18 Pics Showing Some Of The Best Things Famous People Tweeted

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Celebs are people just like everyone else and sometimes they simply react to different things the way everyone would! One might think that being a celebrity means that you need to behave in a certain way and restrain yourself from being too harsh on someone, but in some cases the rich and famous are mostly known for doing the opposite, and they take it to social media when they want to express themselves. We like people who always state their opinion in the most honest way possible! This is what some celebs did and you can see their tweets below!

1. Billy Eichner literally destroyed someone on Twitter

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We all know that social media platforms are full of trolls and haters who seem to have nothing but being annoying on their agenda! This is sometimes hard to ignore and some unknown person got what they asked for! We like this type of behavior, because we cannot stand trolls, either.

2. Madonna obviously had enough 

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Madonna is obviously not someone you can play games with, and she was tired of trying to prove the obvious, so she took matters to Twitter and this was probably enough for the FedEx employees to sort out the predicament.

3. Drake Bell had a good reason to be angry

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When Josh Peck was about to become a married man, everything seemed cool about that fact, but there was one thing that was terribly wrong – Drake Bell was not included in the guest list! Bell tweeted about it and he was not happy!

4. 50 Cent will always be just a grandson to his granny

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Family relations are either straightforward or really complicated! There is hardly any other option when it comes to dealing with your relatives! Even if you are world-famous, you can still be forced to do chores!

5. Nicki Minaj posted this for a very specific reason

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Everyone knew what this tweet was about! Of course, she had Taylor Swift in mind here, and one of her videos in particular. It was actually kind of harsh thing to do, and we are not sure we approve such a thing.

6. Katy Perry is as honest as she can be

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First of all, we think that it is really cool when a celeb takes their time to actually respond to their fans on social media. Second, her reply to another person’s tweet was as honest as it could be.

7. Now this is hilarious

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We have always been huge fans of Jessica Biel. Except for a talented actress, she is also a cool person and she proved once more that she has a great sense of humor. This hilarious tweet is actually relatable to many people!

8. Kelly Clarkson nailed it here

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Having a great sense of humor is something we deeply admire in every person. When that person is a celebrity, things can be even better, because they are not shy to troll other celebrities!

9. This is a fine example of trolling

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Since we are talking about celebrities being sarcastic, we need to include this funny tweet! Kim K was able to joke with Bette Midler and troll her at the same time, and we like this kind of attitude!

10. This was the reason for Kim K’s tweet

Image Source: Twitter

Bette Midler was really able to create one of the funniest tweets we have seen in a long time, and this kind of humor is admirable! It is witty and it actually has some truth to it!

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11. Dylan Sprouse brought the laughter here

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Seeing this tweet is more than enough to make you chuckle, but we are not surprised by it. The Sprouse brothers can troll each other just like any other pair of siblings.

12. This is how Cole does his part in the trolling between siblings 

Image Source: Twitter

We need to say that he did a way better job than Dylan! This is a real masterpiece when it comes to trolling, and we love it! This kind of witty humor is perfect for any celebrity to become even more likable than usual!

13. This is an honest tweet

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Sometimes the truth can be more or less hard to accept by some people, and we believe that this is the case here. Some One Direction fans would never forgive him for leaving the band but we think it was a step ahead for him!

14. Chrissy Teigen is the undisputed Queen of Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

Getting in an argument with John Legend’s wife is never a good idea simply because you don’t stand a chance! She is experienced in shutting people down and expressing her opinion on all kinds of topics. We love her and we love reading her tweets!

15. This is one sassy tweet

Image Source: Twitter

Kim K is apparently capable of that fine sarcasm that is on a level that  is very hard to reach! This witty tweet is definitely meant to reach somone in particular, and maybe it is more than one person, judging by the numbers of the snakes!

16. Ryan Reynolds being himself is something we cannot get enough of

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Ryan Reynolds is known for his personality, and we guess that there is no possible way to be cooler than him. His sense of humor is legendary and he is able to put into action at any given moment, which he did here, too! We love you, Ryan, so please keep doing your thing, please!

17. Calvin Harris had something to say to Taylor Swift

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that the DJ knew a thing or two about what really happened between the two of them, so he tweeted about it, implying that Taylor Swift was not going to win in the feud against him.

Image Source: Vanitee

Swift was probably not happy about this tweet at all!

18. Cole Sprouse showed once again that he has a fun personality

Image Source: Twitter

He referred to this photo as if it was altered and he was not actually next to Lili Reinhard despite the fact everyone knew about them.

Image Source: This Is Insider

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