19 Pics Proving That Random Kindness Makes The World A Better Place

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There is no doubt that the best attitude is the kind attitude! Being nice to strangers and helping those in need regardless if you will benefit from it or not is the way to go! We believe that most people would agree with all of that, but sometimes we need a reminder of how it works! Here is why the following list exists. It gives nice examples of random kindness in different situations. Next time you have the chance to do something kind you should just step into action, no questions asked.

1. This photo was shared by a person whose mother volunteered at a local shelter

Image Source: Reddit

She takes amazing photos of the canines in order to help them get a new home and a new life.

2. This teacher taught his class to use a computer using a chalkboard

Image Source: Twitter

This man is a real life hero and he was credited for his dedication. Now he has an equipped classroom.

3. Here is a police officer who saved a life

Image Source: Reddit

The man he saved later awarded the officer which is heartwarming.

4. This sweet woman stopped taking orders and went outside to help the elderly man take a seat

Image Source: Reddit

She showed patience and went back outside to bring him his order! What a sweet thing to do!

5. Here is an image from Mecca showing a man giving water to a cat

Image Source: Reddit

The man was unable to find a cup so he poured water in his palms!

6. This chef owns a restaurant but he cooks every day for people who cannot pay for a meal there

Image Source: Facebook

We guess that this is a noble thing to do and this man has a big heart!

7. Here is a babysitter who is more than a pro

Image Source: Reddit

Having this kind of dedication is admirable and the little girl was probably overjoyed!

8. This man drives through the desert each day to provide water

Image Source: Imgur

The incredible thing is that he does it for the wildlife, thus saving animals from drought.

9. Here is a man who is determined to save this sparrow

Image Source: Reddit

Not knowing what to do, he decided to search for a nearby vet and bring the bird to them!

10. A stranger talked to this cab driver and learned that he had never visited an amusement park

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Image Source: Imgur

The man immediately offered to pay for his ticket and they both had an amazing day!

11. This amazing girl donated her hair

Image Source: Imgur

The six-year-old beauty lost 13 inches of golden hair but she could not be happier! Bless her heart!

12. The list would not be complete without Anthony Borges

Image Source: Twitter

The 15-year-old school shooting hero was shot five times but still managed to protect his classmates!

13. This woman brought homemade cookies to a nearby nursing home

Image Source: Imgur

She made a 112-year-old patient very happy because nobody visited her for three years.

14. Here is a noble man who wanted to show gratitude and gave free food

Image Source: Imgur

He is a refugee from Syria who came to Germany. All he wanted was to give back to the community!

15. This man from Atlanta has been a volunteer in intensive care for 12 years

Image Source: Facebook

He loves cuddling babies and we are sure they love it, too!

16. One person posted a photo of his dad who was a professor but became a babysitter

Image Source: Reddit

One of his students had no choice but to bring her baby to class but the professor stepped in!

17. This school janitor could not afford his dream of seeing a RHCP concert

Image Source: Imgur

Knowing this, the students got together and bought a ticket for him!

18. This man’s family made a special wheelchair for him

Image Source: Imgur

It allowed him to go the beach and have the best experience possible!

19. Some unknown person left a signal that the restroom was out of toilet paper

Image Source: Reddit

He probably saved another person from an embarrassing situation!

Written by Sven Miller

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