17 Time People Came Up With A Great What They Do For Living Explanations

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Twitter can be a surprising place and there is nothing to wonder about that, as tens of millions of users can come up with unexpected stuff all the time. This is what happened when one user decided to ask others to describe how they earn a living but using poor means of explanation. The results are hilarious!

1. The beginning

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how Jeremy stirred the pot and asked the people of Twitter to share their occupation using a poor way of explaining it on purpose. He probably had no idea that his tweet would go viral and many people would appreciate his fine sense of humor – his intention was to have a few laughs but he got more than he bargained for.

2. The weird tweet

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the tweets related to this topic that we found hard to understand. We thought that this person really did what they suggested at first, but then we kept reading and realized the person tried to be funny. We didn’t get the joke but we totally agree that nobody should have such a job.

3. The funny tweet

Image Source: Twitter

We tried to figure out what this man does for a living but we only came up with “firefighter” as a reply. As you can see, the way this person described his line of work is hilarious because it sounds like he is doing something illegal until he mentioned the part with people saying “thank you”.

4. The university professor

Image Source: Twitter

Well, we are not entirely sure about this one but we really cannot think about another profession that could be described like this. We believe that this person did a great job at catching the essence of studying with a pinch of her own sense of humor, of course.

5. The noble job

Image Source: Twitter

You have probably guessed what this person does for a living immediately after reading the tweet. There is no room for argument that this is one of the noblest professions one could choose and we are convinced that it takes a special kind of person to do it. It is not for everyone to handle.

6. The coder

Image Source: Twitter

Judging by this relatively short tweet, the person who wrote it must be a coder! We are not sure if he is a back-end programmer or a different kind of software engineer but not many people can say that they tell computers what to do for a living. It is funny when it is described like that.

7. The doctor

Image Source: Twitter

Doctors have a weird sense of humor and we understand that. Their line of work is as serious as it could possibly be but that requires having a strong and clear mind and also a sense of humor to overcome the harsh situations.

8. The K9 unit

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one person who basically described our dream job! As you can see, this person described what they do really well and there is no doubt that they work as a police officer in charge of a K9 unit. We are sure that many people would love to work there but it is not for anyone, of course.

9. The actress

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one of the wittiest entries on this list! As you can see, the person who wrote this tweet is a famous actress and we love how she was able to describe what she did for a living! It does not take much for one to understand what that profession is but working as such is another story.

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10. The hilarious tweet

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that people can really change the way they look at different jobs when they are described in a different way. When you try and understand what this profession is, you will truly realize just how hard it is to do and that would make you respect the people who do it on a daily basis.

11. The TV host

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another job that we would gladly have but the trouble is that not everyone can be a TV host. It takes knowledge, charisma, a way of thinking that makes you nail it every time, and some experience.

12. The MD

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one interesting approach to describing a noble job! This person proves that having a sense of humor is a must even when you are doing one of the most responsible jobs ever!

13. The curious job

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the most curious tweets on the list. As you can see, this person has an interesting job that not many other people practice and we are sure she likes it! It is a noble thing to do, too, as this person is surely aware of how much of an impact on those grandparents her work has.

14. The doctor

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is yet another example of what we already mentioned a few times – doctors have the best sense of humor out there! Besides being funny, these individuals seem to find all kinds of ways to describe their jobs and make them seem like they are much easier than they are in reality.

15. The scoutmaster

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of the best jobs on the planet, if we guessed this woman’s occupation, of course! Scouts are more than a group of kids learning basic survival techniques and trying to understand how a tight group of people working together should look like. Scoutmasters teach kids discipline and empathy which is priceless in our opinion.

16. The coach

Image Source: Twitter

We have never seen a cooler description of a boxing match in our time! As you can see, this coach took his time and came up with the most brilliant but funny explanation of what coaches do. We love this tweet because it is so funny.

17. The medic

Image Source: Twitter

Fast response medical teams are real-time heroes that should be praised for what they do. As you can see, this person found a hilarious way to explain how she and her colleagues save people’s lives daily and how that results in most cases.

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