19 Highly Relatable Tweets Showing The Reality Of Living With A Flatmate

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We assume that most people know what it is like to live with a roommate or a flatmate. We mean, going to college or trying to have a good start in life means that you need to save, and what better way to save from the home-related expenses then to have someone to share them with! Paying only half a rent and half of the electricity bill is tempting, but you probably know that there is a certain price to pay! In some cases people save some money but  they pay with wasting their time and energy because they are forced to put u with unbelievable things! You can see some examples of that below.

1. This is what happens when you trust your flatmate to do you a favor

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People say that if you need to do something that is of great importance to you, you should not trust anyone else with it, but try to do it yourself instead. This person was supposed to be distributing these leaflets as a favor for which their flatmate asked for. As you can see, not a single leaflet left their home, and this person even finds it to be kind of funny!

2. This is another proof of what we claimed above

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Let’s repeat that important life lesson again – do not trust your roommate with anything that matters to you, regardless of the circumstances! Chances are that you would end up disappointed, to say the least, and in this person’s case the disappointment is even greater because of someone’s negligence!

3. This is a situation that happens more than often

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This is the kind of thing that most people who had or still have roommates are kind of used to. You don’t have the whole place to yourself, and if you need to invite someone you are dating, chances are that you would not be alone, which is bad for any kind of romance! We can even refer to it as an unacceptable situation.

4. We guess this person has something to worry about

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There is a lot you could say about a certain individual based on their habits. A quick analysis with the right mindset could actually lead to clear results, but sometimes they might be more or less disturbing. This is what happened to this person. They realized that their flatmate always opens the bread like this, and they might be capable of other things, too!

5. This is how a prank could actually work

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Well, we are not entirely sure if it worked or backfired, but the main point here is that this person never knew their roommate would actually put that suit on! Seeing someone wearing it could only mean that they have a fun personality, but it is also kind of disturbing, to be honest!

6. All this person wants is to teach their flatmate a lesson

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We are well aware that such behavior could be referred as controversial by most people, and we tend to agree with that, but it seems to have the potential to be highly effective, too. In fact, we think that it is a great idea, because you teach someone a lesson while having fun, or at least it seems to be like that.

7. Here is something that is not entirely a flatmate’s fault

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People who never hesitate when they need to rescue a stray animal are worthy of respect. Helping an innocent soul is a must and since we are the only species who can make that choice consciously over and over again, it is our obligation to do it! However, this person felt a bit weird when they saw their roommate’s rescued stray doing this!

8. Now this is something to think about

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There are thinks you can consider to be relatively normal and then there are other things that are obviously not normal at all! Considering the fact that people have different taste preferences, we still believe that eating boiled chicken meat with literally no seasoning at all is just plain wrong!

9. People could never get used to the weird food habits of their roommates 

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It appears that people are always a bit weird when it comes to some of their ways! Food habits are something that differentiates us from one another, but you need to keep in mind that there are numerous unwritten laws about how you should eat or prepare certain foods that should not violated under any circumstances.

10. Now this is something else when it comes to pranks

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We are more than certain that the only way for a girl to actually approve this is if she is obsessed with the late Princess Diana, too. Of course, the chances of that are slim, and this is why this counts as the perfect prank! You can bet that the date was ruined, unless the roommate admitted doing this, but we doubt that it happened.

11. We guess that this is one of the most relatable things on the list

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We genuinely believe that almost every person who had to share a place with someone have been through such episodes. We have always wondered about the ways in which people act when it comes to sharing. While some of them are incredibly generous, others never share a thing and they even demand payment, just like in this case!

12. This is actually a noble thing to do

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The point here is not the fact that someone took their time to hide all the spoilers in this article, but the fact that their roommate made them do it! It is actually a labor-intensive task, and a time consuming one, too! This person at least know that they could use the fact they have all the latest episodes as way of revenge if they start a feud at home.

13. This is just not going to work

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Should this person tell her flatmate that doing such a thing is nothing but a waste of time? We guess so. However, we still believe that not ruining someone’s idea is also a good thing because letting them believe it might work keeps the hope alive. Maybe it is the more noble thing to do, actually.

14. Here is another interesting way to send someone a message

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This is something that could be applied if you live with your family or your significant other, too, because people’s bad habits ate not in direct correlation with the relationship you have with them, of course. Many individuals refuse to wash their dishes or they don’t bother doing them right away, at least.

15. This is slightly disturbing but it is mostly cool to see

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Sometimes your roommate could actually surprise you in a good way instead of leaving you another unbearable situation to tackle on. This person was in awe when she saw her roommate’s cake representing Yoda. While it does not look exactly like the Star Wars character, it is still a super cool effort!

16. Some people are just not into cleaning

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This is actually kind of disturbing to see, because it makes us think about the way of life this person has. Imagine what other habits he may have. Not cleaning the microwave for years is simply unacceptable! We cannot believe how messy this appliance is! It would almost impossible for someone to succeed at cleaning it. Yuck.

17. Here is a typical example of the relationship between flatmates

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Having a roommate sometimes means that you have the chance to live with a friend. Of course, not all the people who live together are buddies, but we believe it is like that in this case. This person’s roommate did not forget about his birthday, but he obviously remembered about it in the last possible moment, so there was no present or a greeting card

18. This is flatmate genius for sure

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You need to know your flatmate really well if you want to troll them or pull a prank on them. As you can see, it does not take much to do it. Only a brilliant idea and a small effort are guaranteed to make it work, and even the person who was surprised by this setup admitted that it was a brilliant idea.

19. We are not here to judge

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It seems that mayonnaise is not the healthiest possible choice of food you can make but it is still a favorite thing to many people, including us! We guess these girls are big mayonnaise lovers if they have a whole five jars in the fridge.

Written by Sven Miller

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