19 People Who Totally Lost Control Over The Current Situation

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If you think that we have it all under control, you are wrong! Even if it seems that we have a strong grip of our lives and everything related to them, this is nothing but an illusion! Despite how much you want to make something work, it is not entirely up to you! Mistakes happen all the time! Things could take a turn for the worse in a heartbeat, and the following images show how this happens! We guess that some of the photos are highly relatable and they all suggest scenarios we would never want to be a part of!

1. This person is asking for it

Image Source: Reddit

This lady driver thinks that she has everything under her control and she is speeding down the highway with a completely blocked windscreen! This is a reckless thing to do and we hope nothing bad happened!

2. Now this is something you don’t see every day

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We actually cringed after we saw this! Hair extensions are something that many people choose to wear, but not like this! This girl probaby thought everything was okay with her hairstyle, but we can all see it was not!

3. The things people do for attention

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Everyone seems to be obsessed with posting their meals and drinks online, and it is getting more and more annoying, to be honest! This girl’s photo is the proof why this trend is out of control!

4. This improvised parking lot was a bad idea

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Some of the things we could not control are the elements! In this case, ice proved to be not as strong as these people believed. The temperatures were too high for the ice to keep its thickness and you can see the result!

5. This poor woman will be sorry for taking a nap

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Resting your eyes for just a few minutes is something we would not advise you to do, especially when you are in the middle of something. A quick nap cost this woman a large pizza!

6. Here is why we never cook

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We genuinely believe that people should only do the things they are good at, because everything else would be a waste of time and resources! In this case, one person tried to season some meat, but it did not work out.

7. There are many drivers like this one

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Imagine how distracted you need to be in order to drive off with the gas pump hose still stuck to your vehicle and later failing to even notice it when you park! This driver probably has nothing in their life under control!

8. Convertibles are nice unless it is winter

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This is an AC Cobra that someone decided to leave outside without the top on! As we already mentioned, nobody could control the elements, and the owner of this car simply had to take precautions!

9. This is yet another reason why we eat outside

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People get easily distracted! When you have a thousand things running through your head, there is a good chance of you making a mistake! As you can see, someone definitely made one!

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10. We are not sure if this is a joke or not

Image Source: Imgur

We refuse to believe that someone actually thinks that cereal bars are supposed to be dissolved in milk! This is something that everyone knows! The whole point of a cereal bar is to be able to eat the cereal on the go!

11. We would tell this person that such a setup will never work

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We have seen all kinds of ridiculous attempts by people trying to secure something in place, but this one is definitely on top of the goofy list! The second this truck takes off, things will spiral out of control!

12. These cookies were served in a hospital

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People definitely have control over the meals they serve, but someone needs to control what the meals consist of! Someone failed to understand that serving these cookies in a hospital for Halloween was not a good idea at all.

13. This is supposed to happen only in movies

Image Source: Reddit

If you are a movie addict like us, then you have seen a lot of these things before. Movies and cartoons are full of similar scenes, but this is real life and this driver cannot believe that it could happen, either, but it did!

14. This is not the right way to do the laundry

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Now this is something you don’t see every day! The bubbles are definitely out of control, and someone probably got the wrong idea about te proper quantity of detergent needed!

15. Here is why you should be careful when unwrapping one of these

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We guess that most people know the struggle of trying to open this type of packages! It takes a lot of effort and no matter how careful you are, you cannot be sure that you have control over the process! This person definitely got it wrong!

16. Here is a classic example of losing control

Image Source: Reddit

This driver definitely had a bad day! We are not sure if they forgot to pull the handbrake or they pressed the wrong pedal, but the result is equally bad! We hope that the driver walked away without a scratch!

17. Even if keep everything under control, one tiny detail could ruin everything

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This is yet another photo that proves the above statement. No matter how much effort we put in something, we are still far from having total control over everything! The ‘Regret’ tattoo visible in this wedding photo was definitely not planned!

18. Unexpected things happen all the time

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While you can make hundreds and even thousands of small decisions daily, you are still not in control of all the things that happen to you. This photo shows such a situation!

19. This is a real bummer

Image Source: Reddit

The ones who had to clean this mess were probably not happy about it! Even if it seemed like a simple process, it is obvious that it was hard to control!

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