17 People Who Went Out Of Their Way To Help Others Or Just Be Kind

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It always warms the heart when people help other people and perform basic acts of kindness. It does not seem to happen often enough in this day and age. For that reason, it is encouraging to learn of good deeds and friendly behavior. It makes you want to be nice and help out other people.

Here are eighteen examples of people who went a bit out of their way to help others just because they were able to do so.

1. The Kid and the Snot Warning

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Even if the child is yours, you generally do not want to touch a small child’s snot. If you want to, there is definitely something wrong with you. Seek professional help.

As a parent or caregiver, touching snot is something you unfortunately have to put up with; however, it is not the most pleasant part of interacting with a kid. Most people consider even their own snot gross. Other people’s snot is positively disgusting.

In this case, the kid warned his teacher that he or she had accidentally dripped snot on a school assignment. When you really think about the situation, it was a kind and helpful thing to do. Warnings about dried up bodily fluids are almost always welcome.

2. The Grandmother and the Wi-Fi

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This is a truly great and touching Wi-Fi name, and it was nice of someone to set it up this way. The grandchild was truly thoughtful. Even grandmothers need the internet from time to time. Most grandmothers these days have Facebook pages, after all, and they definitely use email regularly.

Fortunately, the person who set it up for his or her grandmother had the good sense to properly secure it.

3. McDonald’s and the App About the Ice Cream

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There are few things in life worse than traveling to a restaurant with a very specific menu item in mind—only to learn that you can’t actually purchase that item due to equipment failure. That’s why it is great that McDonald’s now has a mobile app that will tell you if the local restaurant’s ice cream machine is down. Talk about a time saver! What a nice thing to offer McDonald’s customers.

McDonald’s gets bad press at times, as most of its food is not exactly what you would consider healthy. However, the fast food chain definitely does a lot of things right; it has existed, after all, for decades. You can find a McDonald’s pretty much everywhere in the world, and the chain employs well over 200,000 people at any given time.

Many of us have worked at a McDonald’s at one point in our lives.

4. The Student and the Pencil

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Cheating is wrong and a bad idea. If you are a student, you should learn the material. Pop quizzes, though, can be totally unfair; not everyone has the time to study every single night.

While I would never promote academic dishonesty, the person who offered the pencil with the attached answer sheet definitely had his or her heart in the right place. Cheating may be wrong, but caring about your classmates is not.

Just the simple act of offering the pencil was pretty nice, really. A lot of people won’t even loan you a writing utensil.

5. The Guy With the Girl On the Shoes

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It seems like a weird way to honor the girl in your life, but it is also sort of sweet.

The shoes may be sort of weird, but they also look well done. They might not look great for long, though. The first bad rain storm might ruin them, but the thought is sweet while it lasts.

6. The Friend Wearing the Booty Shorts

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This is a perfect example of a really good friend. Not many people would trade pants with you. That’s for sure. To be more specific, not many would stand around in booty shorts for you—for a whole 50 minutes, too. Hopefully his friend came back immediately after the quiz.

Of course, considering this guy took a selfie of himself, he can’t be too embarrassed.

7. The Overabundance of Chicken Nuggets

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I have no idea what would possess a person to buy 300 chicken nuggets. That is definitely not a cheap meal. Was the sister’s best friend throwing a party? The free drinks from the manager are nice, for sure, although I would have been surprised if the customer didn’t get something for free. Why the one Big Mac Combo, though? Who buys enough nuggets to feed a small army and one burger combo?

8. The Bouquet of Chicken Nuggets

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As this young woman pointed out, there are women out there that don’t like flowers. Some women are allergic, and others just consider them to be a tremendous waste of money.

The young woman in this case is apparently a big fan of chicken nuggets, though, and her boyfriend recognized that fact. She really is a lucky young woman and appears quite happy. The bouquet was probably gone within minutes, though, and all she had left were her memories.

Regardless, the boyfriend was a very kind person.

9. The Crown Royal Shorts

Image Source: Reddit

I’m assuming these shorts are outerwear, not underwear, as they really are too cool to hide from others. This is a pretty unique idea. I’m assuming the uncle in this case drinks a lot of Crown Royal. It is nice of his mom to support—and even encourage—his drinking habits. These probably took quite a long time to make.

If for some reason you are not familiar with Crown Royal, it is a blended Canadian whiskey. In terms of Canadian whiskeys, it is the best-selling one in the United States. It was first made by Seagram, but is now owned by Diageo.

