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18 People Who Shared Their Wisdom And Sense Of Humor With Us

Image Source: Reddit

Even the wisest among us could sometimes use a hint or a neat idea. Nobody knows everything but having the kind of attitude that brings you knowledge is key. This is the reason why we came up with this list. It contains the wisdom people shared and all of us could use it if we need to. There are also clever thoughts and a tlot of witty humor below, too.

1. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

We are convinced that many people would consider this to be nothing than vandalism but we don’t think so. This is clearly someone’s attempt to have some fun and possibly brighten people’s day and we appreciate it.

2. The door

Image Source: Reddit

There is no doubt that people will always behave the way they think is right and appropriate. This is often a wrong type of behavior because the people who think they act as they should are nowhere near the behavior they need to have.

3. The idea

Image Source: Reddit

People come up with great ideas all the time but we are certain these ideas can sometimes backfire in their faces. We are also sure that these ideas can be praised by some but denied by many for different reasons. These trash bins in a zoo are the kind of controversial thing we refer to.

4. The funny sign

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, chickens don’t smoke and that is a fact that we don’t need to explain. Still, someone decided to put this funny sign and stop people from throwing their cigarette filters on the ground. This is the kind of litter we would never allow to happen.

5. The tattoo

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another person who decided that more people should appreciate their wisdom and they incorporated it in a tattoo. This sloth is the perfect animal to complement this witty sentence and we completely agree with it.

6. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

This sign is a source of mixed feelings because we can laugh at it and also think about the times we had to deal with what it suggests. It is sometimes a bitter experience to use this app and similar ones because you never know who you might run into.

7. The sticker

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person decided to protest against the quality of their pickup truck. They obviously were not quite happy with the vehicle and the dealer probably refused to cooperate so this was the client’s next move.

8. The other sign

Image Source: Reddit

This is the kind of poem that could make you believe in how real life is and how things never happen like they are described in poems and novels. This is how someone decided to explain how things happen on Valentine’s Day.

9. The advice

Image Source: Reddit

There are many types of advice you can take but the most valuable ones are the things you can use every day. There are more than a few questions we could ask here but the main one is related to why you need to aim for the juggler.

test ad

10. The advice

Image Source: Reddit

The ads we see everywhere can vary a lot but most of them have one and the same purpose – they are meant to sell you something. In this case, the barber ad was designed well and the message sent by the right part of the sign is very important.

11. The instructions

Image Source: Reddit

The pandemic got the better of us and we are living in a way we never thought we will be forced to put up with. Still, there are rules that we need to follow and social distancing is one of them. This person’s idea about socialist dancing sounds a lot better.

12. The truth

Image Source: Reddit

The times when we argued about whether money can buy happiness or not are long gone because people have different opinions about it. There are people who will never believe that this is true and we guess the ones who put this sign up are not among them.

13. The fortune

Image Source: Reddit

There are words of wisdom that nobody can disagree with. This fortune reveals something we have thought about before. People who are forced to tolerate someone who snores constantly know that snoring individuals fall asleep first.

14. The luggage

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that those who want to make sure their things are taken good care of need to do something special in order to secure that option. This person added a sign to their case and you could consider it as a bribe for the baggage handlers.

15. The mug

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, life serves you lemons and you need to react to the situation in the best possible way. it appears that this person decided to still use it because of the clever lettering and the image printed on it. It is a wise slogan to have and to follow.

16. The things

Image Source: Reddit

This is a sign that reveals three of the most accurate things we have seen. It shows that both three have something in common – they all never hide the truth, especially the yoga pants. There is no chance for you to hide a part of your lower body when you wear a pair of yoga pants.

17. The solution

Image Source: Reddit

Many people have used this sentence as an excuse to drink more but it is just as funny as it is true. Alcohol can sometimes help you overcome something in a much easier way compared to the normal overthinking process. This is why this witty sign tells the truth.

18. The Prius

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one image that made us laugh because it reveals the massive sense of humor of the owner of this Prius. It seems that people who read this sticker would smile and appreciate it.

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