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18 Tweets Related To Relationships That We Couldn’t Resist Sharing

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Relationships are what the privilege of being alive is all about. Animals and people are able to form such bonds but humans have the most complicated ones. It is hard to be part of one but it gets better and easier over time and some advice is always welcome. Some people even shared their experience which is pure gold. The tweets below reveal episodes of other people’s relationships and most of them are very relatable.

1. The question

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It really seems that most people tend to behave exactly like this person. For some weird reason, this woman knows that what she is doing is not okay and probably drives her spouse crazy but she still does it and seems to feel no remorse about her behavior at all.

2. The husband

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The problem some people face over time is that romance in their relationships becomes less and less until it is completely gone. This person joked about her experience but you can tell that she really missed moments that are the opposite of what happened here.

3. The relationship goal

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Some people are not sure what they want from their relationship until they see something that they consider a dream. This is what happened to this person. She was able to discover the kind of attitude that she wants to have when she has a partner.

4. The Kit Kat

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Well, this is one hilarious moment that we guess can happen to anyone who shares their life with a partner for at least a few years. Not sharing something sweet because you want it all to yourself is kind of normal behavior, actually/

5. The film

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Watching a movie together with the love of your life is simply the best kind of relaxation and there is no doubt that this person agreed to see this particular film despite the fact he did not want to see it. He made a compromise because he loved his girl.

6. The calculus

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It seems that this person had a huge inspiration because their short tweet is genius! We know that it is kind of hard to describe a relationship with just a few words but this is by far the best definition we have ever seen and there is no telling if we will see a better one ever.

7. The keys

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People who love their partner deeply and care for them are usually a bit overprotective. It seems that they want to make sure their partner makes no mistake. This is probably why this wife left a note that was not that necessary.

8. The list

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It appears that there are certain things you should see your future partner do before you even consider letting them in your life. This list may seem strange at first but when you think about it, you will realize that there is a lot of truth to it and you need to remember all of it.

9. The gifts

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We already discussed that romance is fading away with time, at least this is what most couples say. Still, we guess that there are other things that are also valuable and this is one of these things – practicality. These gifts may not be romantic but they are useful.

10. The anniversary

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We are not sure how we feel about this moment but we guess it is something to be glad about. After all, being in a good mood when your mother-in-law comes to visit is a must, especially if she intends to stay for a while.

11. The gentleman

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Now, this is one of those things that can be considered a universal truth. Most couples are like that and they know how important is for people in a relationship to guard their side of the bed at all costs if they want to sleep well.

12. The master

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This is yet another brilliant example of how people in a relationship can understand each other without giving extra details or even basic information. Sharing your life with someone eventually reaches that point.

13. The comparison

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The excitement you feel when you and your partner embark on a life journey together is actually irreplaceable but it slowly fades away just like everything else in life. There is no telling how many couples have reached the situation described above.

14. The reality

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This is one of the funniest tweets we have heard in a while but we guess it is the actual truth. It even got us thinking about the perks of a relationship and how tough it is to be with someone who does that every day and still want them.

15. The task

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Well, there are many situations that don’t require acting fast but having a groundhog that needs to be taken care of is kind of an emergency. This person found the best way to have some fun with the situation but he obviously never did something about removing it.

16. The truth

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We all know that this sentence is meant to describe the kind of romantic night most people dream of but those who are married or have been together for a long time know that it means literally that. It is still nice, though.

17. The milk

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People often say that you eventually become a spitting image of those with who you share your life but we guess that there are exceptions. Still, this person would probably find it hard to learn that there actually is a wrong way to handle milk.

18. The introduction

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This is one really honest tweet that could mean one thing – the person who wrote it has absolutely nothing to hide. This is a great quality to have but in this situation, it was probably the moment when they all laughed about it.

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