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17 Scary Images That Will Definitely Make You Look Twice

Image Source: Reddit

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first group loves scary stuff, and they would willingly go inside a haunted house, or watch the scariest movie with a bowl of popcorn in front of them without even screaming once. The second group is the complete opposite, and unfortunately we happen to be in it. This kind of people cannot stand strange noises, eerie sights and scary movies, because anxiety and paranoia would immediately kick in!

This is the reason why we had a hard time creating this list, because it contains some very creepy stuff, and chances are that you would lose some sleep after seeing them. If you happen to only be amused by the instead of spooked, then we would be happy for you, because we would never want to cause you stress.
Enjoy these images and choose the one that scared you the most.

1. You need to take a second look here

Image Source: Reddit

If you think that the scary thing here is the way the dog’s eyes are lit by the camera flash, you are wrong. It is a huge dog, but there is nothing scary about that. The picture holds a little twist that will make you cringe when you see it. Still finding it hard? Look closely in the window behind the woman, and you will see a silhouette in it, and there was surely nobody else around by the time of making this photo.

2. This guy wanted a strange selfie and he got it, alright

Image Source: Reddit

This dude was probably bored when he decided to do something goofy, and his best idea was to cut open a spiny rubber ball and wore it like a masking, making himself look like a complete idiot. However, his selfie game was stepped up for completely different reasons. He was all alone when he took the photo, but as you can see, there is a lady in the back dressed in 18th century clothes that was not supposed to be there at all.

3. Always check the history of the house you are buying

Image Source: Reddit

Except if you like ghosts, you don’t want to buy a house filled with ghosts, because you will not be able to spend one quiet night at home without being spooked by something, and that is not the quality rest that people need after a long, hard day at work. Some old houses have a controversial history and you better stay away from that kind of deals.

4. Children cemeteries are spooky even in the daylight

Image Source: Reddit

This is the reason why a photo of such a place is surely not the best thing you would like to see, especially if that photo was taken in the middle of the night. And the photo has a little twist, too. You probably failed to notice this, but right in the middle of the photo is a strange, thin silhouette, which was enough to convince us to never go to a cemetery after sundown.

5. This kid was probably freaked out after seeing this photo

Image Source: Reddit

This case is similar to the dude with the rubber ball on his head you can see above. The kid was just running around and taking random pictures, when the camera lens captured something disturbing. Yes, the photo is blurred, because the boy shook it, but it still pretty clear that it is a human silhouette and the kid was alone in the room when the photo was taken.

6. The prison tower clearly has a secret

Image Source: Reddit

At first glance, there is nothing wrong about the photo, except the fact that the way this old prison tower looks can give you some anxiety, because old prison facilities are not the prettiest places you can see. However, the creepy part begins we need to specify that there was only one prison guard in the tower when the photo was taken, and there are to people on the image for sure.

7. This may be an optical illusion, but we are not sure about it

Image Source: Twitter

Talking about creepy stuff, this has got to be one of the creepiest on the list for sure! We have heard about stuff like that in vampire tales, but it is the other way around; apparently vampires have no reflection in the mirror. However, the picture here suggests that there is an invisible ghost whose reflection can be seen in the mirror in the back. Spooky stuff!

8. This is not a wraith, but it is equally frightening

Image Source: Reddit

If we see this creep lurking around the house at night, we would probably call the police, because he has no business snooping around there. The image of the guy in the night vision cam is really frightening, and we would be afraid to step outside after the sun sets. There should be a higher level of security for such unwanted visits, like two huge dogs, for example.

9. Seeing a ghost on a huge ship is the last thing we would like to see!

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Image Source: Reddit

These three photos don’t seem like much, but it is the details that give the chills here. All three photos were taken in the same hallway of the Queen Mary ship, with only seconds apart. On the middle one you can clearly see a figure in the bottom of the hallway, as if a huge man is walking towards the camera, but he disappears into thin air on the next frame, which is more than strange.

10. This is like a horror movie in real life

Image Source: Reddit

We were extremely frightened by this creepy photo! It looks like it is a frame from some scary horror film, and we cannot believe it is real! For a quick second we thought that it must be some sort of an effect created by shadows, but a shadow that thick is not possible! Not to mention those glowing eyes! It is extremely frightening and we hope those kids are okay.

11. Security cameras sometimes reveal surprises

Image Source: Reddit

Home security cameras are a very nice addition to any house, because they offer the kind of protection we all need these days. However, this image shows something even more disturbing than expected. Of course, it may be a burglar, but it sure does not look like one. If this thing is a ghost, the homeowners probably began discussing the option to sell the house, and we would, too.

12. This image is a bit controversial

Image Source: Reddit

On first glance there is absolutely nothing wrong here, but as you would expect, there is a story behind this photo. The family that owns the house had two cats, and when the felines died, it was decided that there should not be any replacements for them. That was probably the right decision, because the cats never left – one is near the barbeque and the other is right next to the sliding door.

13. Creepy abandoned locations are now tourist attractions

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we would definitely have a second thought about visiting such a place, and the sanitarium pictured here is definitely a huge non-no for us, because we would never visit a creepy place that has a tricycle in one of the hallways. We all remember the Saw sequel, and that is one scenario we would never want to be involved in. Of course, the whole thing may actually be a setup to create some tension among the visitors, but it is still scary.

14. Apparently homes are not the only haunted property on the market

Image Source: Reddit

If you told us that vehicles can be haunted, we would never believe this, because it just doesn’t sound possible. However, after seeing this photo, we might have to reconsider that opinion. If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a pale image of a woman on the driver’s side window, and she does not look happy, either.

15. This is more than just a photo of two kids having fun

Image Source: Reddit

We have no idea why these kids are digging in the yard, but that is not important. Apparently, the children are not alone in the photo, because there is sinister-looking figure standing not very far behind them. There is a slight possibility that the tree branches are playing tricks, but it just doesn’t seem to be that way. However, there is no other explanation about whom or what it might be.

16. Ultrasound photos can have unexpected results apparently

Image Source: Reddit

Most people can’t wait to see their future babies, and when the time for ultrasound comes, they are filled with excitement and are eager to see the images. However, the photo you see here is something that nobody would like to see! We are sure that it was just the angle creating a weird effect, but it still looks too sinister to look at. This is the stuff horror movies are made of.

17. This is scarier than most ghost stories

Image Source: Reddit

Weird people are everywhere around us, and in most cases they do harmless and fun stuff that keeps us amused, but this is so not the case here, trust us! When you see that the driver of this bus replaced the gear knob with a baby head that was probably cut off a doll, you would probably start asking yourself questions that you probably wouldn’t like the answer to.

Written by Nick Martin

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