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19 Pics Of People Who Are Not Capable Of Hiding Anything At All

Image Source: Reddit

People sometimes love to try and be sneaky or just want to hide something from plain sight. The reasons for such an effort might be different but there is one thing in common between every such attempt: it could be a complete failure. Even if you think you can hide something or trick someone, you could be exposed in no time. This is what the list below is about.

1. The manufacturer

Image Source: Reddit

Here is the kind of thing that makes us have trust issues. As you can see, this person bought a product that clearly stated it was made in the USA. However, the client found out that it was, in fact, not produced in the U.S. We guess this is just wrong and we never tolerate such things.

2. The invitation

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how some people were clumsy enough to break something of great value to the family in whose house they worked in. As you can see, instead of admitting what they did, they simply hid the broken display case and kept silent.

3. The ticket

Image Source: Imgur

Now, this is one really funny situation and the only one who didn’t find it funny was the owner of this car. They tried to hide the fact their placard was not valid anymore by placing a candy wrapper on the part where the date is written. The experienced parking officer didn’t buy that.

4. The hickey

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that this person did the exact opposite of what she was supposed to. Her idea was to hide a hickey by incorporating it into an art piece with jewelry but it draws more attention this way and people are bound to ask questions.

5. The hiding spot

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how one person tried to deceive the police officers who came knocking on his door. It is clear to see that he does not want to get caught but it also appears that he didn’t think of the best place to hide. It looks like the police will find him.

6. The tape

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one very hilarious attempt to hide a brand. TV and other shows require brands who didn’t pay for advertising to be censored and that makes sense. Still, it only works if the brand name or logo is hidden very well. This is not the case here.

7. The cell tower

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something we have never seen before. It appears that this is not the only cell tower in disguise but this was intended to be hidden really well. That did not work out because the surrounding trees revealed the setup.

8. The contraband

Image Source: Reddit

We have always wondered why people try again and again to smuggle stuff using methods that are bound to make the process a failure. Hiding these packages of illegal substances inside a sandwich is a bad idea.

9. The hide and seek game

Image Source: Reddit

Kids always think that they did a good job at hiding but we all know that this is not true! It appears that when they hide their face, they believe the other part of their bodies is hidden as well.

10. The key

Image Source: Reddit

Hiding a key under the doormat is not something people invented yesterday. In fact, believe it or not, people still do it despite it was a practice dating from a century ago. Still, it only works when the doormat is solid.

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11. The hiding spot

Image Source: Reddit

Someone tried to hide an illegal substance in this particular bottle. We are not sure if this was intended or not but the funnier part is that the person tried to smuggle it in their rectum. They could not get it out and went to a hospital.

12. The price

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is not the classic story of someone hiding something but rather an example of how this store failed to properly introduce their sale. They put a new and much higher price on a cheap item instead of the other way around.

13. The delivery

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how an Amazon delivery person tried to hide the parcel someone was anticipating. It appears that the delivery person followed instructions but they had to put in a bit more effort into the task. Everyone could still see the box.

14. The building

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how these people tried to hide the fact they were renovating this old building. As you can see, they only covered a tiny part of the façade and they still have much to do if they want to hide the construction works.

15. The ad

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that is rather cheeky but we need to include it on the list. DTF is a brand and those letters stand for “down to…” – you get the idea. Putting that on an ad is not appropriate so they hid the true meaning.

16. The hotel room

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what a woman who happened to stay in a weird hotel encountered when she dropped the phone on the floor. Someone obviously hid these items for a reason but we will never know who that was or why they did it! Needless to say, it looks like this is the aftermath of a wild party or a preparation for a new one, who knows.

17. The romantic moment

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it is not actually romantic but more the result of raging hormones. It seems that this couple thought the bushes would hide them but they were very wrong.

18. The X-ray

Image Source: Imgur

This person underwent surgery and they posted on social media to share it was a success. There is, however, a tiny detail about this X-ray that we cannot miss – the person obviously has piercings.

19. The bad design

Image Source: Eatliver

Well, we can all see that this surprise plush toy is not a surprise at all because we can all see there is a teddy bear inside. It appears that they had to do a better job at making the wrapper.

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