18 People Who Definitely Won The Marriage Game

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If you are lucky enough to meet someone who shares the same outlook on the world as yours and you have the chance to start a family together, then you have it all! This is especially true if you share the same type of sense of humor! It is a guarantee for a long and happy marriage! We believe that people who share the same kind of relationship Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have are among the luckiest people on the planet. We also think that having a good laugh every now and then is vital for marriages and people should joke and prank each other often! The list below shows why this is important and the benefits of doing it.

1. One husband decided to have some fun using a Snickers bar

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He called his wife, saying he found her name on a Snickers bar, and she was presented with this!

2. Be careful what you wish for

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This wife should be more specific next time she asks her husband for a pillow or anything else!

3. Here is a simple instruction to follow

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This man was probably not that amused when he saw the instructions sign his wife put in the wardrobe fir him.

4. This husband really has some distinctive style

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We believe that his wife was petrified when she saw the shirts he made for him and the family pug.

5. The romantic ride ended up as a prank

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This woman was invited to a paddle ride by her husband only to be knocked over on purpose!

6. This husband made the most of the picnic

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He tied the dog to his sleeping wife so he could be free to do whatever he wanted.

7. Here are two images posted by a husband on social media

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The way he mock his wife is really funny but the dog seems to react differently, too!

8. This person decided to show what breakfast in bed meant for him

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His wife said to him that he did not understand the concept and he took this image to troll her.

9. One man’s wife asked for a simple party

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He really kept things basic and created a generic birthday set which is hilarious!

10. This man’s face says it all

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His wife left him to take care of their newborns while she had a break eating pizza in the waiting room.

11. This man’s wife insisted he should spend more playing with their pup

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Well, he technically responded to that request and trolled her in the same time.

12. Here is an unlikely edit to the family photo

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After his wife did not like the way she appeared in the family photo, he told her he could fix it and he did.

13. This husband parked his wife’s vehicle like this on purpose

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The desire to annoy your spouse on purpose could result in something like this! What a brilliant idea!

14. Here is a husband who won the egg decorating contest against his wife last year

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It is really easy to guess which the egg he decorated was and why he won!

15. This is a classic prank

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We believe that if he wife realizes what he did, he would be in trouble!

16. Here is how a wife meal-prepped her man’s lunch after he hit his head the day before

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This is probably the single best form of trolling we have ever seen and we love it!

17. Here is a wife who knows how to pull off a joke

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She probably wanted to make him feel like all eyes were on him and she did it!

18. This is one really clever way to prank your partner

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We guess that this pun was turned into a brilliant joke and this man had no way to see it coming!

Written by Sven Miller

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