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17 Times People Tried So Hard They Wept At The End

Image Source: Reddit

Every now and then we see things that bother us for some reason. In some cases we are even involved in such situations which can be a real bummer. However, seeing how others got themselves into similar situations is not that bad! In fact, most of the times it is even funny to witness them! The images we selected for your viewing pleasure show situations that are annoying, weird or just unacceptable! Scroll down and check them out!

1. Here is why you should respect your teacher

Image Source: Dopl3r

We believe that kids nowadays show less and less respect for their teachers. Maybe one of the reasons for that is the fact a lot of students believe they are too smart to attend class or the fact that they consider the learning material to be outdated. Well, it is definitely not so and every student should respect their teacher. This woman proved that she was a lot smarter than her students and she caught them red-handed when they tried to cheat on a test.

2. It always starts this way

Image Source: Dopl3r

If you head out to have some fun, make sure you planned it earlier. A night at the bar means that you would hardly be productive the next day when you go to work. The bigger issue here is that having a good time often gets out of hand and things escalate quickly! It appears that what happened at this bar was beyond weird and there is no wonder that it was shut down. After all, a horse on the dance floor is a just too much.

3. Here is why running from the police is not a good idea

Image Source: Reddit

Even if you get involved in a situation that can probably get you arrested, it is better to cooperate with the police forces because it always gets worse when you show resistance! This is one weird and funny situation that proves it! It appears that the person who dropped their phone running from this police officer was a fast runner but the trouble is that they lost their phone during the chase an guess who found it!

4. This fortune cookie offered a weird message

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure if this comes down to poor choice of words or maybe a bad translation, but one thing is for sure – this fortune is definitely not a nice one. Nobody would expect to find such a message in a fortune cookie but this person apparently did! As you can see, the message suggests that the person’s appearance makes everything around them look more beautiful! This is definitely not a compliment!

5. Now this is something we wouldn’t want to be involved in

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone who has an office job probably knows how hard it is to operate a copier sometimes. Things get even worse when the machine is an older model because it could malfunction any given moment. Of course, this happens when you need it the most! This is what happened here, probably! The copier obviously exploded and created a huge mess! We have never seen a copier malfunction that severe!

6. This is a real disaster

Image Source: Imgur

The last thing you would like to experience when you are in a hurry is the situation you see pictured here! A broken car key is a disaster and it could cause you to be late for something really important. We believe that this person had a tiny bit of luck even in the face of such a malfunction. Part of the key is sticking out of the ignition and it could be pulled out or even operated with pliers.

7. Here is one rough start of the day

Image Source: Reddit

Most of us cannot function properly before having the first huge mug of coffee in the morning. It literally transforms us and prepares us for the day! However, coffee making is not a straightforward process and things can go wrong any minute. This image proves it! When you depend on a machine to brew the coffee, you should be prepared for unexpected results!

8. Food is for eating and not for posing with

Image Source: Reddit

This kid looks extremely frustrated that this seagull stole the remaining half of his hotdog but we believe that it was a valuable experience. The first thing the boy learned is that you should not waste time taking photos while you eat. Second, the lesson of paying attention and keeping your eyes open all the time is also an important one. And last, but not least, the kid not has a few really funny images to remind him of this moment!

9. Here is what happens when you try to act like a boss

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

People make mistakes all the time but sometimes they can cost a pretty penny! As you can see, someone decided to take their SUV for a stroll in the beach. Drivers with 4×4 vehicles often overestimate their abilities and end up in similar situations. This SUV was literally engulfed in a sand pit and we guess the current could easily drag it into the water. We hope they recovered the vehicle before it was too late.

10. This is an unexpected fail

Image Source: Reddit

Delivery drivers can allow all kinds of mistakes but most of them are expected. A mistaken drop-off address or damaged packages are probably the most common among them. However, in some cases they fail in the most unexpected of ways! As you can see, this driver placed the package right under the door knob and the people living inside were not able to get out!

11. Morning routines are not guaranteed to be smooth

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that having a strict schedule is a good thing and combining it with healthy habits is even better. This person tried to prepare a healthy meal for breakfast but then this happened! It is a real bummer because when such a thing happens, you are left cleaning a mess on an empty stomach! This is not the dreamiest start of the day for sure!

12. This was surely an unexpected emergency

Image Source: Me Me

We have heard all kinds of stories about emergency landings, but this one tops all of them off! Can you imagine how bad the situation must have been in order for the pilots to choose the option of an emergency landing? We have never heard of someone farting so intense that it would require an emergency situation status. We guess that it happened at least once!

13. This is not what it looks like

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe you should take a closer look at this image. Taking just a first glance is not enough. It sure does look gross the first time you see it, but this was the whole point! In fact, this is a bowl of pretzels! They have been decorated to look like that on purpose, so whoever thought about it did a good job. The only trouble is that they do not look yummy at all!

14. Here is a case of lactose intolerance with a twist

Image Source: Twitter

It is very important to know if you have allergies or if you are lactose or gluten intolerant. This is vital information because it can actually save your life! However, some people actually know that but they cannot say it! We mean, they cannot spell it, even! Just take a look at this caption and try to decode it! Maybe you will get it on the third try, because this is when we realized what this person tried to explain! It is hilariously funny and it made us cringe!

15. Here is a reminder to always check the details while shopping online

Image Source: Hankermag

Online shopping has a lot of perks you need to be aware of! For example, when ordering a certain item you need to make sure you checked the measurements and every other bit of information there is about the desired product. This will be more than enough to make sure you don’t end up like the person who ordered this scale! Many online merchants use the fact that the majority of shoppers never check the exact description of the product and they order what they see in the photos! This tiny scale is absolutely useless and it may serve only as a decoration or a toy.

16. This is not how coffeemakers work

Image Source: Instagram

We tried to find a reason for this but we simply cannot! The only possible explanation was probably the fact that this person was severely sleep-deprived. When you are tired and you are barely awake in the morning, you definitely do things that sometimes make zero sense. Pouring water in the wrong place is simply an example.

17. Here is an unlikely situation

Image Source: Twitter

This weird photo is the perfect reminder that you should never consider a certain job to be done before it is actually done! As you can see, a tow-truck picked up this vehicle but since it is just a machine, it broke down as well, so a bigger truck came to the rescue! We are glad that someone took their time to take this photo and to share it!

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