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18 Weird And Funny Things That Millennials Thought Were Normal Back In The Day

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Millennials have been through a lot of different and challenging times and the fact that they have seen a lot helps the constant development of the way they see the world. While they seem to have it all today, things were quite different back in the day. The way millennials did random things and what they used to have is kind of weird from today’s perspective and this list is dedicated to that. It is also fun to see it, too.

1. The albums

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this is a really nice way to start this list and we love this tweet. The memories we have from these times are precious. We remember these albums and the funny fonts and captions we used. These times were glorious.

2. The songs

Image Source: Twitter

We used to have a lot of fun listening to those remixes but this tweet got us thinking about something we never thought about back then. There were literally dozens of such remixes and we wonder why they did it in the first place.

3. The posts

Image Source: Twitter

Ah, yes, the good old times when Facebook was something brand new to most people and they mostly used it as a way of getting their contacts back after losing or damaging their mobile phones. That was a great time to be around.

4. The arguments

Image Source: Knowyourmeme

Here is something some people may have never been a part of but most of us loved engaging in hypothetical arguments about who would win in a possible battle between ninjas and pirates. This was a fun way to waste time and we miss it.

5. The messages

Image Source: Twitter

There are numerous things that are now parts of a long-forgotten time for better or for worse. Leaving a message on someone’s answering machine was an everyday activity but appears to be obsolete not.

6. The Pirate Day

Image Source: Hambarib

There are more than a few times we have actually used this kind of accent and it was not only on Pirate Day for sure. For some reason, this kind of pirate talk was hilarious but we don’t think it is funny now.

7. The jokes

Image Source: Pinterest

This is one of the most notable jokes from the 80s and the 90s. All the jokes about Chuck Norris made him a god-like status and people came up with different jokes all the time. There must have been hundreds of them but they are not so funny now.

8. The tweets

Image Source: Twitter

Today, Facebook is very different from what it looked like back in the day. People used to post stuff like the one suggested above and it was something ordinary to see a dozen similar posts daily. It was normal then but it looks weird now.

9. The shoes

Image Source: Twitter

Most millennials surely remember this trend because it was something that almost everyone did. Apart from logos and pictures, teens used to write the lyrics of entire songs on their shoes which seems to be absurd now.

10. The download

test ad
Image Source: iFunny

This is something that a 15-year-old person today would never believe but those who were in their teenage period a couple of decades ago were forced to cope with what the tweet above suggests. Needless to say, it was worth it.

11. The flashback

Image Source: Me.Me


Well, no wonder this person had such a flashback. We had some of those as well a few times and we cannot believe how hard it was to download a song in an MP3 format. We had to use all kinds of light software such as converters and then arrange the tracks into albums one by one.

12. The social media rise

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one brilliant tweet that sums up user interaction on social media back in the day. When we learned how to do things online and how to communicate using social media platforms, we had conversations like this one, and they were even funnier sometimes.

13. The shoes

Image Source: Twitter

There were literally hundreds of trends back in the day that should have never existed. What seems to be absurd today was considered awesome and trendy once, and we find that hard to believe. Wearing shoes such as the ones you see here was a fashion statement that is no longer a thing.

14. The MySpace profiles

Image Source: Me.Me

Here is something that people today would probably consider to be a big no-no. Needless to say, most millennials had a MySpace profile but it only occurs to us now that publicly ranking our friends was not the most appropriate thing to do.

15. The funny images

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something we all surely remember because it was like a tradition that just had to be respected. We believe that people thought that doing this was something they simply had to complete because of the occasion.

16. The texts

Image Source: Twitter

We cannot make fun of this person for doing what they shared simply because we did exactly the same thing for years. This kind of embarrassing behavior was considered to be a normal and even cool thing back in the day. It is not and it never was but we thought that it was supposed to be like that.

17. The Converse shoes

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of the most notable things we remember from our youth. It was widely popular for friend groups to take pictures similar to this one. The images featured a number of Converse shoes or similar type of brands. Needless to say, most people who participated in the making of such images probably think that it was not as cool as it seemed to be back in the day.

18. The uploads

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that it was something like a rule for most of us to make sure we posted all the images taken during every night out. This was a labor-intensive thing to do and it was actually pointless, too.

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