19 Of The Best Random Pictures That Went Really Popular This Week

Image Source: Reddit

The Internet is a wonderful place full of random content. The thing we like the most about it is its diversity. The variety of pictures, videos, and information you can find while browsing online is limitless. This is the reason why all viral images are often very different from one another. The list below will present to you some of the popular images people loved recently.122q

1. The selfie

Image Source: Reddit

Beach selfies are challenging because of the unpredictable scenery. Posing while standing on the sand and having complete control over the layout is one thing but trying to do the same in the water is a whole different story. We can all see how that could turn out to be and we guess it was worth it for this person.

2. The money

Image Source: Reddit

The gifts people give to each other are not always special but they are sometimes witty and we like that kind. Here is a great example. One couple sent their offspring to college with a special parting gift – all the money they found in their pockets when doing laundry over the years.

3. The lawn

Image Source: Reddit

Lawns are sometimes hard to maintain as the grass is not always growing as it should be. Even if you plant the seeds when you should and you water it daily, there could still be trouble. Still, the tracks left by a car proved to be the best therapy for this lawn.

4. The photograph

Image Source: Reddit

Here is an old photo of someone’s grandmother. She was photographed during one of the daughter’s weddings. You can see exactly how she felt about the event by looking at her hilarious hat.

5. The vintage photo

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another curious photograph from the past. The kid featured in it is now an adult and he shared the photo online. It seems his dad loved dad jokes because he always took images similar to this one. We love it!

6. The beer glass

Image Source: Reddit

The beer glass is a necessity every household must have but this one is different than the regular ones. As you can see, it has a separate compartment for the ice so the taste of the beverage would remain the same.

7. The tip

Image Source: Reddit

Those who are working long hours at bars and restaurant s rely mostly on the tips they make. This is why it is important for clients to tip them but not like this. One person was tipped generously but they later saw the $20 bill was from the 30s.

8. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, people see weird things that they cannot easily explain. This person thought that the sign was a regular one and someone put a piece of tape on it but, as you can see, the sign was like that for a reason.

9. The ride

Image Source: Reddit

Parents never like the coin-operated rides in front of stores and other facilities because they always have a hard time trying to get their kids off them. This particular ride, however, is worth sharing. It is a corn dog of all things!

10. The park

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of thing we love to see! Ingenious but simple inventions that ease people’s lives are always much appreciated. This park has a neat feature: you can move the benches via the specially designed rails.

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11. The teacher

Image Source: Reddit

The teacher-student relationship is always something to think about because it is either wonderful or horrible. Some teachers cannot stand certain types of students. This is a different story: the teacher messaged one of their students and requested them to wake them up.

12. The bus

Image Source: Twitter

One of the most distinctive vehicles on the road is the school bus. You cannot mistake such a bus for anything else except if it is this particular one! The former school bus was transformed into a watermelon carrier!

13. The weird sign

Image Source: Reddit

If you are anything like us, you will surely chuckle when you see this image because of its direct relation to the IT movie. Still, we believe that this is not a coincidence and someone put the sign there just for laughs.

14. The honey jar

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of those things that amaze us and we guess we will never see them again. There is no mistake here: this Subaru-branded jar of honey sold at a dealership was harvested from the same dealership’s very own rooftop. How cool is that?

15. The drawing

Image Source:

This wholesome image made us smile from ear to ear but there is one detail about it that makes it a whole lot funnier! As you can see, the kid drew their dad as a round figure and the dad thought their offspring was trying to tell them to lose weight.

16. The frowning dog

Image Source:

It might appear as if this doggo was frowning in the picture but it actually didn’t! The cute canine was born with an underbite which made its face even cuter than what it would look like with a regular one.

17. The resemblance

Image Source: Reddit

Here we have one of the funniest images we have seen lately! This person was strict about social distancing and wearing a mask in public but they were also pleased to discover the resemblance between them and the sticker on the door.

18. The pencil sharpeners 

Image Source: Reddit

People have different hobbies and collecting stuff is among the most popular ones. As you can see, this person had the most curious collection we have seen in a while. These are not figures but pencil sharpeners.

19. The picture day

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of the cleverest ideas we have shared in a while. It really seems that some people can come up with brilliant stuff. One teacher sent a message about the school photo day by putting a sticker on students’ back for their parents to see.

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