19 Photos Proving That Raising Kids Is Not Easy And Always Fun

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As much as we discuss this topic, we would still not be able to fully cover everything that could be said about raising a kid. One thing is for sure, though – you need to experience it yourself in order to really feel what it is like. Listening to stories and comparisons might give you a good idea about it, but actually doing it is a completely different thing. The images below suggest some moments which are part of every parent’s life.

1. Toddlers are smarter than most people think

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In fact, a kid could solve problems incredibly fast, and sometimes this means that the parents need to take precautions! In this case, the kid found a way to get snacks from the fridge’s upper shelves.

2. This kid is on a mission

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As you can see, the boy probably did not like the way the store was arranged, and he decided to do something about that! We guess his mom was sorry for taking him shopping with her.

3. Here is how a typical kids’ room looks like

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You probably already know this, but expecting a kid to clean up their room and arrange their toys means that you would wait for quite a while, because it is never going to happen. And this means more hard work for the parents!

4. This is unbelievable

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This person decided to keep track of all the moments their 3-year-old toddler asked them ‘why’ in just one day. As you can see, the number is staggering and we envy this person for their nerves of steel!

5. Now this is something no dad would even want to see

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This is something really frustrating to see, but it is also a test for a dad! On one hand, any father would be pissed off when they see this, but after realizing the intentions behind such an act were good, he would need to just accept it!

6. This is why toddlers never do the laundry

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Asking your kid for some help around the house is not the brightest possible idea. The reason for that is simple – toddlers do things on their own terms! In this case, a kid decided to wash their parent’s pants in the toilet!

7. Now this is a frustrating sight to see

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There is a reason why manufacturers put warnings on many products’ labels. These warnings are meant to prevent situations like these! Paint and all kinds of different things must not be reachable by children, or else!
8. Here is a little present from some toddler

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Of course, the present is not the iPad itself. This person’s kid spend half an hour trying to unlock the device, resulting in blocking it for quite some time! We hope the parent didn’t need it for work.

9. Sometimes adults realize they were the rascals when they were kids

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As you can see, this old photo reveals how this person used to dress up when she was a kid! It looks both hilarious and weird, and we guess the mother could not do anything about it at all!

10. This is something that the parent definitely did not expect to see

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We actually consider this to be an issue, despite the fact it looks funny! Some toddler do not like the fact that their parents refuse to allow them to do what they please, so they find a way to express how they feel about it!

11. Here is one perfectly timed photo

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If there is anything you could relate playtime with, it is the mess it always ends up in! Kids never know when to stop, and they do whatever comes to their mind! Showering in sand is definitely not a good idea!

12. Here is a way for parents to have some fun as well

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As you can see, the idea to draw eyebrows on your toddler can result in something so hilarious that it actually becomes too much to handle! This is just a small trick to make it easier for the parent to endure another day!

13. Some kids miss out on basic concepts

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In this case, these two boys decided to hide from their mother, but their attempt at hide-and-seek is definitely not a good one. We guess they will learn a thing or two when they are a bit older.

14. One parent realized that their toddler was quiet for quite some time

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Toddlers never keep it down and if you notice that the kid has suddenly stopped making noise, this means that something probably happened. In this case, the kid wanted to figure out the concept behind a toilet seat.

15. Raising Spider-Man 

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Most parents would cringe upon seeing this, but we guess that this is not the first time this boy pulled off such a stunt! We only hope he knows what he is doing.

16. They learn so fast

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Well, this one is really funny to see, but it also shows the kind of childhood today’s kids have! The toddler seems super happy to hold that credit card, which is actually kind of strange to see.

17. Now this is something you don’t see every day

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Well, this one has got to be among the most curious photos on the list! We never thought we would see kids hiding in the president’s desk! After all, toddler couldn’t care less whose cabinet it was, as long as it was convenient for playing around it!

18. The faces say it all here

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We believe that there is no better way to form a bond with your toddler than spending some hours playing together. This is the ultimate joy!

19. Some kids get creative when playtime comes

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Unfortunately, this kid’s mom was not prepared for what came her way!

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