19 People Who Tweeted Their #WorstFirstDate

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Dating is hard! Some people think that modern technology and social media made it easy for us, but in fact these things made it more complicated! It is fairly easy for one to be deceived or to make the wrong impression. Sometimes things could be even worse and some people decided to share their dates so others could keep in mind what to expect!

1. This is unbelievable

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Of all the stories about bad dates we have heard lately, this has got to be the weirdest! We guess that the girl pulled a joke on this person, but she shouldn’t have involved her grandmother, too!

2. Now this a bad first impression

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Maybe this girl’s date didn’t realize that he would make her mad by saying such a thing, but it was too late for him to take it back! Judging from the hashtag she used, she did not enjoy that first date!

3. This is unforgivable

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Going out on a first date with someone means that you should really make the extra effort to make it a memorable one. It is a responsible thing, because you can never take back the first impression you make! This person even had a second chance and he literally slept through it!

4. Now this is one funny story

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This story sounds weird but it is also really funny! We cannot believe that someone would do such a thing on a first date! In fact, it is not the kind of thing you do even on the fifth or the tenth time!

5. Here is another curious story

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We guess that some people have strange preferences about certain things, and this makes them appear as weirdos in the eyes of others. In this case, there was definitely something wrong all along!

6. This was probably funny to see from aside

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We believe that things happen for a reason and this is probably why this couple had a weird first date! It doesn’t matter she forgot how he looked liked! What matters is the fact they got married later and are still together!

7. Here is an awesome story

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Now this is something these people probably tell their grand kids about! It is definitely a funny story and we could almost smell all that garlic! Some of the happiest relationships start in a weird way but things end up in the best possible way!

8. First dates can be weird

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We guess that sometimes first dates do not go as planned because mistakes happen. In this case, the mistake was a really big one, because this person’s blind date was not what he expected it to be!

9. People meet all kinds of strange ones

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We genuinely believe that a first date is more than enough for someone to make an impression so bad that their date would never want to see them again! In this case, the girl was definitely sorry to waste her time!

10. It could not get worse than this

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This is why people should be careful when they agree to go on a first date with someone. Things might get really awkward which is why the date would probably be the first and the last.

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11. This is too funny to be true

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Sometimes dating someone for the first time might actually be a pleasant experience, but something unexpected could still happen. This story is a nice example – the girl was probably really ashamed of what happened!

12. Now this is what we call a strange scenario

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We guess that sometimes seeing someone for the first time cannot be considered to be a first date, because things happen in an unexpected way.

13. This must have been weird to experience

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Talking about first impressions, we believe that all the little details matter! The kind gestures and the right behavior are a must, but this person happened to be in the company of someone who was not a gentleman.

14. Here is something weird to see

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As we already mentioned, first dates are often a bad experience because the other person turns out to be weird in one or more ways. In this case, this girl’s date turned out to be more than a little paranoid.

15. Here is a situation worthy of featuring in a movie

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In fact, we guess that a similar scene was probably already featured in at least on movie. Imagine how the girl must have felt after seeing the date trying to escape.

16. Talking about scenarios that sound like a film

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Now this is something worth sharing! It is also kind of hard to believe, because stuff like that happens only in movies! Well, not exactly! As you can see, it happened to this woman, too!

17. This is the last thing you need to say as a response to such a joke

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As you can see, the lady probably wanted to compliment her date by joking this way, but he responded with the weirdest sense of humor possible, and considering it was their first date, it surely did not sound well!

18. Here is another situation we wish we witnessed

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This is definitely a cool story and it sounds like she was joking, but she probably also meant what she sad!

19. This must have been an expensive date

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We could really see this person’s face when he realized he was about to spend a fortune on a single dinner!

Written by Sven Miller

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