17 Times Dads Nailed The Moment With Their Hilarious Humor

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People always say that laughter is what makes this world go round, because we would not survive another day without having some kind of fun! Of all the different kinds of humor known to us, we prefer dad humor the most! The jokes dads come up with never get old, although it takes a special kind of person to appreciate them! The following examples are more than enough to make most people laugh out loud! Whether it is a clever pun or the best classic joke you have seen in your life, dad humor is always out there to make your day brighter and better! This is the basic idea behind this list! It is a fast and sure way of amusement that most people would immediately appreciate!

1. This is one way to make any mom angry

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We believe that there are a lot of differences in the way moms and dads raise their kids! Moms are most often the strict parent while dads tend to be open-minded about most things! In this case, one dad proved that he could handle a situation by putting his humor into action, and the mother did not like it one bit!

2.We can imagine this scene

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The best thing about dad jokes is the simple fact that you can never see ne coming! Dads are able to mock or make fun of just about anyone and anything, and this is what makes their kind of humor extra special! The cashier was probably stunned to hear this joke but we are more than certain that they laughed about it later!

3.Here is one extremely funny pun

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Dad jokes often consist of puns, or they at least incorporate one! Clever puns are another favorite topic of ours which is the reason why we simply loved this tweet! The witty idea about is awesome and it is worth sharing! The protractor was associated with the desire of this father for him to be considered as a person who supports farming, and every farm has tractors, of course!

4.Here is one absolute classic

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Believe it or not, classic dad jokes are a thing, and this one is a fine example! You can be absolutely sure that every dad would immediately seize the opportunity to joke with a family member or a friend, and dads consider every simple conversation to be such an opportunity! Seeing this short text message which a dad sent as a reply to his daughter shows exactly what we mean!

5.Talking about clever puns

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It does not take much for a person to say a joke in a more or less appropriate moment, but what makes the difference is how witty that joke is! People who love to use their brains prefer the kind of fun content that makes them think and appreciate a clever idea if there is one behind the joke. This simple tweet is more than enough to make anyone chuckle because of the hilarious pun incorporated in it!

6.This one is worthy of featuring in a comedy

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Well, we already mentioned that it does not take much for a joke to be exceptional, but it must be designed by a dad, of course! That hashtag you see is there for a reason, and if you search Twitter for all the posts that feature it, chances are that you would spend a lot of time laughing out loud! The social media platform is absolutely overflowing with dad humor and most of it needs to be appreciated!

7.Here is is how you can leave someone baffled

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Funny puns are the best way to leave someone baffled, because even when the person you talk to is able to predict your next move and they guess what you are about to say next, you could still throw another pun immediately after the first one! This image shows how things are done! We never thought that we would see puns related to Microsoft Word, but it is obviously possible!

8.Now this is one catchy pun

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That pun was totally intended, and we believe it really fits a post that is about catching fish! It is funny that we never actually saw a fly fishing tournament before, but it probably involves a stream, or a pond, at least! We guess that live-streaming an event that takes place at a stream is definitely the best kind of circumstance for a dad to joke about it!

9.No dad would back down from his joke

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It is always nice to see how a dad is able to continue using the same joke or to develop the one he already used! Of course, it is not always possible for this to happen, but the short text conversation shown here is actually a textbook example of how it is done! Imagine just how annoyed the other person must have been after receiving the last message from dad! This is the finest dad humor!

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10. Here is another one for that all-time classic jokes list

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Sometimes the puns dads use seems to lack any meaning at all, or this is the impression they leave, at least! Seeing this one made us chuckle, because we realized that most people would not get it immediately, but once they do, they would giggle or even laugh at this tentacle-related pun! Only a typical dad would be able to create such a joke!

11. This is the best joke we have heard in ages

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It seems that there are jokes that are merely funny but there is a whole different category that are nothing but brilliant! This is one definitely makes it to the brilliant list! The ridiculously funny tweet you see here is like the business card of all dad jokes and we would like to see more similar business cards like this one.

12. Not only dads use dad humor

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It appears that sometimes the people who use dad humor are inspired by their own dads, because they were raised with it. It is interesting that most kids or family members cannot stand dad humor because of the simple fact they had to put up with it all their lives! And we need to admit that in many cases it is not something to tolerate, too, so we understand them. This person, however, was obviously happy to learn the art of dad jokes.

13. These are actually some of the coolest dog names we have ever seen

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Well, dad humor could also give some ideas and this tweet suggests some of the best dog names we have seen in a long time! The clever pun incorporated gives a whole new meaning to these names, because nobody would name their dog after a watch in any other sense! The pun used here is actually pretty clever and shows the way a dad joke could make people do funny things/ Imagine someone running after their dog and yelling ‘Rolex’ or ‘Timex’ at them!

14. Some celebs are also dad joke lovers

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Conan O’Brien is one of the funniest people on the planet and he knows how to troll literally anyone in his own typical style. In this case, he trolled himself, and we could not help but laugh out loud! We have actually seen such a mug before and we had no idea the host had one of those, but we are more than certain that he deserves one!

15. This is another classic joke that you might have heard before

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We were surprised to see this witty joke because it has been quite some time since we last came across it. This is the kind of jokes that you never get tired of hearing over and over again. These jokes are much like good wine, because they get better with age and they are also meant to be shared with friends!

16. Here is something that you might consider to be annoying

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Sometimes dad humor can be used in the most annoying of ways, and this image suggests how that happens. Of course, the people who joke around like this are always proud of themselves and they probably have every right to be, because this type of humor is actually admirable, despite the fact that it is still annoying according to the person who experienced it firsthand.

17. The prices

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Well, this is one of the best jokes I’ve heard recently. I hope you enjoyed our article.

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