19 Things That Will Definitely Make You Shake Your Head

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Sometimes you see things and shake your head. It is almost an involuntary response at times. You have to wonder what people were thinking when they made the decisions they did. Sometimes you just have to wonder about the world in general. Why is it the way it is? Why can’t things just be a little bit different?

You definitely have to question the sanity of the people with whom you share the planet Earth. There’s no helping that.

Here are twenty great examples of things that will make you shake your head.

1. The House With the Mannequins

Image Source: Reddit

Having mannequins loitering outside of your home is an interesting choice. It is a kind of scary choice, too, and I am not sure I would want to hang out with the man or woman who owns this house. Maybe I would, though; at the very least, he or she would be a bit interesting.

Mannequins, in some form or another, have been around for centuries.

These days, mannequins are used for reasons other than showing off clothing. For example, they can be used when teaching first aid. They are also used to test the safety of vehicles.

There is a condition known as agalmatophilia, which describes a sexual attraction to a mannequin, statue, or doll.

If the person who owns the house has that condition, I definitely do not want to meet him or her. However, I’m going to assume the mannequins are there for a much more innocent reason; maybe the owner of the house is trying to scare away thieves. From a distance, they must look like real people.

2. The Science Experiment Gone Bad

Welp, he’s fired. from r/WTF

On the one hand, this science instructor seriously goofed. When you start a fire in a classroom, you have made a mistake. The school administrators will not be pleased, I’m sure. At the very least, he will have an extremely awkward conversation with his boss—and probably the boss’ boss.

On the other hand, this little “accident” could work in his favor in a weird sort of way. School classes can be super boring, so students don’t pay attention. The students in this particular class will definitely be paying attention going forward. They’ll be worried about burning to death.

3. The Sandal-Shoe Hybrid

Image Source: Imgur

Technically, there are several sandal-shoe hybrids available for sale, and they don’t look too bad. This product, however, is absolutely hideous. What is the point of such a product? I don’t understand the logic. Having to tie shoes is inconvenient. Most people have ugly toes. Why make a product that is inconvenient and will also disgust others? This can’t be a real product, right? If so, I can’t imagine it sells too well.

4. The Guy and the Waterfall

Image Source: Victoria Falls Guide

I’m assuming the guy in this image died immediately after this picture was taken. That looks like quite the drop—not the kind one would typically survive. What was he thinking? Why do people risk their lives so they can take pictures to post to social media? Some people are way too desperate for attention.

I seriously do hope that this guy is alright.

5. The Kid and the Fountain


I feel really bad for this kid. What happened to that fountain, exactly? How did it end up doing what it did? Could you imagine being a parent and seeing your little kid shoot into the air like that? What an awful experience for both parent and child.

6. The Rubber Bands and the Pants

Image Source: We Heart It

Personally, I am shaking my head at this, although I may be completely unaware of a cool new fashion trend. If there is a legitimate reason for wearing rubber bands in such a fashion, I can’t imagine what that reason is. I suppose they make the pants look slimming in an odd sort of way, which may in fact be the point.

Also, why is the one guy wearing two different shoes? Is that also a thing? I’ve worn two different shoes before, but that was a total accident. I would have made a joke about it and called myself out to others in my presence, but unfortunately I was on a job interview.

7. The Guy and the Building

Image Source: Reddit

This is another example of a person I’m assuming died immediately after the picture was taken. I have a fear of heights, and this image alone is about to give me a panic attack. I can’t imagine what the person is thinking or why he is doing what he is doing. Does he have a death wish?

The view is lovely and all, but couldn’t he just go to the roof of that building? He’s obviously trying to impress someone—or just everyone on the internet. I’m not impressed, though; I am terrified for him.

8. The Lady With the Unusual Hairstyle

Image Source: Instagram

When you get your hair colored, you are taking a risk—especially if you do it yourself. There are a ton of horror stories out there about people who did serious harm to themselves by dying their own hair. It is possible, by the way, to be allergic to hair dye. It can actually be a very serious allergy. Consider yourself warned.

Even if you are not allergic to hair dye, you are taking a risk. Not every color looks good on every person. Trying to look unique isn’t always a good thing. It is possible to make “too bold” of a choice.

The coloring job in this image? Definitely not a good thing. Even the woman in the image looks less-than-pleased.
She should probably just cut off the lower portion of her hair.

9. The Person Drinking the Eggs


Eggs are great and all, especially when properly prepared or as an ingredient in a delicious cake. Omelets, for example, are delicious—they are a great way to start your day. Eggs are also great if you are a teenager and hate your neighbors.


