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18 Things That Have Never Happened To Us Before

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that we all take lots of things for granted. Our lives are full of all kinds of things and most of them seem to happen on their own, or that is how it seems, at least. Truth is, there are thousands of things and events that happen in a way we never thought about. Better yet, there are things we have never seen before that we never knew existed, and this is what we want to focus on. The list below offers some suggestions of things you surely never thought could exist.

1. The RV

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is not exactly a recreational vehicle and you can easily see what the differences are here. It appears that this person wanted to repurpose the bus shells and turn them into a mobile living space. We actually like it and it looks like this is just one of the stages before the project is completed.

2. The phone holder

Image Source: Reddit

Believe it or not, some of the most important options to add to a vehicle are not related to tech gadgets or other expensive features. The basic things such as cup holders are what customers want. Sometimes, the cup holder is used as a phone holder, and this image shows how that happens.

3. The sunglasses

Image Source: Reddit

Sunglasses are very fragile and people break them all the time. There are hard plastic covers one could use but the chance to damage the sunglasses is always big. When that happens, you can improvise and quickly fix the glasses. This person used some sealant and a pistachio shell. It is not pretty but it works.

4. The coins

Image Source: Twitter

Coins are a lot more complicated than you might think. In fact, the design of a set of coins takes a lot of time and research. The end result is always amazing, as there is no room for compromise when you create currency. In this case, the coins form a shield when arranged together.

5. The faucet

Image Source: Reddit

They say that if it is not broken, you are not supposed to fix it. Still, things break and you would eventually have to fix it. With that said, you need to know that a good fix is a must if you don’t want to redo it multiple times. This person would probably need to fix that faucet again.

6. The setup

Image Source: Reddit

Art comes in all shapes and sizes and people use literally everything they can get their hands on if they want to make their art pieces stand out. This installation, for example, is quite unusual, as it surely is something we will never see again.

7. The Snickers bite

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that almost everyone loves Snickers bites. We particularly like the small individual wrappers. The inside of each wrapper is identical but there are cases when the content is absent. This person found an empty wrapper and that is the kind of luck we don’t want to have.

8. The headphones

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how a DIY fix can actually work like a charm. This person had no other option but to use some tape to fix their headphones. They had no money to spare for a new set so they decided to tackle this task. Of course, it does not look pretty but the important part is that it works.

9. The drive-through

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one Starbucks drive-through that had a special client. As you can see, there is a police officer on a horse who decided to have a cup of coffee. He is probably used to that but we guess that others believed it was a curious sight to see.

10. The upholstery 

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Image Source: Reddit

There is nothing better than having a car and personalizing every detail in the exterior and interior. Of course, not everyone is willing to change this and that on their ride, as many people believe cars are merely means of transportation. In this case, one person expressed their personal style in a unique fashion.

11. The token machine

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, simple mistakes people allow to happen are other people’s blessings. This token machine is a source of higher results for those who are good with math. Nobody in their right mind would pay $40 when they can choose the $20 option twice.

12. The ride

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one fancy vehicle that someone surely put together with a lot of enthusiasm. The odd machine is propelled by a lawnmower and the low chassis is the reason why it actually has a good stance. We wonder what would be the top speed of this DIY speed machine.

13. The cans

Image Source: Reddit

The whole point of buying a can of soda is the feature it has: you can open it in a second and enjoy the drink inside. We believe that opening a soda can in any other fashion would be unnecessary. Still, it appears that someone was used to opening their soft drink cans with a can opener and that is very unusual, to say the least.

14. The limbo game

Image Source: Reddit

Games are always a fun way to make time pass but some games are much more amusing than others. A game of limbo is always a challenge, especially if you have never played it before. Needless to say, this particular setup would probably make everyone smile.

15. The system

Image Source: Reddit

Knowing that water is a precious resource is the kind of mindset everyone should adopt. Nobody should waste water because some places around the world have a huge problem with the water supply. This setup is actually a neat idea that should be introduced everywhere.

16. The BBQ

Image Source: Imgur

Sure enough, we all love having a good time while a BBQ is next to us, loaded with delicious food. The larger the BBQ, the better. If you cannot afford one, you need to think about a DIY solution. This person used some old wooden palettes and created the ultimate BBQ stand.

17. The Niagara Falls

Image Source: Reddit

Maintenance of attractions is now always easy but it is actually dangerous sometimes. In this case, one person realized that people need to trim the grass near the edge of Niagara Falls. That kind of job is not for the faint of heart for sure.

18. The packaging peanuts

Image Source: Reddit

People should always be careful when they prepare a package for sending. In case the items are fragile, they need to use packaging peanuts. This person missed the point of that concept and it seems that they sent a heavy package, too.

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