18 Fascinating Pics Showing Different Sides And Perspectives Of Life

Image Source: Lifehack

The world is definitely not as big as most people think it is, but it surely is big enough to offer new things for us to see each day! If you are curious enough, you can find new places and things that can spark your curiosity and maybe even inspire you to make some kind of change in your life! As you are about to see, there are certain perspective of the things that surround us that give them a whole new meaning to us, or at least makes us think about them in a different way.

1. The Great Wall of China

Image Source: Flickr

This is one really curious photo, because it shows something that every person on Earth probably knows about, but it shows a different side to it! The Great Wall of China is one of the most popular tourist destinations on Earth and it is also one of the most amazing objects created by mankind. However, not many people have seen where the wall ends, it is is a curious thing to see that particular spot!

2. This is one really cool wedding photo

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one photo that tells so many things about the people in it. You can see that the families of the bride and the groom are standing on different sides, which is more than obvious! The gene always pulls, as they say, and these people’s genetics are obviously super strong! The members of both families appear to be more or less the same size.

3. This is how a vehicle works

Image Source: Avtovolop

The car is probably one of the things that we are used to the most and we take it for granted. We simply enjoy its features and the way it makes our lives easier, but most of us never think about what is underneath! Well, this is one way for everyone to see the inner works of a typical passenger vehicle, and we need to say that it looks way more complicated than we though initially! We are glad that people come up with such ideas and allow other to see things they never did before.

4. Nobody could guess what this is

Image Source: Imgur

Well, if you put something under a microscope, chances are that only a specialist would be able to determine what it was. Thankfully, we already know what this is, and it is something really common that most of us use on a daily basis. This is how the Velcro tape magic happens! You can see the fibers attach to one another, and there are millions of them, which is why the grip of the material is so strong.

5. Here is something that you could rarely see

Image Source: Reddit

This image might not look like much, but it actually shows a moment that only a few people have seen in person! Nature does its magic in many different ways and this is one of the rare moment a lightning can be seen right next to a rainbow! It is not only a rare sight, but is also creates one really stunning view, which is why it is worth spending as much time outdoors as possible.

6. This water bridge is located in Germany 

Image Source: Tumblr

We always admire the human genius when we see something as magnificent as this! The engineers behind this project must be proud of themselves, because it is an amazing achievement that is worth seeing in person! The fact that a water bridge even exists is impressive and we guess that going to Magdeburg in Germany to see it would be totally worth it. The bridge shows how many marvelous things the world has to offer.

7. This is the lightest man-made material ever created

Image Source: Twitter

No, this image was not altered in any way and it is not some kind of digital art as well, There really is a chunk of some weird-looking material placed on top of a flower! The catch here is that the material is actually the lightest one ever created by mankind! It is called Graphene Aerogel and it is something truly amazing! You can see that the flower is literally intact despite the size of that chunk! The human genius has no limits!

8. This close-up photo of an eye reveals something curious

Image Source: Imgur

It becomes clear right away that this is not an ordinary eye! What you are looking at here is actually the eye of a patient who just underwent a cornea transplantation! There is no need to say this, but this is one of those procedures that require incredible skills and precision! You can clearly see the stitches and the pattern they follow. We hope the person got the enjoy the perfect eyesight they got after the transplantation.

9. These two views are both out of this world

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Image Source: Twitter

Well, it is safe to say that one of them is literally out of this world, and the other is a a view of our world. It turned out to be a nice pun, right? Well, let’s just focus on the photos. They are similar in a certain way, actually. One of them shows Earth from Mars’ surface, and the other shows the same planets, but the other way around! This is actually really curious to see!

10. Once again, the beauty of nature could take our breath away

Image Source: Imgur

This photo is one of those images that could instantly make you dream about moving to the country and living there for the rest of your life! The way that the lavender and the wheat fields meet here is worthy of going on site and admiring it in person! Some might say that it is not a big deal, but it shows that nature has an infinite number of ways to please our senses!

11. Now this is one puzzling photo

Image Source: Imgur

The assumptions you could make about this photo are countless! It looks like a record collection and it also looks like an art installations, but in reality it is something that hardly anyone could have guessed! These strange circles are actually fields in Saudi Arabia! The farmers shape them in these curious patterns, and thanks to aerial photography we are able to see them in all their glory! This is a truly magnificent sight!

12. Here is another natural phenomenon 

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that connections are possible not only between people and animals, but between plants as well! This image shows a curious example of that! These trees grew close to each other, and at one point they were connected by a single branch! As you can see, this is something that you could hardly see anywhere else, and we like it a lot.

13. This is a rainbow like no other

Image Source:

It seems that we are blessed to have the world wide web on our disposal, because we get to see cool stuff like this all the time! When was the last time you saw a 360-degree rainbow? That’s what we thought – it is the same as us, we guess – we have never seen anything like it! The modern day photography equipment allows professionals to create stunning images like this one!

14. This was not man-made

Image Source: Imgur

The reason why this looks like a honeycomb is because it actually is one! Of course, it looks like not other honeycomb, and we are not sure why, but we love this pattern! Bees are incredible and their hard work results in this! This perspective of the honeycomb is something worth sharing!

15. The Wolfsburg VW factory looks like a science fiction movie decor 

Image Source: Pinterest

This is not something new, but it is still as impressive as it was when it was unveiled to the media and the public attention. The amazing parking lot you see is located in one of the main VW factories located in the German town of Wolfsburg. The incredible engineering marvel looks like nothing else and we believe that such technological wonders should be more popular because they appears to be the best parking solution for every busy city center.

16. This is not a sculpture 

Image Source: Pikabu

This is not something man-made and it is also not a random object, either! It is just a cute armadillo in deep sleep! You can see just how curious it is to see the way the animals transforms while sleeping.

17. This is how a comet looks like compared to LA

Image Source: Imgur

You know just how huge LA is, right? Well, it looks really tiny when compared to a comet! The digitally generated image is amazing and kind of intimidating, too! We hope that we never get to see that comparison in person!

18. The eyes are the window to one’s soul

Image Source:

This photo comparison was created to showcase just how important eyes are to a person’s appearance. They can say a lot and they more or less define a person. Zooey Deschanel looks like a completely different person with a dark eye color, and this proves what we just stated.

Written by Sven Miller

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