18 Fans Who Met Tom Hanks And He Behaved As Awesome As Ever

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It seems that some people are true legends not only for what they do but also for who they are! Attitude is everything, and if you want people to respect you, the things you say and do will most likely defy the love everyone else has for you. It appears that Tom Hanks is among those blessed individuals who are admired by all other human beings, and for good reason. Hanks is a wonderful person, full of witty humor and wisdom. His talent and his attitude turned him into a living legend, and every time a fan meets him, it is a story worth telling. This is why the list below is more than worth seeing.

1. The tattoo

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The actor is well-known for having an amazing sense of humor, and this image proves it! As you can see, this fan showed him what an awesome tattoo he had, and we all know whose voice Woody uses.

2. The helper

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As you can see from this tweet, Tom Hanks is not afraid to get his hands dirty, even if there is a blizzard outside. This person was probably very surprised to find out that the person who stopped to help in the freezing cold was none other than Hanks.

3. The special wedding

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Here is yet another proof that Tom Hanks is always there to assist just when someone needs him! In this case, it was a special moment that became even more special when Hanks joined in! The wedding ceremony turned out to be way better than planned.

4. The funny guy

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Well, this might seem like a weird thing to do, but we believe that Hanks did it because he has a super fun personality! It appears that he knew exactly what would happen when the phone owner discovered the photo at some point.

5. The good Samaritan

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It does not take much for someone to be referred to as a good human being, and Tom Hanks is the definition of ‘good’. This short story is the perfect proof! Hanks knew that this fame would help attract more people to the bookstore.

6. The person who is full of respect

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It really seems that some things in life are worth praising, and having respect for the military men and women is among those things. This story shows that Tom Hanks is a man who knows how to honor those who have to be honored!

7. The simple things

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Sometimes the simple things are what can bring us together, despite who we are and if there are differences between us or not. In this case, a simple act of kindness was more than enough for this person to appreciate Hanks’ kindness.

8. The gentleman

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Seeing this story made us think about the way we would act in a similar situation. We guess we would try not to be weird, too, and if Hanks did the same thing, we would be in awe! Imagine how good that must have felt.

9. The cool story

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It appears that sometimes Tom Hanks does something quite simple that has a huge impact on someone! In this case, a simple phone call was more than enough for this person to realize just how cool of a person he was!

10. The contact

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Here is one more story that shows that Hanks is a man full of respect for literally every person he meets. Imagine how good these people must have felt when he notified them that he would like to get in touch with them!

11. The hockey game

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Now, this is something that we truly want to see! Imagine how cool it would be for you to just sit and enjoy the hockey game while discussing it with no other than Tom Hanks! It sounds like it was the most memorable hockey experience this person could recall.

12. The donation

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This story is absolutely wonderful! It seems that some people are blessed to know Tom Hanks in person, or at least they have benefited from his kindness. In this case, a book review office received a donation from the actor!

13. The story

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This might not seem like much, but it does not take more than this for us to believe that Hanks is as nice as people think he is. This person got the chance to meet him in person and see for herself that he is a good person!

14. The meeting

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Here is how one person had the chance to meet Tom Hanks in person, and it was quite unexpected, too. We imagine just how cool it was to see the Apollo 13 set and see Tom Hanks in his astronaut suit. A photo would have been nice, indeed.

15. The contributor

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Well, this was one really curious thing to see! It appears that Hanks is not only a brilliant actor, but he is also good at being a member of a live audience, too. This must have been super fun to see in person!

16. The mood booster

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Tom Hanks seems to know how to boost someone’s mood and improve their confidence! Imagine what it must have been like for these dancers to be asked for a photograph by a person like Tom Hanks.

17. The customer

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We loved reading this tweet because it tells a story of something that happened a really long time ago. The best thing about it was the fact that Rita Wilson was still his girlfriend back then, and she later became his wife.

18. The tour

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Some of the best moments in life are the unexpected ones. This tweet shows exactly what we mean by that! These people got a lot more than just a tour of LA. They were greeted by Hanks himself, and his usual sense of humor was part of the glorious moment, too!

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