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18 Ideas That Are More Or Less Practical But They Are Awesome

Image Source: Reddit

People who say that those who have the best ideas are usually the ones to come up with easy and practical stuff are right because simplicity almost always equals genius! The list below is full of such examples and while some of them might not work as well as intended, others are pure gold!

1. The wheel

Image Source: Reddit

Wheel truing is the kind of craft that is not meant for everyone to do. It is a difficult thing to do and one must have proper knowledge, not to mention skills and patience. This person was able to set up such a stand at home!

2. The raised desk

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably heard about the way some companies deal with their employees’ back problems. They simply install raised desks for the workers to stand on their feet while on the computer. This person perfected the idea by using a treadmill!

3. The contraption

Image Source: Reddit

Not having a headband with a built-in LED light when you need it the most can put an end to an important job you need to finish. In this case, one man decided to improvise and his idea almost looks like a genuine factory-made item.

4. The sprinkler

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, house repairs are easy but in other cases, things might go horribly wrong. This person refused to give up or ti call a specialist and decided that introducing an entirely new concept to their toilet would be an easy and achievable task.

5. The bag

Image Source: Reddit

We remember the times when we thought that potato chip companies were selling air to us instead of the real deal. It was only later that we found out that air was meant to protect the chips from breaking. As you can see, this particular bag even has a tension rating!

6. The toilet

Image Source: Reddit

You simply must take a look at this toilet. We have seen hundreds of different payouts in our time but this is the first time we actually see two toilets so close to each other. We cannot imagine two people using them at the same time.

7. The light

Image Source: Reddit

There are more than a few modern-day conveniences that many people prefer to have and one such thing is the light dimmer. As you can see, this person had no such an option at their home so they simply used a paper plate to achieve that effect.

8. The suspension

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that dealing with mechanical repairs always requires a base minimum of skills and knowledge in order for a good result to be achieved. This person obviously has other skills as well – this looks like a piece of art instead of a suspension bracket.

9. The device

Image Source: Reddit

There are people who believe that transportation is not that difficult but we know that this could not be further from the truth. As you can see here, someone had to transport a scooter but they did not have the proper means to secure it in place so they simply used a belt.

10. The decoration

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Image Source: Reddit

What looks like a giant mural is nothing but an optical illusion. This building was not actually painted like this. One clever artist used a projector instead and we guess that this type of art has a bright future ahead of it.

11. The popcorn

Image Source: Reddit

There are people who are constantly on the lookout for something new and exciting. They are ready to follow a different route in order to gain something they could easily have if they wanted to. In this case, someone decided to make popcorn in a very unconventional way.

12. The box

Image Source: Reddit

Those who love DUY projects know how useful cardboard is. This is a multi-purpose material that could be handy in many different ways. In this case, one person needed a stand to put their microphone on and it seems they were able to pull it off.

13. The baby food

Image Source: Reddit

Foods come in all shapes and sizes and their packaging is essential for more reasons than one. Apart from keeping the product fresh, the good packaging must also attract customers. In this case, a small detail caught one person’s attention – the marking on the side abbreviated “banana”.

14. The snowplow machine

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another example of how clever ideas and good skills can work wonders when combined. Someone needed a snowplow machine and because of their steep prices, they made one using an old van and the chassis of a four-wheel-drive machine.

15. The fix

Image Source: Reddit

Some people say that you could put tape on anything you wish and we believe that this is not entirely true because tape is not allmighty and all-powerful. This road crack is just one fitting example – putting tape like that will not make it better.

16. The fitted sheet

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something we have been dreaming of for a really long time and we are surprised to see it is not implemented everywhere! This fitted sheet has marking that indicate which part goes on the side and which is the top end. This is very helpful!

17. The USB cable

Image Source: Reddit

Tired of not being able to plug in your USB cable? It seems that we end up trying to plug it in the wrong way but there is a solution we want and it is shown in the picture. There is no wrong way to plug this cable in.

18. The escalator

Image Source: Reddit

Despite some of us being under lockdown for quite some time now, there are individuals who still forget to keep their distance. This escalator will take care of that with these witty but clever reminder stickers. People really must try and comply with this requirement so we could all go back to normal soon.

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