19 People Who Didn’t Know What They Saw, But The Internet Was There For Them

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We learn new things every day of our lives and that is the beauty of being alive! There is always something to surprise you and some objects or events may even baffle you. The list below shows examples of the things people shared online. They had no idea what they saw but people explained it to them online.

1. The circuit breaker

Image Source: Reddit

What looks like a mix between a DIY contraption and a small UFO is actually something much simpler. This is a circuit breaker on its way to a power station. Normal devices of this kind are usually smaller but one is more curious to see. This surely attracted attention.

2. The dots

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something rather disturbing to see. Someone added a bit of squeezed lemon juice to their water and later noticed the brown specs you see here. There turned out to be nothing alarming as the explanation was very simple. These were the undeveloped seeds of the lemon, as it was not quite ripe.

3. The inheritance 

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Here is something you don’t see every day! As you can tell, the object in the picture is anything but convenient. It belonged to this person’s dad and it was identified as an “erhu” – a type of Chinese fiddle. Despite the damage, it is a curious item.

4. The engraved plastic medallion

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one curious item that most people would never recognize. This is a collector’s item – if you remember Power Rangers, then you surely recognize this item! This is a Red Ranger power coin and we haven’t seen such a thing in at least a decade.

5. The hidden device

Image Source: Reddit

This is what someone found when they decided to renovate their home. It was hidden under the ceiling and the homeowner was puzzled by it. Instead of being something extraordinary, it turned out to be a shower mixing valve.

6. The helmet

Image Source: Reddit

Bikers could probably identify this instantly but most people would be baffled to see it while on the road. This is not a cyborg but a biker who installed a vent fan kit. The device prevents the visor from fogging, thus enhancing safety.

7. The beach find

Image Source: Reddit

You can find all kinds of things on an Australian beach but this is one of the most curious ones. Someone found what appeared to be a transparent hard mass they couldn’t identify. It turned out to be a moon snail’s egg sac.

8. The key

Image Source: Reddit

This key’s shape looks familiar but there is little to no information on what exactly it was meant to open. What the person who asked for information learned is that it definitely belonged to someone involved with a Mason order.

9. The growth 

Image Source: Reddit

Anyone would be concerned to find this in their yard. This weird growth was discovered by a person who simply had to find out more about it. The people of the Internet stepped in and explained it was a bunch of dead mushrooms, nothing special.

10. The power cable tower

Image Source: Reddit

What looks like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie is nothing but a power cable tower. This device functions the same way as regular towers and the special thing about it is the single pillar that supports the cables. Most powerline towers have four pillars but they didn’t have enough space for such here.

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11. The kit

Image Source: Reddit

This kit was found by someone who had no idea what they were looking at. What looks like a tiny guitar case had this curious device inside of it. The attention to detail appears to be good but the purpose of the device was the best part – it is a champagne bottle tap.

12. The clamp

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of device that can make you wonder about what its purpose is. The weird clamp obviously had a specific job to do and it was operated by the huge knob on the top. Soon enough, the person who took this picture found out that fishermen use it to tie fishing flies together.

13. The device

Image Source: Reddit

Someone came across this weird device and wondered what it might be. It looked like it had a similar function to an ATM but it wasn’t one for sure. After some research and with the help of other online, the person found out it was a self-service kiosk that accepted payments.

14. The basement find

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that you have probably seen before but it was new to us, just as it was new to whoever posted it online. They thought it was some kind of detector enhancing the security of the building but it turned out to be a rodent repellent device.

15. The laptop part

Image Source: Reddit

This is the tube someone saw when an old laptop was being dismantled. It appeared that it didn’t belong there because it didn’t look like a regular computer part but it was soon discovered that it was the so-called resume battery.

16. The wooden object

Image Source: Reddit

The wooden rods you see here did not seem to have any function at all. This is why the person who found this thing really wanted to know what this is. The result of their research lead to funny results! It turned out this was nothing but a wacky business card holder!

17. The pellets

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one curious find. Someone discovered this in the back of a stacked cupboard and wondered what it was. It didn’t seem it was edible so they decided to ask about it online. This, believe it or not, is a blister of air fresheners meant to work when sucked by a vacuum cleaner.

18. The bathroom device

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of thing one could wonder about, as it is anything but fit for a regular bathroom. This weird station is used in Muslim societies before prayer when every individual must wash their head, arms, and feet.

19. The asylum find

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something that would spark anyone’s imagination. Someone found this tiny piece inside an abandoned asylum and wondered what it could be. Their curiosity was rewarded but the answer was disappointing – it was merely a lightbulb.

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