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19 People Who Tried To Live Life To The Fullest And With Zero Regrets

Image Source: Reddit

Life is so short that you always must stay true to yourself at all costs. There is no time to waste, as you never know that tomorrow might bring. This is why there are people who seem to be living their absolute best lives and we need to learn from them. There is no better inspiration than seeing individuals who are not shy to do what they want. The list below shows how that is done.

1. The fan

Image Source: Reddit

There are devoted fans out there who would do absolutely anything to show their support for their favorite players! This person decided to make his facial expression stand out from the rest. He chose the funniest possible way but he looks proud of himself.

2. The missing person

Image Source: Reddit

This is one super fun way to say something to someone, especially to your best friend. It seems that this person stopped being a part of the friend circle he used to be inseparable with. The reason is obvious.

3. The ad

Image Source: Twitter

This is obviously not the kind of ad you can see any day. There are different businesses that use this method to advertise their services. In this case, however, some witty stranger decided to pin this add and people apparently appreciated the humor.

4. The switcher

Image Source: Reddit

Having your own style is a must and this person obviously knows that. This is surely a custom-made switcher and we believe that whoever saw it appreciated this person’s sense of humor and also having the courage to wear it.

5. The proposal 

Image Source: Reddit

What looks like a weird advertisement at first is actually one very witty offer for particular services. This team consists of two men who are not afraid to openly talk about their strong bond and their relationship as a whole.

6. The dinner

Image Source: Reddit

Family dinners do not need to follow a certain pattern. Needless to say, there was probably a reason why this person is wearing a Batman suit. If we rely on the caption, the image really shows Batman’s family dinner – he is alone, except for Alfred, of course.

7. The party

Image Source: Reddit

The occasions for a party may vary. It seems that most of the times when people decide to throw a party are related to a happy event and this person probably accepted getting fired as a happy moment.

8. The hard worker

Image Source: Reddit

The sign you see here is something that you will probably never come across again. Many business love to have this kind of stats but we believe Joe was living his best life during working hours which may have caused some risky situations.

9. The rivals 

Image Source: Reddit

Friends can sometimes get way too competitive when they want to make the other person look silly. In this case, two friends took it to the streets in an attempt to troll one another. They did what they wanted and they have zero regrets.

10. The doppelganger 

Image Source: Reddit

You can easily see why this person had no other choice but to have a custom-made sweater made for him. His resemblance to the politician is uncanny and we guess hundreds of people mistakenly decided he was actually Mr. Sanders.

test ad

11. The other lookalike 

Image Source: Reddit

Nothing is better than being able to make fun of yourself. Here is how one person trolled himself by posing with a plush toy that obviously has some similarities to him. We love people who can take a good joke.

12. The best kind of trolling 

Image Source: Pinterest

Talking about trolling, there are one too many ways to troll another person. In this case, someone noticed their classmate’s curious hair pattern. They immediately came up with the best joke and we love it!

13. The hoodie

Image Source: Funny Junk

Here is something we believe is one of the worst design fails we have ever seen. This person wanted to express their support for a great cause but once they dropped the hood down, the message changed!

14. The message 

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one protest we can get behind any day! As you can see, this woman had a very clear message for everyone.

15. The editor

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there you have it: someone decided to be completely honest and created this funny moment. The editor was probably pissed that there was no translator for this episode so they improvised.

16. The encouragement 

Image Source: Pinterest

We are not going to lie: it takes courage to do what this person did! Needless to say, those who are running the marathon probably did not have the courage to slow down and see what is behind the sign.

17. The Goofy drawing 

Image Source: Reddit

Not everyone has the talent to draw and there is nothing wrong with that! Some people would never admit they are not capable of drawing something but this person has no trouble showing off their poor skills.

18. The name

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there is not much we could say here. When you are finally done laughing, you will probably take your time and examine this name. It is actually really fun to say it fast! The person seems to accept it and that is the way to go.

19. The pattern 

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to show off your new clothes has never been this cool! The person wearing this jacket obviously knew that someone would eventually notice the pattern on it and be amused. This is how people who live their best life roll!

Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

I love writing about all kind of different and interesting facts. It's not only exciting, but I learn something new every day. What I learn I share it with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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