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19 Pics Proving That People‘s Imagination And Creativity Are Limitless

Image Source: Reddit

We can all imagine stuff, but one thing is for certain: some individuals are capable of imagining some really crazy or funny stuff! The word is a big place and we have it on the tip of our fingers! Just a few minutes of browsing online would be more than enough for you to see the endless photos and post which would make everyone laugh and admire the way certain minds come up with all kinds of things. In order to give a few examples, we compiled this list for your viewing pleasure and amusement. It is a great way dive into the working week! After all, we all need to work but we need to have some fun as well, right?

1. The teacher

Image Source: Facebook

This photo was among the most shared posts on social media in 2019. There is a good reason for that! Despite the fact that it is a wholesome image, there is something even more to it! It gives meaning to the phrase ‘if there is will, there is way’! The teacher you see had no other choice to teach his students but to create a detailed image of a computer desktop on an ordinary chalkboard. The image went viral and his effort resulted in donations and funding. Today, the teacher never has to draw computer icons on a chalkboard! What a legend!

2. The doorbell

Image Source: Imgur

We have all used doorbells in our lives but sometimes it is a completely different experience when you need to ring one. In fact, some doorbells are not exactly bells and they cannot be operated with just one finger! The photo suggests such a situation. As you can see, someone came up with a rather easy way to replace the doorbell! It takes a bit of effort, apparently, but we are convinced it does its job!

3. The slippers

Image Source: Imgur

Here is another unpopular use of plastic water bottles. We guess that ‘unpopular’ is an understatement when it comes to these ‘slippers’! How could someone come up with using water bottles to make these? We mean, there must be tens of other items that would have done a better job. This pair of slippers looks really weird and just imagining the noise they make on each step makes us never want to put them on! It is still a sign of someone’s clever way of thinking, though!

4. The coffee table

Image Source: Imgur

Interior designers need to be creative if they want to stay afloat! Today’s preferences and styles regarding interior design have nothing to do with the trends from 20 or 30 years ago. Modern people love unconventional furniture, especially if they involve items that have been upcycled! We haven’t seen a better upcycling example than this TV used as a coffee table! It looks almost as if it was designed to support such a function as well!

5. The door handle

Image Source: Imgur

Sometimes you don’t use your imagination for artistic purposes or daydreaming, but for finding a solution to practical problems! In this case, someone needed to improvise and come up with a door handle. When there is no tool in sight, this might be a harder task than it seems! Fortunately for this person, they had an excellent idea and it appears that it worked like a charm, too! It does not look pretty, but temporary solutions rarely do!

6. The washing machine

Image Source: Reddit

It is definitely an understatement to say that some ideas are not good from the beginning, and this is one fine example of that! As you can see, someone’s creative mind came up with a solution for installing the washing machine in the small bathroom. Of course, there is a chance for this to actually work, but we still believe that it is far too dangerous! The intimidating look of this setup is enough for us to never sit on that toiler! Washing machines are heavy!

7. The ceiling

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is what we are talking about! As you can see, someone painted the ceiling over that fan in the best and probably only possible way for it to look as cool as it does! This is the epitome of creative thinking! We also admire people who can draw a 3D object on a flat surface, which is the case here! The only thing we need to see on it is some color, but it is still perfect as it is now, too!

8. The fire extinguisher

Image Source: Imgur

Not all clever ideas need to be practical or functional! After all, having a wild imagination sometimes results in things that are witty and funny, but highly impractical or even dangerous in certain cases! However, it is still fun to see what some people came up with in their moments of inspiration! As you can see, some creative genius came up with a fire extinguisher substitute, and we love it!

9. The holiday

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes one’s creative thinking can result in something beneficial for a whole nation! In this case, we see a holiday that every country needs to adopt! The day after New Year’s day sounds like the perfect way to name the 2nd of January – it should be a day to take a break from all the food and celebrations on New Year’s Eve!

10. The shower head

Image Source: Imgur

Having a great imagination can save you a lot of time, money and effort! Don’t believe us? This picture will probably convince you. Fixing something around the house can be cost-effective, but you need to have imagination and the right attitude, too! As you can see, someone was clever enough to replace the shower head with a DIY device, and it appears to be working like a charm!

11.The cooker

Image Source: Imgur

There are many things that could go wrong when you try to cook a meal! Sometimes the cooker can go out of order just when you decided to prepare dinner. The power might go out, too, or you may run out of gas when they cut the supply for some reason! As you can see, someone was obviously forced to come up with an alternative solution and they did! It appears that the iron can replace a grill with ease, but we doubt that you could iron clothes with it again. They would probably smell like cooked meat afterwards!

12. The plug

Image Source: Imgur

Well, there is not much that we could say about this plug, because it kind of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? Can you actually believe that someone was clever and also brave enough to pull this off? It appears that desperate times require desperate measures, but this setup looks far too dangerous for us! We would never want to be forced to use this plug, as inserting it into the socket would be a heart-stopping moment we never want to live through.

13. The motivation

Image Source: Imgur

Running a marathon is hard! We mean, if you are not a trained athlete, chances are that you will face a hard time when trying to run a long distance. Therefore, you need to have the right tactic and motivation, of course! When it comes to motivation, people need different things in order to persevere, and this runner found the right answer for him! It looks like the simple device does the trick, and we like the idea and the clever and funny person behind it!

14. The clock

Image Source: SH

Sometimes even the richest imagination could hardly get you out of trouble, but it is still worth the try, we guess! Maybe the person who came up with this knew that it would never going to actually fix the broken clock, but we like it a lot and we also believe that the creative approach is the best there is!

15. The hammer

Image Source: Imgur

We believe that some people’s creative side is in constant cooperation with their sense of humor. If you sprinkle some sarcasm on top of this combination, the end result would always be hilarious to see! Here is an image to serve as proof of that! As you can see, someone used a Nokia 3310 phone as the hammer head of this device, and it looks indestructible!

16. The razor

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is what we think is the reason why people love DIY. The ability of one to make something out of nothing is admirable, and it takes a huge imagination! Of course, you need to have some crafting skills, too.

17. The mirror

Image Source: Imgur

A broken door mirror is probably something most drivers have experienced at least once, and fixing such an issue is always expensive, except if you happen to have a creative side! The person who did this was apparently a DIY-master!

18. The PC

Image Source: Imgur

If you think you have seen PC boxes that are crazy in your opinion, you need to prepare for the craziest of them all! This image is definitely something we appreciate and we like the idea behind it!

19. The eyepatch

Image Source: Pikabu

We know that sometimes people have the best solution for a problem, but the others might consider that a weird idea! Well, it might be weird, but as long as it works, it is the best one! This eyepatch protecting the cow’s bad eye is a perfect proof of that.

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