19 People Who Got Their Best Of Luck

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Life works in mysterious ways, and we believe that people should always expect the unexpected! Of course, life may surprise you in a good or in a bad way, but we will focus on the positivie side of things. The list of images below focuses on the moments when people got so lucky that it was almost unbelievable! Seeing these moments is really exciting and we guess that being lucky is an understatement for most of these people.

1. These coins saved a life

Image Source: Reddit

We firmly believe that things happen for a reason. This person shared a picture of the coins that saved their great-grandfather in the events of WWI. The bullet was stopped by a few coins!

2. This is some vending machine

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One person decided to get a soda from the nearby vending machine, so they did! But there was a nice surprise waiting for that person – a 25C coin taped to the soda can! That’s pure luck!

3. Someone ordered a wallet

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We guess that this is not something that happens often. This person decided to purchase a wallet online, and there was a $2 bill inside! This is a nice bonus!

4. This is hard to believe

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In an unlikely chain of events, this person was able hit their own monitor with an arrow! The arrow precisely hit the USB port, but somehow the device still works flawlessly.

5. This was really close

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We guess that this person was more than lucky, considering the situation. It is a good thing that the surroundings of this parking spot were elevated. This tree could have easily smashed any car roof.

6. This is someone’s change

Image Source: Reddit

This interesting coin was not found in an old attic. This person actually got it with the rest of their change at the store! The dime is more than a century old!

7. People strive to find a clover with four leaves

Image Source: Reddit

People beliebe that clovers with four leaves are one of the most powerful signs of luck. Well, in that case this person should definitely consider themselves exceptionally lucky!

8. The chances of winning were really slim here

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Someone took their chance at spinning this wheel. The 100% sector grants the lucky winner a free purchase from that store. You can see that this person was very lucky!

9. This person decided to move their vehicle

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Just when they moved their car a few meters to the left, a section of the road collapsed! The car would have been damaged for sure if it stayed on its old spot.

10. These people purchased a used board game

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The saw the board game at a sale and bought it, only to discover an amazing bonus inside! There was jewelry inside that turned out to be worth thousands! They look really happy about it!

11. Buying an ice cream cone cannot get any better than this

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We love ice cream cones, and if this happened to us, we would be really pleased about it. The machine at the factory probably stalled for a split second and released two cones in one package.

12. Now this a photo every football fan would appreciate

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that every Liverpool fan would gladly have this image printed and put in a frame!

13. The odds of this happening again are really slim

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This image can definitely be used as a definition of luck! Sure enough, the cars were insured against such events, but it would still hurt to see your car crushed by a tree!

14. Someone visited the Great Wall of China on an empty day

Image Source: Reddit

But this is not the only thing this person was lucky enough to see. The sun was in such a position that it melted only half of the snow-covered walkway!

15. These are not grapes

Image Source: Reddit

One person was lucky enough to come across these huge blueberries! They are something we have never seen before, and all of them are exactly the same size!

16. This person shredded the wrong receipt

Image Source: Reddit

After realizing their mistake, the person tried to find the piece with the total written on it, and as you can see, they did! The odds of this happening are really slim!

17. This person avoided changing a flat tire

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This is one huge screw! We believe that this person should consider themselves lucky because it is always a messy thing to change the flat tire of a vehicle.

18. This is kind of interesting to see

Image Source: Reddit

It is not something extraordinary to find two yolks in one egg, but finding three of them is a completely different story! We guess that it does not happen often at all!

19. Someone bought an estate that had a hidden surprise

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that old homes are full of secrets just waiting to be found! As you can see, someone was lucky enough to find something really cool! We wonder if there was something inside that safe.

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