It was first introduced in 1939 in Canada. It has only been available in the United States, however, since the 1960’s. It is currently manufactured in the mural municipality of Gimli, and nowadays there are several versions of the drink, including “Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye”, “Crown Royal Honey”, and “Crown Royal Maple Finished”. One version of the whiskey, “Crown Royal XR”, costs about US $130 for a bottle.


The mom definitely did something very nice and creative for her son.

10. The Guy Who Rescued the Dog

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Many people will go somewhat out of their way to rescue an animal in need, especially an animal that is typically kept as a pet.

The guy in this image, though, clearly went above and beyond. Not many people would actually climb a mountain to rescue a stranded dog. This guy is a hero. He did a nice thing for the dog, and he also did a nice thing for the dog’s owner(s). I’m guessing someone was missing that animal.

Hopefully the dog and his hero are doing well.

11. The Kids at the Urinal

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Most men remember what it was like to be too short to pee in a urinal in a public bathroom. There aren’t always child-friendly urinals available, after all.

It takes a truly great friend or relative to let you stand on his back so that you can pee. Let’s just hope, for the sake of everyone involved, proper bathroom hygiene was used. This situation could have gotten very gross very quickly.

It was an act of kindness. A strange act of kindness—the sort that only a kid could think up—but an act of kindness nonetheless.

12. Bill Murray and the Tickets

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Bill Murray has been very successful, and he obviously wanted to pay people back for going to see his movies over the years. Everyone who went to the concert that he also attended got a free ticket. That must have set the actor back quite a bit.

Actor Bill Murray, who is 67 years old, first grew famous due to his work on “Saturday Night Live”. He won an Emmy Award as a result of his work on that program.

Later, he would go on to star in several comedy films, including “Meatballs”, “Stripes”, “Ghostbusters”, “Groundhog Day”, and “Rushmore”.

He has also done quite a bit of voice work. For example, Murray offered his voice to the films “Garfield: The Movie” as well as “Fantastic Mr. Fox”.

In addition to show business, Murray owns a restaurant with his brothers. He also owns parts of several sports teams.

He might owe his success to his fans, but what he did was really a very kind and classy thing to do. Bill Murray deserves a lot of credit, and he is definitely a pretty cool guy.

13. The Guy Who Sat On the Lumber

Image Source: Reddit

There are a few words that could be used to describe this act. Kind is one of them. Clever is actually another.
There was obviously nothing with which to secure the lumber, and that would pose a problem.

Another word to describe this particular scenario, however, is dangerous. That just can’t be safe. Even a minor fender bender could result in a lot of pain and damaged body parts. In that sense, I suppose the man in this image was also being brave. Also, he must have really trusted the driver’s skills behind the wheel.

14. The Friend That Offered The Moral Support

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This is a truly curious exchange. It is hard to tell a person you have a crush on him or her, true, so a little moral support might be nice.

Still, it is sort of weird to actually include another person in the conversation. That must have made the whole thing uncomfortable for the recipient of the crush. I don’t know how the rest of this conversation went, but I hope it went well.

The friend offering moral support was probably uncomfortable, too, but it was a kind and generous thing to do.

15. The Team and the Good Lighting

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Even amateur photographers know that good lighting is essential if you want to look good in a picture. If the lighting is great, you look awesome; if the lighting is terrible, you look half-dead.

It was nice of the team to work together so the young lady in this image could get a nice photograph of herself eating pizza. Now that’s teamwork! The effect in the first image also looks pretty cool. I have never seen anything quite like it.

16. The Jar With the Quotes and the Reminders

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A lot of people say the best gifts are those that are actually made by the giver. That is not always true. Video game systems, televisions, and new cars are terrific gifts—but they are not homemade.

All kidding aside, though, this is a really sweet and thoughtful gift from one friend to another. Hopefully the recipient truly understands what a lucky person she is to have a friend like that. It probably is the nicest thing ever done for her.

17. The Friendly Wal-Mart Customer

Image Source: Sizzle

On the one hand, this was a really nice thing to do. Considering Wal-Mart’s low prices, $300 of groceries is quite a lot of stuff.

On the other hand, the fact that “thehomiejosi” bragged about it on social media makes the whole thing a little less special. If you brag about helping out others or giving to charity, you are basically just making yourself look good to others. When you help someone else out, the best thing to do is just keep it to yourself and go about your day. That’s true charity.


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