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19 Amazing Pics Proving That Nothing In This World Is Impossible

Image Source: Imgur

Some say that we live in a small world but it is still big enough for one to see new and exciting things every day! In fact, these things are often weird instead of exciting, but it gets even better when that happens! Weird is often equal to funny, and we love funny stuff. This is the single reason why we compiled a list of things that show things that are either hard to believe or simply curious! This is the kind of amusement we need on a busy day, because there is nothing like a quality distraction!

1. The thick glasses

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is one pair of glasses that is unlike anything we have seen before! We mean, we know how thick glasses look like, but this is something entirely new to us! The totally ridiculous thickness of this pair means only one thing – they have a serious magnifying power! They are -22 glasses, and we are convinced that the person who uses these is grateful for the existence of such technology. People are awesome for creating things like these glasses.

2. The glue

Image Source: Reddit

Using glue is something everyone has done at least once in their lifetime, right? Even if you are not some kind of an artist or a craftsman, you probably had glue together a broken coffee mug at least once. But this image shows glue in a way just a few people have probably seen until not. Someone obviously forgot to put the cap back on this glue bottle, and it hardened, taking the shape of the bottle down to every detail! Amazing!

3. The egg yolk

Image Source: Reddit

In some cases, the strange and cool things we see are not man-made, at least not intentionally! In this case, it is easy to see that all it took for a wacky photo was an egg yolk! The way that the yolk splattered in that pan made it appears if all it did was wait to make its escape! The person who cracked the egg is probably its savior when you look at things from this angle.

4. The tree row

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes mother nature can surprise us with the strange sceneries it provides. We are well aware that the beauty created by nature cannot be replicated or perfected in any way, but some of still try to do it. Seeing images like this is enough for us to be convinced that you cannot control or perfect nature, because it does what it pleases! In this case, it created a perfect tree pattern that looks like an old video game with bad graphics.

5. The decoration

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen loads of wacky Christmas trees, and some of them were real gems! However, in other cases you need to appreciate the creative genius of some stranger even if you don’t like the tree itself! In this case, we really do like the end result! Someone decided to create this setup in a fish shop, and we admire the effort! The end result is really good and most people would probably appreciate it!

6. The candy bag

Image Source: Imgur

Who doesn’t love M&Ms, right? We mean, it is one of those treats that everyone likes to snack on every now and then! Even the biggest fans, however, would be surprised to see this image! It appears that something happened on the production line and one of the machines release a huge M&Ms chunk along the round-shaped candy. It is curious to see it and we would probably never stumble on such a thing ourselves which is a shame.

7. The wombat

Image Source: Reddit

Meet Patrick, the giant wombat! In fact, Patrick is the biggest one we ever saw, and we had no idea that wombat could grow this big! Despite his size, Patrick does not appear to be intimidating at all! It is exactly the opposite, actually! That big ball of fluff looks like he is just waiting to be cuddled, and we bet he likes it a lot! This is one really cute photo that puts a smile on everyone’s face!

8. The grass beneath the cone

Image Source: Reddit

They say that nature would always find a way to thrive despite the odds or the conditions. We tend to agree, as we have seen things that really fit into that description. The image above is one of those things! As you can see, heavy urbanization is not able to completely get in nature’s way! This patch of grass found a crack in the asphalt road and it apparently enjoyed the air coming inside the cone’s opening.

9. The roots

Image Source: Imgur

Talking about nature always finding a way, this image would fit in perfectly, don’t you think? We have never seen anything like this root system before! The pattern it created using the space between the sidewalk tiles is absolutely stunning and it is yet another visual proof that nature is unstoppable once it decided to demonstrate its powers!

10. The catch

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Image Source: Imgur

Have you ever head a fisherman tell a story about their biggest catch ever? It often sounds like they are heavily exaggerating and in most of the cases they are! However, there are certain moments when they are telling the truth, but as people say, seeing is believing and they better take some photos, too! In this case, one fisherman decided to take no chances and take a picture of this catch, which has a catch that has a catch of his own! It sounds confusing but you will get it once you see the image. Nobody would believe him if it wasn’t for the photo!

11. The goat

Image Source: Reddit

We know how attached people are to their pets! In fact, sometimes people go great lengths in order to make their pets feels as comfy as possible. They even sacrifice their own comfort and well-being sometimes! The photo you see suggests that these people care about their pet, which is an unusual species! We have seen cats and dogs in slings like that, but this is the first time we see people taking their goat shopping with them. It looks both cute and weird, and we love it!

12. The toilet sign

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes people are assigned with a certain project that is seemingly straightforward. Whenever we have something to tackle on, and we pay special attention to the tasks that seem to require little to no effort, as they often prove to be the other way around! As you can clearly see, the designer of this WC sign thought that he would be done in a flash, but the missed out on one very important detail! As you can see, the child in the middle literally has no body! This is one silly mistake but it looks funny!

13. The icicles

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen icicles before, or at least most of us have! In this case, the icicles seem to be nothing like the ordinary ones we are used to seeing! There is a fairly simple explanation for that, actually! They did not freeze instantly, and the slow process was accompanied by strong gusts of wind!

14. The burning tree

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that simply had to be photographed in order to be believed! After all this is the type of phenomenon that is hard to be explained! As you can see, there is a fire burning inside but it was not set on purpose! The tree was struck by a lightning and it burned for a few days before the fire calmed down and eventually died. We genuinely believe that this is not something most people would see in person in their lifetime.

15. The shoe pattern

Image Source: Imgur

It appears that sometimes people really enjoy the weird coincidences that happen to them. As you can see, this person noticed that the design of their shoes features the exact same lines as the escalator surface! The shoes blend really well with the pattern of the escalator and it is nice to see such a coincidence!

16. The bottle-shaped ice

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one really curious thing to see, and we are sure it formed completely naturally, with no human interference! The ice was shaped like this because the water froze gradually while still dripping! The end result looks like a wine bottle which is quite nice.

17. The knife

Image Source: Imgur

Now here is something that really shows what time does to different objects! As you can see, this knife has been sharpened thousands of time over the course of many years, and eventually there is hardly anything left of it! This is a cool thing to see!

18. The decoration

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how people’s effort and nature combined can result in the best possible Christmas decoration! These lights were installed before an expected snowfall, and you can see how they glow when buried under a snow blanket! Awesome!

19. The fake cobblestones

Image Source: Flickr

Construction specialist are able to come up with all kinds of solutions, but this is the first time we see such a thing! These blankets, or whatever they are, perfectly resemble cobblestones and probably got most people fooled!

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