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18 Women Whose Posts Show They Can Really Pick On People

Image Source: Twitter

Some people show that you are better off not bothering them or you would be in trouble. Such sassy people are not willing to back down and they usually stand their ground. It seems that those who are not willing to take this advice are likely to be sorry later. The posts below show how women you don’t want to mess with commented about different things.

1. The fan

Image Source: Twitter

This person is obviously a huge fan of Queen B and who can blame her, as the singer has ruled the music world for many years not. Still, her personal life had ups and downs, and this person probably related to that. She probably learned what she tweeted from experience.

2. The selfies

Image Source: Twitter

Here is what a person tweeted in response to all those attempts by men to make fun of the so-called duck faces. While we are not entirely sure if this trend is good or not, it is a choice like any other and nobody should make fun of it. This girl gave them a taste of their own medicine.

3. The impression

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is what fine sarcasm looks like! We believe that having a sense of humor is sometimes not enough, as there are numerous fine details that need attention in order to show quality humor and handle it, too. This tweet is very funny because it speaks the truth.

4. The pumpkin spice

Image Source: Twitter

Well, there are always things that will play the role of huge differences between men and women and this person was able to list some of them here. Everyone has their own favorite thing and they should stick to it without making fun of others.

5. The makeup

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another story about a woman who never lets her guard down and this is the kind of attitude all women should have. After the stranger made this inappropriate remark, she was very quick to shut him down completely. We guess he felt bad about it later.

6. The stuff

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the best comparisons we have seen lately but there is more it than meets the eye. What this woman calls chaos is actually considered freedom by most men and we guess that she was probably just a little bit jealous when she wrote that.

7. The face wash

Image Source: Twitter

There is not much we could say here except to point out that the story describes one of the most notable differences between men and women. Men never understand that women need extra care which is related to having numerous products.

8. The movie

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one of the most obvious statements we have seen in a while. This person did not caption this post because she did not need to. It is clear to see that she wanted to be specific about it and she was.

9. The ring

Image Source: Twitter

There are good ideas and then there are awesome ideas that are pure genius. We guess that this person was able to come up with something that has a lot of potential for profit. This ring should be something popular, we guess.

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10. The synopsis

Image Source: Twitter

Movie reviews are usually too long or too short but they are never enough. This is about to change because we believe people like this woman are able to caption the essence of a film and state it in just a few sentences. This is one fine example.

11. The coworker

Image Source: Twitter

This is probably one of the most relatable tweets we have ever seen and we are sure that most people would immediately relate to it, too. Coworkers never seem to be able to return the favor and this is what this person experienced. Sure enough, the examples were shown just to prove a point.

12. The opinion

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that there are more than a few generation gaps and our modern-day society keeps allowing new ones to occur. This funny tweet is actually a statement of how a decade and a half could make a difference.

13. The shoes

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that women do not have the same taste when it comes to parts of their outfits, such as shoes and bags, for example. This is one person who was obviously not that much of Carrie Bradshaw’s fan.

14. The planes

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of those moments when we wish we had thought of the same thing before. This person was clever enough to ask an obvious question and her idea is surely going to make boarding a plane easier.

15. The statement

Image Source: Twitter

Well, here is how a woman with an attitude is capable of expressing her personality with one of the shortest tweets ever. It seems she was furious with someone or something.

16. The question

Image Source: Twitter

We are not sure what this person had in mind when tweeting this but we believe it has to do something with her own bitter experience. Sometimes, relationships simply don’t work as they should.

17. The jack

Image Source: Twitter

It really seems that this person is on the path to switching to an entirely new tech gadget supplier because she simply hated what Apple did. Maybe she has a different idea of how things should have been.

18. The quarantine

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another person who had something to say and her message is quite powerful. We fully support her and we would like to ask everyone to stay safe and protect themselves and those around them.

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