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17 Secrets Men Shared On Reddit That Most Women Didn’t Even Had A Clue About

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It seems that people never stop learning new things, and while most of the information they learn on a daily basis is not as important as it might seem to be, some things are essential for everyone to know. This is especially valid when you happen to learn that something you believed in was actually not the way you pictured it to be. Such a change of perspective might come as a shock, but it is worth having the right point of view. The secrets men share online, some of which are listed below, could probably surprise most ladies!

1. Here is how the whole thing started on Reddit

Image Source: Reddit

This is something like a challenge, but a lot more interesting than the online challenges we are used to seeing lately. In fact, tens of thousands of people responded to this post and decided to take their part in it. The posts below are really interesting and we guess that there is a lot to learn from them, not to mention that even the most curious individuals will satisfy their thirst for learning new facts.

2. This is something that definitely needs to be explained

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People need to understand that this sometimes happens unwillingly, much like a reflex, and it is often not related to any kind of excitement at all! Some men are also not aware why this happens and they are sometimes embarrassed by it! There is nothing to worry about, as it is only something natural, and women need to know that it is not a sign that a man is excited about them.

3. This is something important

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In many cases women act like they think men have some kind of psychic powers and they can read minds. No matter if a woman wants something to be done or she simply is annoyed by a certain thing that men do, they should speak about it. If they leave a man guessing about what he should do or what he did wrong, they would have to wait forever for him to figure it out, which creates tension that nobody needs.

4. Here is something relatable

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We believe that in some cases people take the things they hear the wrong way. We mean, sometimes a simple conversation needs to be exactly that – simple! This man pointed out something that we could easily relate to, because we have experienced it. When a man says that he is not thinking about anything in particular, chances are that he really isn’t! Not thinking about anything is a cure for built-up stress!

5. The direct approach is always the best approach

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that this goes both ways and is not valid only for men. Any kind of relationship would be flawless if things were said directly to the other person without any hints or guesses. This would be enough for confrontations to be avoided, which is extremely important. Waiting for someone to realize the idea behind a hint is unnecessary.

6. Most men had to put up with this at one point

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the majority of men had this issue when they were boys and still lived with their parents. On some occasions having to hide one of the natural things your body does in the morning was more than hard, despite the fact it should not be something to be embarrassed about in the first place. This man suggested a simple way of avoiding this.

7. Here is something society should talk about more

Image Source: Reddit

We agree with every word this man wrote because he addressed an issue that we cannot tolerate either. It seems that our modern society should have no problem with recognizing such issues but it is more than obvious that we have these problems and we need to deal with them. Mental health issues are a serious matter and men are just as prone to them as women!

8. This might sound funny but it is true

Image Source: Reddit

Contrary to the popular belief, there are men who like to cuddle! Even more, they prefer it rather than turning their back to their partner which is a nice thing to know. It does not take for a man to be a romantic in order for him to like to cuddle. Hugging you significant other and sleeping like that is a natural thing and if you love your partner, you will probably like feeling their body as close as possible.

9. Sometimes men just focus on something while staring at a certain point

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that this really needs to be explained because it probably often leads to misunderstandings and even more serious situations. Sometimes many really shut down and they stare at something or someone like a zombie, completely unaware that they might make someone feel uncomfortable. In fact, men think of completely different things in such moments and they are not actually staring! It is hard to explain it but we are sure most gents would definitely relate!

10. The struggle is real with this one

Image Source: Reddit

While this might be considered more or less inappropriate, it is also relatable and we are sure that every man out there knows exactly how this feels! When it gets hot outside, there are certain things that bring discomfort to men that women cannot relate to, and this is one of them. Of course, there are also different ways to deal with this kind of discomfort rather than a ‘wacky dance’, but we know exactly that this person meant and he described it in the best possible way.

11. Here is another person who mentioned that a direct approach is always welcome

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As we already mentioned, men would always prefer an honest conversation, which saves all the hints and suggestions that only confuse them. This kind of approach saves time and helps for different type of confrontations to be avoided, and men really don’t like fighting. If a woman wants a man to do something, she should be as specific as possible.

12. Men appreciate compliments

Image Source: Reddit

It is a normal thing for a lady to expect to receive a lot of compliments, but the other way around is something that does not happen very often. This is actually not supposed to be like that, because it is just another thing that society accepted as normal why it is not normal at all! As you can see, this person shared how a compliment affected his life, and it is a proof that men accept compliments which make them a better person.

13. Sometimes taking a hint is hard

Image Source: Reddit

This is probably something many of us could relate! As you can see, this short story is all about failing to read between the lines. Men always get the hint, but it most often happens too late! This was the situation here. This person was definitely sorry for not taking the hunt when he should have done it, but he will know better next time he has the chance to accept such an invitation. Ladies need to now men are bad at understanding hints.

14. This is an important relationship advice

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something ladies need to know about men. No matter what your man loves to do in his spare time, you should try to accept or even better – you might become a part of it when you show enough interest. Any man would love the fact his partner shows interest in his hobby. Trust us on this one, it would definitely mean a lot! The example this person gave is more than enough to prove it and we guess he is a lucky man!

15. Here is something that most men have felt before or feel now

Image Source: Reddit

This is something really serious and such issues need to be discussed. Most women probably have no idea about the fact that men often feel this way. Society applies pressure on men to fulfill their role but sometimes they face different struggles. The thing that makes matters worse is the fact that men hide it and it causes them to react in many different ways which women naturally interpret differently and this is normal, because they most likely are unaware of the reasons behind such a behavior.

16. Men need their alone-time

Image Source: Reddit

Some women take things too personal when their partners express their wish to be left alone for just a brief period of time. This, of course, is not because men don’t like their partners or need to take a break from their relationship. Men simply prefer to not be surrounded by anyone at least for some time in order to get the mess in their heads sorted out, and having zero social contacts for some time helps with that, even if it is for an hour or a day.

17. Most men take pride in everything they do

Image Source: Reddit

This is one classic example that men simply love doing things that they can brag about later. This includes even basic things which most men accept as challenges and when they get it right, they feel good about it!

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