Drinking eggs, however, is disgusting. I understand there is a reason to do so, kind of, but it is still disgusting. I wanted to throw up after seeing this. I can’t believe the guy didn’t.

10. The Lurking Spider

Image Source: Reddit

If I saw that thing in my car, I would immediately set the vehicle on fire. That looks like the sort of spider that could kill you—and would do so just out of spite for humanity. We humans have killed a lot of spiders over the years, and that spider wants to avenge their deaths.

11. The Tattoo on the Back of the Head

Image Source: Reddit

You might want to shake your head, and I did, but this tattoo serves a practical purpose in a weird sort of way. It looks just realistic enough that no mugger would even consider trying to steal this guy’s wallet. Plus, it must be one heck of a fantastic conversation starter.

I wouldn’t really want to sit behind this guy on a bus, though. It is a very well-done tattoo, but also very creepy.

12. The Flies and the Computer

Image Source: Reddit

Whether we’ll admit it or not, we have all spilled things on our laptop. Fortunately, most of them are way more durable than you would think.

It is hard to imagine what was spilled on this one, though. What sort of food or beverage attracts so many flies? This computer is disgusting and probably needs to be thrown away.

13. Whatever Happened In This Supermarket


Everyone needs food; however, I think I would rather die than shop at this particular store. Working at a grocery store is challenging at times, I’m sure, but I feel particularly bad for the people who worked at this store on the day this unfortunate accident happened.

14. Winter

Image Source: Reddit

The dog who left these paw prints clearly dislikes winter, and it is hard to blame him or her. There are reasons to like cold weather, sure; skiing, sledding, and snowboarding can be a lot of fun. Building a snowman can also be a lot of fun.

The dog, though, clearly is not a fan of the cold weather, and the paw prints make that very obvious. He or she just wanted to get back inside where it is warm and there is a couch to nap on.

15. The Kid Dressed Like the Clown

Image Source: Ingoram

Kids, while ordinarily quite innocent, can be sort of scary. We’ve all seen the horror movies in which an innocent-looking child turns out to be pure evil.

This child, while probably very sweet and obedient most of the time, looks completely and totally evil. That is a terrifying costume. What were the parents thinking? Were they trying to get their neighbors to move out of the neighborhood? If I saw a kid like that around my house, I would definitely move. That’s just not a normal costume for a kid.

One of the more terrifying children in fiction, of course, is young Damien Thorn from “The Omen”. He was literally the anti-Christ. The original version of the film, which came out in 1976, starred Gregory Peck as Damien’s “father”. Peck, of course, was one of the more popular film stars in the 1940s and the 1950s. He also starred in “Roman Holiday”, “The Bravados”, and “Cape Fear”.

“The Omen” was one of those horror movies that actually got a lot of praise from film critics. It was even nominated for a couple Academy Awards.

16. The Girl With the Eyeshadow

Image Source: Twitter

The young woman in this image was obviously trying to scare people; if not, she absolutely needs a new makeup consultant. She looks like she is possessed by the devil, and that’s not typically a look people go for.

The dress looks great on her, though, and her hair is great. She probably just made an unfortunate makeup choice.

17. The Shoes

Image Source: Instagram

Why anyone would wear shoes that intentionally show off their socks is a choice I will never understand. Socks definitely serve their purpose, and some of them can be quite neat too look at; however, if you want people to see your cool new socks, you should just take off your shoes.

Also, there is nothing particularly impressive about the pair of socks in this image. They are about as generic as socks can be.

I’m also not sure exactly what the person in this image is wearing as pants; that is also a curious fashion choice.

18. The Casket That Is Also a Boat

Image Source: Reddit

I’m not sure why anyone would buy one of these “glory boat” things. I imagine they cost a lot more than a traditional casket, so that is one downside. Also, in most countries, you can’t exactly just stick a dead person in a casket-boat and shove it into a body of water. There are laws regarding the disposal of corpses.

I might be the wrong person to comment here, though. I’ve never really understood people who care about the sort of casket they are buried in. You’ll be dead when you’re in it. Why should you care at all? It isn’t like you’ll have the brain function necessary to enjoy the thing.

I could see a vampire who really likes fishing buying this thing, though. Plus, I guess the fact it is made in Arkansas is a perk to people who live or work in Arkansas? Supporting local businesses is definitely important.

19. The Person in This Image

Image Source: Instagram

What a strange outfit.


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