19 Relatable Tweets Showing People’s True Face When They Are Hangry

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You have probably heard of the term ‘hangry’ before. It is meant to describe one’s condition when they are hungry and annoyed because of that. While some people would never  know what’s it like to be hangry, for others it is their usual state, and this is why they do their best to never feel hunger, but it is inevitable sometimes. The list shows images that many of you would definitely find to be relatable!

1. This is one clever pun

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When people are alone and hungry, they would rather see a bowl full of noodles instead of meeting other people! We guess that after the noodles are finished!

2. This is definitely relatable

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Trying to resist the temptation to have a midnight snack is sometimes harder than it might seem. Let’s face it; in most cases our cravings are just too strong and we cannot resist it!

3. We feel what Bill Murray says

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If one of our favorite peope of all time feels this way, than we guess everything is okay! When it comes to being hungry, we are all human and it does not matter if we are rich and famous or not!

4. Some people always feel hungry

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We can definitely relate to this one! It seems that the constant hunger we feel is not just our problem! Maybe it is nothing more than a habit, who knows? Staying in one place makes you want to do something, and having a snack is the choice in most cases.

5. It is all about priorities

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Some people have set their priorities straight, and they are living life to the fullest. Well, others seem to have no idea what is going on around them, and to top it all off, they feel hungry in most of the time!

6. Here is one way to describe it

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We believe that these filters are the best possible way to describe the inner world of a person who is hangry and after they had a tasty meal! This is a total change in behaviour, and it is unbelievable how good it works!

7. This must be one of the most relatable images on the list

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We know how this feels because we have been like that in more than one occasion. Imagine this: you are alone at home and you are really hungry but there is nothing good to eat, and you are not in the mood to get up and go to the store. You will end up eating the first thing you find!

8. We are hungry no more than an hour after a meal

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This is something that we consider to be an unwritten law! We guess that if you are a foodie and have a good meal, you can never be satisfied by it and chances are that you will be hungry soon and you will even think about how hungry you will be tomorrow.

9. We guess this is very important

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They say that every person has more than one side to them, and this is definitely true! Some time needs to pass in order for you to get to know someone. This is especially true when we are talking about the hangry state of a person – you might want to seem them like that at least once!

10. Every foodie would relate to this

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Knowing that you are about to receive a delicious pizza or a tasty burger in just half an hour or so makes you anxious each time and you cannot help but wait impatiently at the window while looking down at your phone. Sounds familiar, right?

11. This is funny but true

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It is actually kind of frustrating to go to someone’s house and to leave feeling hungry! Every guest should be honored by a full table, at least this is how we get things done. Inviting someone means you need to be prepared to welcome them as you should!

12. Talking to someone while you are hungry is not easy

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People need to realize that talking to someone who is hungry is not a good idea, because they might face a side of this person they would never like to meet again!

13. Feeling hungry is worse than feeling ill according to many people

Image Source: Twitter

This might seem a bit too extreme, but it is not! In fact, we believe that many people would be able to relate to this, because they feel hunger to be more unpleasant than a cold!

14. Being hungry is even worse during a pregnancy

Image Source: Twitter

We have all heard ridiculous stories about pregnant women wanting impossible things to eat, and becoming more than hangry when they don’t get it! While most of these stories were probably exaggerated, in some cases they are true!

15. We completely agree with this one

Image Source: Twitter

Sure, feeling hungry is not just something physical. In fact, being really hungry or craving something in particular would be easily compared to sadness by most people, and we now how that feels!

16. Many people have been in this position

Image Source: Twitter

If you are hanging at your friend’s home and you start to feel really hungry, chances are that you make this face! The eyes say it all here, actually! Nobody could resist that look!

17. Here is another relatable image

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Chances are that if you want something to snack on, you will not be satisfied by a handful of berries, for example! No, you would probably want something with a lot of carbs in it, and you would do anything to get it!

18. We have felt that on more than one occasion

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that this is nothing but overreacting and it still feels more serious than it actually is!

19. This is another accurate visualization of how most of us feel before and after eating

Image Source: Pinterest

Seeing this dog made us wonder if it feels the same way we do when we are hungry, but we guess there is no difference!

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