, and this tops them all! As you can see, someone was able to combine a stove, a fridge and a sink! It looks kind of odd, but we guess that it just might do the job! It is probably the perfect solutions for modern homes with lack of space! Those tiny condos will have much more rooms with one of these fitted inside!

7. The banana

Image Source: Reddit

We all love bananas but sometimes we could obviously find a treat! Peeling off a banana is something many people do on a daily basis, and there is hardly something unusual about it. However, this image proves that even a banana could easily surprise someone. As you can see, there were four miniature bananas inside this peel! This is awesome to see and it would probably never be seen again.

8. The sausage

Image Source: Pikabu

This is for all the foodies out there! We have seen long pieces of sausage before, but these people really did something amazing! It looks really handy, too, and we believe that it makes working with that delicious sausage a lot easier, too! It looks like buying the sausage from such a place would be just as exciting as eating it!

9. The original Winnie the Pooh

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Image Source: Reddit

Here is something special that all of you would appreciate! You are probably aware that Winnie the Pooh was created by A. A. Milne but the character was inspired by a real teddy bear he gave his son Christopher Robin Milne. Milne bought the toy for his son’s birthday and many years later Christopher Robin donated it to the book’s publisher. He ended up giving the toy and the other ones that inspired the rest of the characters the Public Library in New York. What a cool story! And the toys look amazing as well.

10. The hair

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really curious image and we have no idea how did the person who took it saw the hair, but we are glad they did. You can clearly see that there is a piece of hair in the photo, but it is not an ordinary one! As you can see, the hair is bent several times in a strict pattern, and it looks like it was folded like by hand which is impossible. The effect was created in a much simpler way, actually, The hair simply got in the zipper’s way and it remained zipped for some time, which was enough for it to take the shape!

11. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

Cats are mysterious creatures! Despite the fact that many people have cats in their homes, there are still s many things about felines we have no idea about! Seeing this beauty made us wonder about the ways in which the gene pulls! This beauty obviously inherited a unique mix of its parents’ genes, and chances are there isn’t another cat with those eyes and these colors!

12. The turtles

Image Source: Reddit

Since we are talking about the power of nature and the diversity it is able to create, we might as well show you this picture! As you can see, there is a variety of turtles in this image, but there is a catch! None of them are exactly the same, and this is the beauty of nature! As we already mentioned, it is capable of offering an endless diversity and we like that!

13. The lemon

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, that is correct! What you are looking at here is definitely a lemon, but not one that you can see at your local grocery store! This is one lemon that obviously has the appearance of something completely different! It looks like an octopus, and an intimidating one, too! Sometimes lemons do have a weird shape instead of the traditional one, but this piece is like nothing we have seen before!

14. The bee

Image Source: Flickr

Now this is one really cute image! It suggests something really simple! It is a bee, but it is sound asleep! Come to think of it, we have never seen a sleeping bee until now, which makes this image unique! The bee is just as sweet as every pet you can think of when they are asleep. We had no idea that bees sleep like this!

15. The optical illusion

Image Source: Reddit

There are thousands of examples of optical illusions you can see. In fact, we see one almost each day, but they are nowhere near as impressive as this one! What you is a normal building with one unusual feature: when you look at it form a certain angle, it looks like it is nothing but a façade! The two-dimensional effect is incredible and really curious to see.

16. The cloud

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example of nature’s curious ways! The clouds we often see in the sky are beautiful to see, but they rarely form a perfect geometrical shape! In this case, someone was able to see an egg-shaped cloud hovering in the sky over Reykjavik and we really like the effect it creates! The whole landscape looks surreal!

17. The ice pillar

Image Source: WD

What you are looking at here is not an ordinary piece of ice! It was taken from Antarctica, and it was meant to show the different stages its thickness was formed! You can see multiple lighter and darker sections and each one stands for a different time period. See that dark thin circle that looks like a ring? It is formed by a thin layer of ash which is there because of a volcano eruption that occurred more than 20,00 years ago!

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