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18 People Who Didn’t Know What They Found, But The Internet Was There For Them

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, we are lucky enough to find new and exciting things. Needless to say, they are not always that interesting to the rest of the people we would like to share them with but in some cases, they are curious enough to be shared. The list below contains exactly that kind of finds and we guess most people would like to see them as well.

1. The insect trap

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something we never knew existed. This was found near a man-made lake and the person who saw it was puzzled, to say the least. This dark liquid was meant to attract insects and the contraption above it collected data for research. This is a clever insect trap.

2. The metal sand

Image Source: Reddit

Someone noticed a huge pile of what looked like tiny sand near a truck stop. The tiny round bits were actually soft and they could be crushed when pressed between one’s fingers. It turned out they were used to balance heavy tires – that’s right, they are put inside the tires!

3. The weird rock

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found this weird chunk on a beach in Portugal. They knew it was not actually a rock but had no idea what it was. They found the answer online: it was nothing but pine resin used in multiple ways today. The piece kind of looks like an amber chunk but it was something entirely different.

4. The pill dispenser

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one thing that we never knew existed but we believe will come in handy for many pet owners. What looks like a syringe is actually a device that used to shove pills down pets’ throats. We all know how they usually spit them out but some types of medicine are vital and must be taken.

5. The cookie shape

Image Source: Reddit

We all love cookies and shaping them is fairly easy, as there are hundreds of different shapes available. As you can see, this is quite an unusual piece and there is a fairly good explanation for it. It was part of a Kama Sutra set and that is one of the most frequently used positions.

6. The metal piece

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what someone found after searching with a metal detector. They had absolutely no idea what it was but people on the Internet were quick to tell them. It turned out this was a valve used in the 1930s as part of a type of fuel pump. We would have never guessed it.

7. The socket

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found an unusual socket inside their bedroom and noticed that they could never plug a modern-day device in it. It turned out that it was an outlet for an old TV antenna. By turning the cable from here, one could adjust the TV signal.

8. The insignia

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one unusual thrift store find that looks rather curious. The person who bought it wanted to find out what the insignia meant and it soon became apparent that the chair once belonged to the Allegheny College.

9. The stamp device

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people always find items they don’t know how to use. This device triggered something that looked like a stamp but the person who found it had no idea what it was meant to do. They soon found out it was used to insert chips into circuit boards.

10. The velvet box

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided to go through their dad’s old tools and found this box containing a black object inside. Of all possible things, this turned out to be a pocket warmer. Once lit, the peace of coal warmed the box and you could keep your hands warm.

11. The werid contraption in the woods

Image Source: Reddit

Someone decided to hike through an unknown area and found this thing. It obviously served a very specific purpose. What the person found out was quite curious. It appears that someone created a gravity-operated feeder for the wild animals to use.

12. The mounds

Image Source: Reddit

This is the view from one hotel in Seoul. The person who took the image was told these were burial mounds. Whole families are buried eventually in the same mould and it appears this is a tradition in South Korea.

13. The orange grove

Image Source: Reddit

This huge iron object was never touched for the past 50 years and the person who often saw it there wondered what they used it for. It had a really curious purpose – they used such wheels to smoothen the surfaces of arenas.

14. The frozen meal

Image Source: Reddit

We would hate it to find something in our frozen meal that obviously do not belong inside of it. This person was curious to find out what that thing was. It was sharp and did not appear to be edible. It turned out it was a seed pot and it was not harmless at all.

15. The device

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was lucky enough to find this thing on the side of the road. The thing looks really cool with its retro-styled design and it looke like a heater of some sort. The person who found it learned that it was most likely a contactless professional hairdryer and it looks really cool, too!

16. The inheritance

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what a person received as part of their inheritance from their great-grandmother. The item is really small in it was believed that it was about 2,000 years old. In the end, the person found out it was nothing but a hairpin.

17. The beach find

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was walking on an empty beach and noticed seagulls were nibbling on these curious-looking things. They did some research and found out these were sea creatures named sweet potato sea cucumbers.

18. The 50s item

Image Source: Reddit

This gorgeous item was surely a curious find and we believe the one who found it was very interested in finding what it was. As it turned out, this was a vintage ice pick.

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