17 Words The Internet People Insist On Pronouncing Differently

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There has always been something in the back of our heads that bothered us for quite some time: who invented certain words and why did they decided those said words should be pronounced as they are? We can’t help but wonder who got to decide all of that. It seems we are not the only ones to think about that, as people shared some suggestions about how some words could be pronounced differently. Needless to say, all of these suggestions are hilarious and they are worth sharing, of course.

1. Sausage

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Well, if there is something we like about the internet, it is the simple fact that there are millions of funny people sharing content. This person is on that list for sure. We laughed hard when we tried her suggestion.

2. Daughter

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You can’t argue with what’s obvious and we guess that it is obvious we should all accept this suggestion. The Daugh Punk is now our favorite music band name and someone should adopt it.

3. Pirates

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Now, this is one of the best suggestions on the list for sure, as it has a slightly Mediterranean feel to it. You can see for yourself by saying it out loud. It sounds really good, to be honest.

4. Moustache

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It really seems that people have interesting things floating inside their heads, literally speaking. Sometimes, however, these thoughts of theirs are nothing but funny and this tweet proves it!

5. Flood

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There isn’t much of a difference here at first glance but you can see that it is quite different when you actually say the word as suggested. We like how it sounds: it is kind of intense, just like the actual event is.

6. Limestone

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Here is a word that has always sounded funny to us in its original spelling and pronunciation. The suggestion, however, makes it even funnier and we might as well adapt it! It would make a lot of difference for sure.

7. Antelope

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Here is something that always puzzled us: these two words are almost exactly the same: five out of eight letters are identical and yet they are pronounced differently. That should change as suggested here.

8. Yikes

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This is definitely one of the funniest entries on this list! We can’t stop repeating the suggested pronunciation and we will probably keep doing it indefinitely! This is how “yikes” should be pronounced!

9. Chaperone

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This is so legit that made us wonder why didn’t people pronounce the word as suggested in the first place. It seems so natural and when you say it a couple of times, you will understand what we mean.

10. Rachel

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Ah, yes, these suggestions work wonders with names, too! We found this tweet to be extremely funny and you can understand why! We can imagine all the characters in the Friends show calling Rachel as suggested!

11. Horse

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Here is yet another word that we can’t pronounce normally ever again! The minute we see a horse from now on, we wouldn’t be able to help it but pronounce it as suggested here. It sounds so funny!

12. Cologne

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This is another example of words that are written in a similar fashion but pronounced differently. We guess that we should accept a rule that if two words are spelled similarly, they should be pronounced similarly, too!

13. Haunted house

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Here is the best suggestion on the list. It really takes away all the feelings we have when we say “haunted house” and replaces them with new, entirely different feelings, such as joy, for example.

14. Laughter

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Here is something we always thought sounded right and it turned out we are not the only ones, too. The pineapple suggestion is also pretty cool and legit but laughter is the better suggestion.

15. Tyrone

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It appears that names are some of the best words that could be pronounced differently and this example suggests exactly that. We guess that everyone named Tyrone would not be too happy about it, though.

16. Paul

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Talking about names, here is one example that perfectly fits our theory. Just imagine that people adopt this suggestion and all of a sudden start to use it all the time. It just sounds so right!

17. Eleven

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This is one cool way to finish the list. It is also kind of tricky, as it has a point apart from being so funny. It makes sense to start saying onety-one instead of pronouncing 11 as we are used to.

Written by Sven Miller

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