18 Hilarious Tattoos Transforming Scars And Birthmarks Into Something Amazing

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There are many reasons why people decide to have a tattoo done! In most cases such a decision is a really important one because people relate it to something that matters to them, like a memorable moment, their hobby or someone they miss. The list below suggests another reason why people sometimes decide to get a tat – the presence of a birthmark or a scar. These things are not something to be ashamed of, but some individuals still wanted to do something about these features, and the results are more than amazing!

1. We cannot imagine a better tat to add to this scar

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By the looks of things, this person has many other tattoos as well, but they are not special at all compared to the one on their neck! It is a zipper puller added to a scar and they are one really cool combo!

2. This is one of the cutest tattoos ever

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As simple as this tattoo is, it is also a brilliant one, because it incorporates a tiny detail that you probably saw right away! The simple tattoos are the best ones, and this image proves it!

3. We like this idea a lot

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When it comes to getting a tattoo, one must choose wisely, because permanent ink is hard to get rid off! In this case, the scar on this person’s forearm was turned into a scene from a sci-fi movie!

4. This is a stunning way to cover a birthmark

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We need to admit that the idea to cover a birthmark like this was amazing, but it is the skillset of the the tattoo artist that created the magic here! You could never tell that there is a birthmark under that tattoo!

5. We like this shark a lot

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It does not take for a tat to be huge, colorful or flashy in order to be noticeable. All it takes is attention to detail and an original idea! As you can see, this tattoo features nice and subtle details, and the placement was picked for a reason!

6. This is yet another clever small tat

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As we already mentioned, the most important thing to consider when you want a tattoo done is the idea! You may want to have a huge piece done, but it would hardly be better than something like this one!

7. The colors of this tat are beautiful

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Here is another brilliant way to hide a certain imperfection your body has. This heart-shaped jewel features amazing colors, and the shades done on it create a realistic 3D effect. It is a masterpiece!

8. A lot of sense of humor was used here

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We love how some people tend to joke about certain issues they have or they used to have. Being able to overcome the hard times with a smile is a sign of inner strenght! This person definitely knew how to show that the bad moments were behind them!

9. This is as subtle as a tattoo can be

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Sometimes it takes only a little bit of effort to achieve a huge difference when it comes to a certain aspect of one’s appearance. In this case, all it took was a few tiny details to turn this birthmark into something else.

10. This has got to be one of the best entries in this list

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As we already mentioned above, all it takes for a tattoo to be amazing is a clever idea. In this case, the tattoo artist added one detail that gave this body feature a whole different meaning, and it is truly awesome!

11. Here is another example of a birthmark cover up

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It looks like this tattoo took quite some time to be made, but it was definitely worth it! The idea to cover a birthmark is not something extraordinary, but the design of this piece certainly is! We absolutely love how tricky it is!

12. Here is one cute small tat

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This is one of the smallest tattoos on the list, but also one of the cutest ones! This person wanted to do something about this scar, and we really liked the way they did it! It is so delicate that not everyone would notice it!

13. These tiny details transformed that birthmark

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We guess that a birthmark cover up can be done in numerous different ways, and this has got to be one of the best! Instead of coming up with a complex design, this person chose some fine and subtle details which transformed the birthmark!

14. All Star Wars fans would be delighted to see this one

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Come to think of it, there was no better way to turn this scar into something cool! We guess that the character you see here is probably a part of a movie called Scar Wars! This pun was definitely intended!

15. This is one really clever idea

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This tattoo artist was able to turn a small birthmark into something really different! The finished tattoo looks like a are covered with leopard skin, and we like the idea a lot! It is definitely a nice touch.

16. This is yet another example of how a few small touches can transform a birthmark

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This tattoo artist was able to add just a few tiny details to a birthmark, and the end result is a complete transformation! We guess that the person who wanted the tattoo was more than happy to have it!

17. This is a real work of art

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This is an amazing combination of a great idea and an even better end result! The person who wanted to incorporate their scar into this tattoo probably did not expect something this cool!

18. Someone took advantage of this birthmark’s shape

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This awesome tattoo was born after a brilliant idea came to someone’s mind! All it took for this birthmark to be created was to add a face and a short comic-styled line!

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