20 Friend Zone Jokes That Are Relatable And Kind Of Absurd

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You have surely heard about the term “friend zone” and what it stands for. Even worse, many of us have been in a similar situation and we know how it feels. For all we know, the friend zone is something that should not exist but we cannot argue with the facts: it is a real thing and the list below describes what it is about.

1. The odd post

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This is something so odd that we actually stopped and thought about it. This person shared something that is even worse than being in a friend zone situation. You can easily understand how wrong the situation this person went through was.

2. The details

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Now, this is one post that really can change one’s perception about certain situations that can be referred to as friend zones. We believe that what is described here happens way more often than it should but it is what it is.

3. The point of view

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Here is a post that some people may find to be controversial but we are sure that this is a point of view that many people will relate to. Sometimes, friend-zoned people are actually experiencing things that should not happen at all.

4. The truth

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This is one of the posts that could actually describe the problem with being in a friend zone. The person who posted this was probably in a similar situation and they knew what it was all about. People need to learnt that “no” means “no”.

5. The other zone

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This is one post that makes a lot of sense and we loved it when we saw it. It states things as they are: in most cases, those who claim to be friend-zoned were never really friends to their person of interest in the first place.

6. The reality

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This is yet another post that explains that friend zones happen for a reason and that reason is almost one and the same every time. This person couldn’t understand it even when he acted exactly as described.

7. The good point

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Here is a reasonable person who knows what he is talking about. It appears that this is the kind of advice everyone needs to listen to. Needless to say, many people will not take it but we believe everyone can make a choice and continue to be friend-zoned.

8. The revelation

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This is one different way to explain what a friend zone is. In fact, we guess that people will continue to use the term only in case they end up being friend-zoned. Of course, most of the times men are those who find themselves in such a position.

9. The comparison

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This is a curious comparison that is also kind of sad but it describes something that happens very often. In this case, we agree that the first option is the one that would bring less suffering compared to the second one.

10. The other comparison

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Talking about comparisons, this is one of those things that we would never tolerate. Being shamed for not doing something you never wanted to do is not a good thing but it happens, especially when it comes to relationships and the way people judge you for it.

11. The message

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This person had something to say about friend zones and it is a message that everyone should listen to. If the friend zone occurs, this means there was a reason for it and that reason must be respected.

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12. The realization

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This is one clever tweet, as we never actually thought about this simple solution. When it comes to someone being friend-zoned, we guess that this person would never have the same kind of friendship with the object of his desire, meaning that the friendship might as well be over.

13. The excuse

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Now, this is one really easy way to explain what a friend zone actually is. We are not sure who came up with this term or why people still use it but the situation it stands for is real only to one of the parties involved.

14. The sarcasm

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This person decided to be sarcastic when she stated her opinion on the friend zone matter. As you can see, she wanted to make it clear that those left in the friend zone are not real friends, in most cases, at least.

15. The exchange

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Here is yet another simple way to explain what a friend zone is and, more specifically, what it isn’t. This person went even further by saying that the friend zone is not something real. We guess there is truth to that.

16. The ultimatum

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Here is one lady that was probably tired of being accused of leaving people in her friend zone. We are not sure if she meant what she wrote but we think this is one really funny ultimatum.

17. The funny assumption

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It appears that people joke about friend zones a lot and there is no surprise here, as it is something that many others accept as a matter worthy of nothing but jokes.

18. The alone-zone

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Here is another witty tweet that we loved when we saw it. This person suggested an interesting term that we guess should be adopted just like the friend zone term. The new one seems to be even more unpleasant to those who are in the said kind of situation.

19. The nightmare

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This person decided to describe what the friend zone is according to her and we believe that most people would immediately agree with it. This is why opinions matter.

20. The “no”

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Here is an opinion of the Twitter user Jennaclaire and she states that women can never be in the friendzone.

Written by Sven Miller

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