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17 Times Scottish Twitter Was The Very Best One

Image Source: Twitter

The people of Scotland are special and we know that because we have been there and we still keep that warm feeling we used to get on literally every step of the way! They are welcoming and kind, although they are strict and have a direct approach. You would immediately understand if they like you or not! But the best part is their great sense of humor! They love having fun and they are not afraid to show it, too! The list below will show you that by displaying some of the funniest things Scots ever tweeted!

1. We can recall some kids doing that

Image Source: Twitter

Ah, the good old days when we went to school are among those periods of our lives that we really miss! We believe that most people feel the same way, too! In fact, we could all recall some really special moments, but we could also think of some that are curious beyond words could explain! The tweet suggest a nice example, and we used to believe that the kids that this were really special!

2. This type of communication needs language courses 

Image Source: Twitter

We genuinely believe that English speakers around the world would have a really hard time communicating between each other because of the differences in the ways they pronounce most of the words and phrases. In fact, sometimes you would have a hard time trying to understand a single word! This image shows how that happens. Communicating with a native Scot is kind of hard if you don’t know the specifics of the way they speak English there.

3. Sometimes the simple approach is the best option

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is kind of unexpected but we still like how it turned out in the end! Most girls would probably be puzzled or even pissed off if they receive a message like that from their boyfriends prior to Valentine’s Day, but this Scot girl was overjoyed after seeing the idea her boyfriend had about the  upcoming special occasion! We guess that all a girl wants for this day is to feel special and to have fun! It seems that this girl’s partner knew exactly what she would like to do!

4. This is kind of accurate, if you are able to understand it, that is

Image Source: Twitter

This is one cute dog fr sure, and its facial expression really gives reasons for the image to be captioned in various funny ways. Of course, one Scot decided to give it a go and the result is hilarious! The caption suggests that the dog looks as if it was trying to order something from a fast food place but it couldn’t quite see the menu! It is probably the best way one could caption this image at all!

5. Here is something rather disturbing to see

Image Source: Twitter

This is the kind of thing that you definitely do not see every day! And you should feel glad that you don’t! Of course, what is suggested in the end of this tweet is nothing but a joke, but it is a rather harsh one, too! We need to accept the fact that some people have a really different sense of humor and we are absolutely fine with that, not to mention that we also dream of the same things that this person dreams about!

6. Here is one way a person could show empathy

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is probably the story of the world’s fastest fly! We are not sure how this person decided to think about the fly’s destiny, but we guess it was a boring flight! The fly had no clue that it was travelling at a high speed and what the person suggested is hilarious but also correct. The fly would probably never know that it would circle around a place that is thousands of miles from its original location. This is one weird but funny tweet!

7. Now this is one classic Scottish piece of content

Image Source: Twitter

After spending some time to read this tweet a few times and looking at the photo attached to it, you would definitely understand what the whole thing is about! It suggests that the dog is back to its bad habits, particularly the ones involving addictive substances! The whole thing started when the person saw that the dog’s nose was all white because it spend some time playing in the snow. This gave the person the idea of adding such a funny tweet, and ti worked out well, too!

8. Now this is what we call a special kind of having fun

Image Source: Twitter

If you have a fun personality, then you would probably use every ordinary situation and turn it into a way of having fun! This is what the majority of Scots do, actually! They can have fun anytime and anywhere, because this is the type of attitude they have! it is always nice to be able to look at the bright side of things because life is not supposed to be taken as seriously as some people do it! Having fun is essential for everyone’s well-being!

9. This is one way of explaining how life goes

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that some people have figured out some basic things about life and becoming an adult. Most individuals realize this when it is all too late, but it is kind of nice to be aware of how the years change you! Ageing is actually not something to be afraid of; it just needs to be accepted, and we all need to acknowledge the fact that we become different people compared to those we used to be! This tweet is just one of the many examples which perfectly describe the process!

10. Scots have an interesting opinion about everything

Image Source: Twitter

We are more than convinced that society needs a high tolerance level when it comes to different groups of people. These groups are mostly divided based on people’s way of life or some specific preferences they might have, but all those things create the diversity which drives mankind forward! Of course, certain individuals could not care less about all of that and they use every opportunity they have to mock others for their chosen lifestyle!

11. Here is something just as ridiculous as it is hilarious

Image Source: Twitter

People do fun things all the time but these things are sometimes borderline ridiculous! Seeing this image convinced us that this person crossed that borderline, and the image is kind of awkward, even! However, let us assume that some individuals would find this to be funny. And the resemblance with Cara is nowhere to be seen, too, so maybe this person should give it another try and maybe it would be better next time!

12. This is something we could relate to

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one tweet that is literally inviting people to relate to it, because it describes something that most of us, if not all, have felt at least once before! And we know that it was more than just one random time, too! For some particular reason or for no reason at all, we do not tolerate or we even despise certain individuals and every time we see a single word they posted, we immediately despite that as well!

13. we have actually thought about this before

Image Source: Twitter

This is not fair, to say the least! We cannot believe that as advanced the human race is, we are literally born with the most limited skill set possible! In fact, we are sure that many other people have thought about this as well. We need to learn basically everything from scratch while other species are born with a variety if instincts and skills which they use in the earliest stages of their lives!

14. This person has a point here

Image Source: Twitter

We are sure that whoever designed this top had absolutely no idea what it would like like in certain colors, but this Scot knew what they saw and they shared the image with the right caption! The top really looks like a piece of ravioli, and it is not a cheap one, too, so we believe that it would become a marketing success.

15. This is as savage as a comment could possibly get

Image Source: Twitter

Well, it seems that Scots have no mercy when it comes to their close relatives! This person was able to troll her niece in the best possible way by commenting on her relationship status! She was able to put her in an uncomfortable position using a single sentence, and this is how things are done if you want to joke with someone!

16. Here is another harsh Scot joke

Image Source: Twitter

As we mentioned earlier, Scots are able to joke around with literally everything and everyone! This could mean crossing the line sometimes, but the joke is still a joke. It seems that this person found the situation he described to be a bit too annoying for them!

17. We could see this happen in our imagination

Image Source: Twitter

Imagine the awkward moment this must have been for everyone involved! It sounds like something that a person with dark sense of humor came up with, but it is something that probably happened for real!


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