17 Tweets Perfectly Describing What It’s Like To Be In A Situationship

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Have you ever been in a relationship that is not typical by anyone’s standards? Some people use the term ‘situationship’ for these hard to define relationships and it seems to fit nicely! Whether we are talking about someone who is friendzoned or underappreciated, there are way too many situations that make little to no sense, and you can bet that being in such a relationship is anything but healthy! In fact, it is a struggle, and the following tweets show how that feels! If you are in one right now or you have experience with such relationships, you would relate to the following list in a split second!

1. The girl with the experience

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Some people seem to be really into this matter because of their experience! Of course, it was never something they wanted but it still happened more than a few times! This girl is probably sorry for all the times she hoped that yet another relationship would actually turn out to be serious. However, it is a two-way street and despite the fact that one of the people in the beginning of a relationship could give their best, the other needs to respond and act accordingly, but they often don’t!

2. The harsh reality

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Well, here is one painfully honest tweet! It shows what a bad relationship would bring your way eventually! The girl who tweeted this probably experienced it, and she is right for underlining that there is no insurance that could cover the damage done by a bad relationship! We wish more people knew better but there are many individuals who stay with a partner that is not even making them feel good or treating them right.

3. The awkward moment

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Dating someone for three months and doing everything a normal couple would do is definitely something that feels nice, unless the other person backs up and runs away! This is what this girl experienced and she is obviously still wondering about what exactly happened! The excuse she received instead of a real explanation is just hilarious and we believe that nobody would buy such a lame story! Nobody is thinking and comparing things to their school crush because we are adults now.

4. The diagram

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Here is what disappointment could lead to! This person actually took to Twitter to make a simple diagram explaining what men expect from a relationship, according to her! As you can see, the diagram explains their preferences. While we cannot confirm such a thing, we assume that this thing happens, but not in all cases. Unfortunately, when it does happen, it results in disappointment every single time!

5. The confusing tweet

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This tweet might appear to be rather confusing at first, but it makes perfect sense. You just need to look at it from the right perspective! It actually explains the feeling of being in a relationship that is undefined. One of the people involved gets attached to the other each and every time, and the feelings that are formed as a result are something that cannot be denied.

6. The basic explanation

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Here is yet another person who seems to be stuck in situation that is kind of hard, or so it seems. Being with someone is not down to just hanging out together. Once the relationship evolves, things become deep on multiple levels. However, if it is still down to just having a good time after a few months have passed, you are not in a serious relationship, so you better do something about it or walk away.

7. The brutal explanation

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Some people prefer having a direct approach when explaining something, and we believe this person is among those people! As you can see, a fairly graphic way of explaining that a bad relationship is something you cannot control was used here. In fact, we believe that there is no other way of visualizing the situation! Once you realize that you are on the verge of falling, then you will have a choice to make, and you better choose yourself!

8. The weirdest thing

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This person tweeted about the weirdest thing, and we believe he is on point here! What he meant by that was the feeling you get when you are in the kind of relationship that needs to go forward but it doesn’t! People date for a certain period of time but they often fail to develop the relationship. Sometimes one of the people in such a situation even denies that the times they were hanging out together were actually dates!

9. The honest tweet

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We often say that honest people are the ones who often have to carry the biggest emotional baggage among other individuals. The reasons for that are more than clear, but it is a price worth paying, because you would never end up misleading someone and making them believe you were about to start a relationship with them. Being in a situationship is exhausting and one is more than enough to make you wish you never experience such a thing again, but it is easy to fall for the same trick over and over again.

10. The excuse

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There are many different types of excuses people throw when it becomes apparent that they don’t want to take the next step. It may actually surprise you, but many people hesitate to do so, just like the example given in this tweet! Nobody has the right of accusing the person they are dating of wanting to be in a serious relationship because of a trend. Soon or later, the time for the next step inevitably comes and those who are scared or not interested simply walk away or stall!

11. The realization

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As you can see, sometimes people can spend way too long being stuck in a relationship that was never something real! They do it out of fear or because of hopes that it would eventually become better. Well, guess what – it rarely does!

12. The sarcastic tweet

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We always appreciate the good use of sarcasm when we see it! In this case, the person who tweeted knows how to use it! As you can see, it is probably the girl’s bad experience with relationships that made her tweet this. She implies that many men could not care less if they left someone with the impression that they were really interested in them. Not everyone is like that, but it happens, of course.

13. The wrap up

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Well, here is one tweet that actually explains it all in a single line! This is one really good way to explain the whole situation with the ‘almost relationship’. It is absurd for such situations to occur but they do all the time and people live like that for years! Keeping someone close without intending to make it a serious relationship is a huge no-no!

14. The advice

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Here is a typical situation regarding a situation that is everything else but not a relationship. This girl shared a question another user tweeted. We agree that if a man tells a woman that she was his, but they were not in a real relationship, it would definitely not end well! A man should do everything and be serious in his attitude towards the lady he wants to be with!

15. The reality in most cases

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This tweet suggests something that we could easily agree with. In fact, it is probably the best explanation for a situationship! We mean, if someone is into you and wants to be only with you, then they would do what it takes. If they don’t, you can bet that you are not the only center their attention! This is how it works, and sadly most people realize it once it is too late.

16. The aftermath

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The tweet you see here suggest exactly what’s wrong with a situationship! It always ends up in a similar way – the people who were involved never part in a good manner. As the tweet suggests, one of the people in such a situation always feel weird when they miss the other person, because you usually don’t miss someone who was not yours in the first place.

17. The one where the girl wanted her boyfriend

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Now this is one way to start the list! As you can see, the girl who tweeted about her situation used a fairly big dose of sarcasm, but we understand that she is extremely disappointed and she is definitely not happy about the whole thing! We mean, she has every right to ask for the things she did, but the man she is dealing with obviously has a different idea and he prefers to avoid putting labels. It seems a strange way to behave given the details in this case, and we hope the girl gets what she wants.

Written by Sven Miller

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