20 Photos Of Drivers Who Do Not Deserve Their Driving License

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Bad drivers are everywhere around us! It is one topic that is definitely relatable to most people, and, to be honest, we are fed up with seeing people who have a total disregard for traffic laws and safety! It seems that they do not value their own lives, but this does not mean they should act in a way that threaten the lives of other, too! The list below gives examples of people’s bad driving, and such individuals should not be allowed to drive on public roads!

1. This person seems to lack concentration

Image Source: Reddit

You need to be focused when you get in the car and take off to somewhere! Unfortunately for us, many people driving on public roads have a lot on their mind and they are unaware of what is happening around them!

2. This is not the right way to haul something

Image Source: Reddit

This pickup truck is heavily loaded with buckets full of fruit but not a single piece of the entire load is not secured in its place! As you can imagine, this could lead to a real disaster on the road and this driver should know better!

3. This is a werid thing to do

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Just when we thought that this person secured the matress, we saw that he actually made things worse! Imagine if that matress happens to slip to the side! It would take this driver’s hand off the wheel immediately!

4. This is definitely against the law

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Instead of paying someone to haul these huge pipes with a specialized truck, this person decided to just drag tham to the desired location! This is a reckless thing to do!

5. This is something we have never seen before

Image Source: Imgur

People do a lot of crazy things when they are behind the wheel, but this tops off most of these things! Seeing someone playing the trumpet while driving is unbelievable. This person should be fined!

6. This truck raises a lot of questions

Image Source: Imgur

You can see that the truck was customized some time ago but the modifications do not appear to be quality-made! Anw while the passenger is eating, the driver is reading something, and this is just not right!

7. This image must be taken in Italy

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, drivers in Italy are used to parking their vehicles bumper to bumper, and they often move other people’s cars so the can fit their own vehicle in a tight parking spot.

8. Here is how not to move your toolbox to a new location

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something that is definitely crazy to see! Dragging that huge toolbox was probably the worst possible solution this driver could find! Those sparks are a sure sign that the toolbox was probably severely damaged.

9. There must be a weird explanation behind this image

Image Source: Imgur

We really tried hard to guess the cause of this accident, but we could not be sure about it! The only plausible scenario involves the bigger SUV on the left. The driver of that vehicle probably put in reverse and hit the SUV behind him.

10. It is more than clear what happened here

Image Source: Imgur

Truck drivers need to be careful when they drive their huge rigs in urban areas. In this case the driver obviously failed to notice that he hit a parked car and half ot its bumper is still attached to the trailer!

11. This is one overloaded pickup truck

Image Source: Reddit

We know that there are massive pickup trucks capable of hauling impressive loads, but this one is definitely not such a model. In fact, it looks like it could barely hold its own weight, but someone still decided to haul a car with it!

12. Someone taught this person a lesson

Image Source: Reddit

As we already mentioned, people have a complete disregard for traffic signs and road markings, and this driver obviously likes to park on crosswalks! Someone decided to teach them a lesson and we like the idea!

13. These drivers need to improve their parking skills

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that having the right skills is essential when it comes to driving, because knowing how to do something the right way can make all the difference. In this case, there is more than one driver with zero parking skills!

14. This is not safe at all

Image Source: Reddit

Safety features are meant to save your life in case an accident happens, but many drivers are convinced that nothing could happen to them, which is why they to things like the one you see here!

15. Here is how some drivers want to show they are superior

Image Source:

Some people think that they are special and privileged when they sit behind the wheel, and this driver is a good example. He decided that his BMW should be parked in the spot where shopping carts usually sit.

16. Someone crashed into these expensive cars

Image Source: Reddit

There are road accidents and then there’s this! Some misfortunate driver was able to crash into these four rather expensive cars, which is a real bummer!

17. This is a huge no-no

Image Source: Reddit

It is dangerous enough to send a quick text message while driving, but reading an actual book while doing it is more than dangerous – it is just reckless and absurd! This woman seems to be bothered by the fact someone took her photo, as if she was doing something appropriate.

18. This is the most dangerous way of securing a load we have ever seen

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this image made us cringe! It is definitely not a good idea to drive behind this truck!

20. No caption needed

Image Source: Twitter

We will leave the comments to you on this one!

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