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18 Of The Funniest Replies To Jimmy Fallon’s #DadQuotes Twitter Trend

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Whenever you mention Jimmy Fallon’s name, you just know that something funny is about to be said, seen, or shared! The legend regularly takes his time to bring fun and laughter our way, and he does it in his own style, too! One of those ways is his habit of setting a new hashtag for people to follow on Twitter and to reply with stories and moments related to it! This is what this list is about! It covers some of the best answers given to the #DadQuotes trend that Fallon initiated. It is super fun to read all of them and we guess many people would relate to them, too!

1. This is how it all began

Image Source: Twitter

Fallon knew that such a hashtag would immediately become trendy because almost everyone could share at least one story related to it! Of course, not everyone would do it, but the people who would actually tweet their funny dad quotes did a good job and they provided a lot of fun content for us to see, for which we are thankful!

2. Jimmy Fallon decided to give it a go, too

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that there was another reason for him to set the new trend – he had stories to tell that were related to the hashtag, and you can bet that every story related to Jimmy Fallon is a hilarious one. The one he shared makes no exception and we cannot believe that such a thing actually happened! It sounds kind of ridiculous because it actually is!

3. This one is kind of gross

Image Source: Twitter

Many people are actually proud with their dads and the wisdom they shared with them, but in some cases the lessons certain individuals learned from their fathers are not worth sharing at all! This is one such case. While this quote sounds almost poetic, it is actually nothing more than a revelation of one super gross habit that some people have, and you have probably already guessed it!

4. This is a classic one 

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that most dad quotes are nothing but bad jokes, or should we say – dad jokes! The pun was not intended at all, but it turned out to be a rather good one, or at least it is appropriate. After all, we have all heard too many dad jokes in our time and not even one out of ten is something worth sharing! In most cases, there is nothing funny about them, just like in this case.

5. Talking about dad jokes

Image Source: Twitter

We all make mistakes and this is only natural since most of us are super busy all the time and the constant sources of distraction and fatigue often get in the way of rational thinking and we simply do a bunch of things as if we are running on autopilot! This is probably what happened here, but after the dad realized the mistake, he immediately knew that he could use it to create his dad jokes!

6. Here is another gross but typical thing dads do

Image Source: Twitter

There are things that are considered to be inappropriate in society because, well, they just are! No need to explain why releasing gas in a crowd is bad, right? Well, it is not a problem at all if you ask your dad! You can bet that many dads are actually proud of their ability to be able to release large amounts of gas, and they try to do it as loud as possible, too! It is not something you would like to witness and experience!

7. Now this is something that we would actually laugh hard at

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that sometimes dad jokes are not as bad as they usually are. In fact, this tweet made us believe that there might be a light at the end of the tunnel after all and we might even accept dad jokes to be an actual source of fun someday! Of course, dads need to learn a thing or two from the man who came up with this, and we believe that it would make a great deal of difference!

8. Let us get back to the classic dad jokes

Image Source: Twitter

Well, that light at the end of the tunnel faded really fast when we saw this tweet! We cannot believe that this actually happened, but it apparently did! We have no idea why it happened and we could only assume that it has something to do with Buck Mustang, but it still does not make any sense! It appears that dads are often living in their own reality and they have no real connection to the outside world!

9. This is as typical as a dad joke can be

Image Source: Twitter

This tweet reveals something much more than just another dad joke that is anything but funny. In fact, the tweet is like a guide to dads’ behavior altogether. They often repeat themselves because they forget that they already told the joke at least once before. What is awkward is that dad always laugh after they say a joke regardless if the other people around found it to be amusing or not.

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10. This could actually be annoying

Image Source: Twitter

The thing that literally destroys a joke is repeating it a thousand times! It appears that this happens much too often than it should, and most families need to put up with dad jokes being repeated over and over again until they become unbearable! Sometimes these jokes are as described here – an annoying habit that is shown much too often than it should, and you can bet that nobody would like to hear this multiple times a day!

11. These are the jokes that are most often inappropriate beyond belief 

Image Source: Twitter

Crossing the line when telling a joke is fairly easy and most people never realize when they do it! In this case, the line is actually too thin and we have a hard time figuring out if the joke was too harsh or if it a genius one! We need to hand it to the father for his quick reaction and insight, though! Not everyone would come up with that comment only a second after hearing something for the first time.

12. This is what it feels to be shut down by your dad

Image Source: Twitter

Dads can be real savages sometimes and you can be absolutely sure that if they see a chance to shine, they would not miss it for the world! In this case, one person and their friends were having a good time until dad came along and stole the show! As you can see, he did it in the best possible way and we actually like this super witty joke, despite the fact it is a bit harsh.

13. Now this must have been a special moment

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that the one thing people do not lose when they get older is their sense of humor! In fact, in most cases it gets better with age and you can compare it to fine wine, we guess! The nurse who witnessed the whole thing probably chuckled when she heard the joke and everyone probably appreciated his fast reaction to the situation.

14. Now this is definitely something else

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that there are two ways in which we could analyze this tweet. This dad either knew perfectly well that the restaurant owner would never serve the customers or he actually believed that this could happen and enjoyed it! In case the first is true, then this man has a brilliant sense of humor! If the second scenario is the correct one, then he guessed right.

15. The new home

Image Source: Twitter

Dad humor is sometimes the best way to make someone learn their lesson and this example shows what we mean. The kid actually believed that their habit was the reason for the new home.

16. The wedding

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how one dad made his daughter’s wedding a lot funnier. It seems that the husband already knew that he and his father-in-law would get along just fine.

17. The water

Image Source: Twitter

There are dad jokes that never get old and this one is the best example. This dad knew how to troll his offspring by asking them the same question over and over again.

18. The store

Image Source: Twitter

We are not sure if the father actually joked about this or really meant to ask the question you see but the point is that it turned into a dad joke immediately.


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