18 Images Showing That Group Projects Are Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

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It seems that today’s corporate world is not that different from college: there are group projects in both. For some people, these group projects are a real burden and working with a group of people can be equal to a disaster. Needless to say, only those who have been involved in one or more group projects could truly understand what that feels like. All of these people can relate to the list below. Those who have yet to participate in such a project would find the list hilarious.

1. The yearbook wish

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There is no better way to do express just how much you dislike group projects than to put a sentence like this one in your yearbook. It appears this person has had it with group projects!

2. The big project

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This might be a bit too extreme for a joke but it definitely makes a point. It seems that whatever people say or do, group projects will never be a group activity for real.

3. The partner

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The main problem with group projects is the partner you are supposed to work with. Some people may be willing to put in the work but others would probably not show any interest at all.

4. The revelation

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It appears that people will never accept the fact that they could be faced with participating in a group project alongside someone who is not dedicated or capable of doing what they are supposed to.

5. The confusion

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Some people really have the nerve to participate in a group project without intending to actually do something about it. This person thought someone had a personal interest in them but it was a different case.

6. The deadline

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Imagine how interested this person was in their group project. It seems they forgot about it completely and the other participants did all the work so it can be presented on the D-day.

7. The conclusion

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Nothing beats statistics and this image reveals a certain trend that most people could confirm. Participating in group projects is nothing but a painstaking process of trying to do someone else’s work.

8. The ultimatum

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Group projects can either result in a bond with the other members or they can get the better of you. As you can see, someone was enraged enough to send this message to their group members.

9. The grade


Here is the main reason why people want to participate in a group project. They are mostly in it for

Image Source: Reddit

good grades and nothing more but they still wait for someone else to do the job.

10. The request

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Someone wanted to cut corners on the group projects simply because they had plans. But participating in such a project means you should be there when you are needed.

11. The honesty

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People need to be honest about themselves if they want to be accepted by others. This person knew exactly what her position in a group project would be and we admire that.

12. The realistic credits

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It seems that most people who were involved in a group project at least once could easily relate to this image. It shows what the credits should look like when one person does all the job.

13. The visualization

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Here is one funny image that has the best caption: when someone is in a group project with no intention of doing something, this is always how the work process looks like.

14. The partners

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When in school, someone else always assigns the partners in a group project. It appears that they are always the people that don’t fit together at all. This is a burden most of us know and don’t want to remember.

15. The reason

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Sometimes people come up with hilarious reasons why they cannot participate in the group project they are supposed to work on. As you can see, sometimes the reasons are super hilarious and we cannot decide if it is a real reason or just an excuse.

16. The funny chat

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Trying to get your group project partners to actually do something can prove to be really hard, especially when the other people are busy with their own personal problems. As you can see, this person was all about her relationship issues and not into doing slides.

17. The participants

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Here is why people hate being involved in a group project. Some of the participants have no time or desire to work so they steal someone’s work and add it. One of the participants in this project had the audacity to do the work and send the final result.

18. The personal confusion

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19. The person who does all the work

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As you can see, this image perfectly describes what the credits should be in most group projects. No matter how many people are supposed to be involved, there is always one person who does all the work.

20. The nerve some people have

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It is all about priorities, really. As you can see, this person decided to sleep instead of tackle the part of the project she was supposed to do. People like this should never be a part of a group project.

21. The obstacle

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It seems that it would be difficult for someone to participate in a project if they have been arrested the day before their presentation is due. As you can see, the person who learned this news isn’t happy about it.

22. The result

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When the partners in a group project fail to do their part, there are two possible outcomes: either one of the people involved does all the work or they fail it all together. It seems the second option happened here.

23. The honest person

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Sometimes, being honest might actually get you in trouble. In this case, one of the people involved in this project took things seriously and decided their partner had a lower IQ as well.

24. The participants

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Some people know that they are hard to work with and they try to explain how they handle their part of a group project. Someone used this funny image to describe how they work as a part of a team.

25. The point

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This girl tweeted something that actually makes a good point. As you can see, her tweet describes the reality: there are many group projects but nobody asked to be a part of any of them.

26. The funny image

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Here is yet another image that perfectly describes what it is like to be the only person in a group project that actually does something. It appears this is what happens in most of the cases when people work together.

27. The hilarious tweet

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Now, this is one really good way to joke about the group project you’ve been involved in. Some people prefer to keep it simple and use their sense of humor instead of being angry about the project.

28. The reality

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Here is one of the best ways to describe how one person usually does everyone’s part in a group project. There are usually those who work hard and those who don’t care and that is the reality.

29. The conversation

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Here is one conversation that reveals just how hard it is to work on a group project with someone. Seeing this makes everyone believe that some people are just not suitable to work with others.

30. The participant

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We have never seen such an excuse for someone to refuse to do their part in a project.
You are not supposed to know the people in your group, you just need to do your part, that’s all.

31. The wrong chat

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Sometimes, people involved in a group project learn why some of the people in the group refuse to take part in it. This person sent a curious photo to the group project chat and we all know what they were busy with.

32. The clueless person

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Some people really have no clue what to do when they are included in a group project. Unfortunately, the rest of the people are always forced to do their part which is not nice at all.

33. The dropout

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People often prefer to quit instead of trying to do what they are supposed to. Quitting is easy but you will never learn something new by dropping off. It is not the way to go, especially when you are responsible for other people’s performance as well.

34. The ruthless people

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Participants in group projects often have the nerve to admit they are not going to do their part and they even joke around when the rest tell them that they will do it instead. This is the kind of behavior that we will never tolerate.

35. The careless person

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The whole point in creating a group project is learning to work together as a team. Some people prefer the other to do everything and to only agree with the decision.

36. The situation

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We know that some participants in a group project can really have a respectable reason to drop out but it is the kind of thing the rest of the members would not be happy about.

Written by Sven Miller

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