18 Times When Complete Strangers Got Each Other’s Backs

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Many people think that there are hardly any good people left in this world, but this is not the truth. In fact, it is the other way around. Good and kind individuals are everywhere around and you can come across in any given moment, just when you need someone to have your back covered but also when you least expect it to happen. The following images show how complete strangers helped others, because this is what people do – we help each other!

1. This person needs to be praised

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one really simple life lesson that many people need to learn. If you communicate with a kid, you need to play along whatever they have in mind but you also need to play along sometimes! In this case, the person who stopped and bought lemonade simply wanted to make the kid happy, and it is one really funny story, too. And the best part is that the person got to enjoy a glass of lemonade, too!

2. Someone forgot to close their sunroof

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First of all, we are surprised that someone was able to spot the open sunroof on an  SUV. This person was either really tall or they saw it from a balcony nearby. The important thing is that they person knew they had to do something about it as it began raining hard, so they simply put an umbrella, solving the problem completely!

3. This is another similar case

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Another person reacted in a similar way when they noticed another driver had left their window open. The stranger covered the opened window and left a note that they know what it feels like to forget to close a window and deal with the consequences later, so they knew they had to help, which is a really wholesome thing for them to do

4. Using Redbox has unexpected perks, apparently

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Renting a DVD is a straightforward procedure and there is nothing that could surprise you, or at least this is what we thought until now! As the photo above suggests, there is a hidden surprise just around the corner and every step of the way! Someone came across this DVD, and the person who rented it before left some cash for the next client to but snacks with! What an awesome thing to do!

5. This is Pay It Forward in real life

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This is something that really touched us and we just sit here and gasp silently, because we love seeing such amazing acts of kindness! The more, the better! Someone found the best way to make this world a better place by simply giving someone in need the thing they want, and asking them to do the same for a complete stranger whenever they have the chance!

6. True empathy is shown here

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The gentleman on the left spend some time standing next to this chessboard and it was more than obvious that he wanted someone to play with him and someone actually noticed that. You can see that someone on the right! The person simply showed up and they began playing one of the greatest games mankind ever came up with. This surely made the gentleman’s day!

7. This person was blessed with the nicest neighbors possible

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We genuinely believe that you should never judge people based on their appearance, clothes or place of birth. One’s origins cannot determine who they are, at least not always. This woman’s short story proved that foreigners who are often despised are just people like everyone else and sometimes they show that they have a lot bigger hearts than natives might think.

8. This is what it means to be a true human being

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This is something that put huge smiles on our faces, and it shows the true spirit of the human nature! We were meant to help each other and be kind instead of being every man for himself. It costs nothing to show some empathy, and you can even gain valuable things from doing so, like the new friend this person made! Such short stories are the best inspiration for all of us to be more kind, especially when we meet strangers!

9. This really is a wholesome thing to se

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Well, this does not happen very often to us but we would definitely love it if it did! Getting a text message that was meant for someone else is not always a pleasant surprise and it could even be weird, depending on the text. In this case, however, someone really appreciated the wrong text and even expressed how they felt each time they got one of those, which is really nice to see!

10. This is the best story we have seen in ages

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Now this is the kind of thing that could literally make your whole day, or your whole week, for that matter! It is a simple but quite unusual situation, and it is as sweet as it is funny! We all know the strong cravings of pregnant women, and all it took for two people to instantly feel super happy was a small dinner serving and a nice chat! The story involves everything beautiful about us humans!

11. This is what a true wholesome person would do

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Here is another moment in time involving two people who are equally amazing, but they were both in need to do the right thing, meaning they had to do what it takes. The kid knew he had to find a way to get to his school, so he simply started asking people, and the man who responded really got him covered despite the fact he never saw him before, but he was glad to help him, which simply awesome!

12. Here is another example of when two amazing people meet

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Well, they did not meet in person, which was the reason for this card to exist, but it is still the best kind of attitude possible that both sides showed here! One of the neighborhood kids wanted to play some basketball using another person’s basketball hoop, but the kid knew it was the right thing to ask first, and the neighbor turned out to be a good person, too, so they even encouraged the kid to do it!

13. Talking about cool neighbors

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Most people would be pissed to have a musician as a neighbor, and we agree that sometimes it could be annoying if they practice their skills all the time. However, it appears that one musician’s neighbors were totally fine with him performing at home, and they even made the most of it! They liked his music and danced to it, and they even left him a not to thank him, and this is something you don’t see every day.

14. Sometimes a stranger’s help is priceless

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We guess that public transport is the place where many different people are able to meet, even for a short period of time. However, sometimes only a moment in time is needed for one’s day to change, and this means their lives could change, too! An older man saw a young person who struggled with his tie, so he stepped in and did it perfectly for him, which may have been all the difference he needed to feel confident!

15. This is the epitome of empathy

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone deserves a second chance, and it is up to them to make the most of it, but it is up to others to give them that chance! This is what happened here. One homeless person was apparently welcome into a Starbucks place, and a customer was pleased to see that. The same customer was even more happy to see the same person working there next time they visited the place!

16. This is as cool as a story could get

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If you already have kids, then you are perfectly aware that sometimes there is nothing you could do to calm a baby or a toddler down. This often happens in a public place and you can easily get frustrated or even ashamed. A couple was not able to deal with their twin babies who were crying loud at a restaurant, so another customer helped them by paying the tab and leaving them this wholesome note!

17. People are awesome and we love every story that proves it

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Here is yet another example of a stranger showing empathy towards a complete stranger. When this person struggled to dig out their car from the snow, a neighbor they never knew stepped in and did all the work, and later explained that they never leave a person who needs help in his country.

18. This is a tearing story to se

Image Source: Reddit

This person simply wanted to feel what it is like to send their late mom a message and expressed their feelings. The number had already been given to someone else, but that someone turned out to be a wholesome person!

19. People doing the right thing is something we will never get tired of seeing

Image Source: Reddit

During Hurricane Irma Lowe’s sold a lot of generators and this mans was about to buy the last one, but he gave it to this woman instead, who needed it to keep her father’s oxygen support running!

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